Days of Our Lives round table: Should Rex Have Told the Truth?

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Eve broke up a tender moment between Jack and Jennifer, Sarah freaked out when Rex told her the truth, Xander got away yet again, and Rafe left Hope to go help Sami on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Tony from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Rex telling Sarah the truth, Hope and Rafe’s fight, Xander and Leo’s possible tryst, and Jack’s stay in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Should Rex have told Sarah the truth about him and Noelle?

Tony: Since there was already pretty much no chance of them getting back together anyway, as Sarah’s constantly going around saying how much she hates Rex, he might as well have. Their relationship was already way over.

Jack: Sarah insisted on knowing. If he was going to tell her anything, it needed to be the truth.

I find it interesting that many fans castigated JJ when he pretended he slept with Roxanne instead of Eve but support Chloe's idea that Rex should have made up a story instead of telling the truth about him and Noelle.

Christine: Rex is an idiot. If he wanted to keep this second incident of cheating quiet he should have never, ever mentioned that it happened. Once he did, Sarah, rightfully, wasn’t going to let it go until she found out who it was.

As much as I don’t agree with lying, I get why Chloe told him to make up a name. The moment Sarah heard that Rex had sex with her sister he gave us any chance of ever winning her back.

(TALL) Hanging Out at the Pub - Days of Our Lives

Would you like to see Sarah get back together with Rex, hook up with Eric, someone else, or leave Salem and not return?

Tony: None of the above. I’d like to see her stay out of a relationship but stay in Salem. Though, if I had to choose one of the above, I guess I’d choose Eric.

Jack: Ugh Sarah, go grow up before you try any more romantic relationships. I can't stand this immature teenager-in-an-adult's-body nonsense. I wish Sarah would go away and not come back until she's capable of dealing with problems without throwing tantrums.

Christine: Just go away! Sarah is a selfish, obnoxious brat who only really seems to care about herself. I can’t believe she’s Maggie’s daughter. She screeches and whines in almost every scene and I’m so tired of her. I just want her gone.

An Unhappy Couple - Days of Our Lives

Is this the end of Hope and Rafe as a couple? Should it be?

Tony: I hope so, and it definitely should be!

Jack: God, I hope so. Rafe and Hope don't do anything but fight and argue and distrust each other. They need to be over. I just wish that Hope was the Hope I used to know and not this alternately weepy and obnoxious person.

Christine: Oh please let them be over! When this couple is happy they are boring, but they’re usually arguing, bickering, or distrusting one another. They are tedious to watch and have zero chemistry.

The only thing that makes me angry is that Hope used to be this strong, fun, independent woman who believed in doing the right thing. I don’t know where that character went but she’s been missing for some time.

Xander and Leo - Days of Our Lives

Will Xander have sex with Leo, and what do you think of this story?

Tony: I doubt it, and I’m not a fan of it. I don’t find Leo to be a good villain, and adding Xander into the mix doesn’t thrill me.

Jack: I think Xander probably put something in Leo's drink so that he'll pass out before any sex happens. I don't like this story even though Xander is fun. It's too close to glamorizing rape for my liking, and Leo keeps touching Xander in ways he doesn't want to be touched.

Christine: I wouldn’t call this rape, as Xander isn’t necessarily being forced to have sex; it’s more like having sex for payment and the payment is information.

I find Xander really entertaining, and even Leo has his moments but this story has an ick factor to it. I think the show sees this as fun, but it’s simply uncomfortable to watch and I hope it ends soon, without Xander and Leo actually having sex.

Jen Still Loves Jack - Days of Our Lives

Are you enjoying the Eve/Jack/Jennifer triangle? How would you like to see it resolved?

Tony: More than I thought I was, yes. I’d like it to end with Jack regaining his memories, leaving Eve and getting back together with Jennifer.

Jack: Any time Jack and Jennifer are on screen is a good day. They really picked up where they left off even though Jack doesn't remember it.

Eve needs to lose and I think she will, in the end, and that is going to be awesome to see. (That said I'd love for Paige's ghost to come to tell her mother what she thinks of her recent behavior).

Christine: Jack and Jennifer have great chemistry even when Jack doesn’t remember her. I don’t mind Eve being used as a an obstacle, as long as it’s short term.

I keep waiting for Jack to find out that Eve slept with JJ while he was dating Eve’s daughter. I can’t imagine how he’ll react to that but I know I want to see it.

JJ Tells Gabi Off - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Tony: That Trask is part of a relatively major storyline. I didn’t like her before, and I certainly don’t now.

Jack: There was way too much time devoted to my least favorite stories and not enough Jack. Also, we never saw the end of Haley's therapy session. And there was no reason to let Xander go.

Even without the video evidence, there are three witnesses who viewed the tape and there should be security cameras in the Mayor's office backing up Sheila's story that Xander posed as John. Yet Hope let Xander go because he said so. Since when do the bad guys tell the cops what to do?

And since when is the Mayor's office involved in investigating crimes?

Also, Marlena seems to agree with Abby that the only reason to send someone to jail is to get revenge. What is this nonsense? 

Christine: Way too much Trask, which is any at all. Also, Gabi pulling the fireplace poker on Stefan had me rolling my eyes. She just sidestepped a prison term, so why is she assaulting Stefan? And Hope being needy and whine while Rafe came off as noble really annoyed me.

Gabi Suffers Consequences - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Tony: Any scene Jack is in lately has been a highlight! I’m so glad he’s back!

Jack: I loved Jack and Jen's conversation before Eve interrupted. Jack might not have his memories but he's still the same old Jack and Jen is still just as determined to get him to see that she loves him.

Christine: Definitely Jack and Jennifer. I could watch these two share scenes every single day and be happy.

Stunned By the Truth - Days of Our Lives

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