Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 10 Review: Help, I'm Alive

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Do you remember when Teddy used to be likable? 

Those were the days! She was catching hell on Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 10, but she had a great deal of it coming. 

Seriously, what happened? 

Welcome Wagon - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 1

I was one of the first people elated about Kim Raver's return. I also thought it meant promising things for her character, but instead, Teddy has been nothing more than a headache. 

In some ways, she has been unrecognizable. Is it the umpteenth heartbreak or the pregnancy hormones? Teddy didn't used to be this terrible, and she was a sympathetic character during Grey's Anatomy Season 14 when Owen played those games with her in Germany. 

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She had every right to be pissed off about his behavior back then, but that's the only leg she has to stand on right now. Everything else she has been whining about is utterly ridiculous at this point. 

Penny for your Thoughts - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 5

It was comical when she came back to Bailey wanting a job after she turned down a position at the beginning of the season. Did she think they would whip one out of thin air just because she asked? 

Was the hospital supposed to leave the interim chief position unfilled until she changed her mind? I only say that because of how Teddy turned her nose up at anything else. She couldn't reconcile that Alex was the sitting Chief, and she didn't want to consider that she would have to ask him for anything. 

Then, there's the business with Maggie. Yeah, I know. Many of you hate Maggie, and Teddy has a right to be angry about Maggie telling Meredith about her pregnancy. We're going to ignore the fact that sometimes there is an argument for doctors sharing things with other doctors. It wasn't applicable to this instance, in my opinion, but still. 

I have to audition for Pierce which is only slightly enraging.


But may I remind you guys of how utterly rude, condescending, and disrespectful Teddy was during her first encounter with Maggie?

She made digs about Maggie being too young to run the cardio unit, suggested that she was incompetent, was condescending as hell, and then questioned and negated the notion that Maggie and Amelia consider themselves sisters. 

All of that happened before she knew anything about Maggie or Maggie betrayed her confidence. Teddy has been bitchy to Maggie, so the tension between the two of them was insane but valid for both parties. The lack of professionalism, however, is astounding. 

Did anyone peg Teddy as a rampant ageist who is one lawn chair away from hollering "get off my lawn?" She thought she was too good to work under a "twenty-something-years-old" Maggie. As if Tom, a world-renowned neurosurgeon isn't working underneath his freaking mentee Amelia, or at least beside her.

Teddy's Confession - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 8

Maggie wasn't the only one catching it from this new but far from improved Teddy.

She also had to throw in a few jabs about Amelia while having it out with Owen in the middle of the hallway like a child. She could have had that conversation in private, for starters, but also weeks ago if she wasn't acting like a baby and avoiding him and making assumptions. 

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Then, the second Owen pointed out that she was the one who wasn't communicating, she was hurt and for whatever reason confused as to why people were blaming her for things that she did. She also still has feelings for Owen. You could tell when she flocked to his bedside. 

Teddy is testing my spirit. The good news for her is that Owen gave her a pity job because she was too good for the other ones. It's not like there aren't other hospitals or anything. Now, she's taking his position, and he's taking April's. 

Owen: I miss you. I miss us. I don't need time. I need you.
Amelia: What took you so long?
Owen: I was paralyzed.
Amelia: Seriously?
Owen: No, literally.

Anyway, despite Hurricane Teddy doing the most during this hour, Amelia and Owen are back together, and honestly, good for them. 

Poor Tom, though. The idea of Tom and Teddy being a couple crossed many of our minds a few times, and their cute scene together sparked something that I may appreciate later, but right now, I feel sorry for the guy. He's still hilarious, and he was a hoot during the hour though.

Finally, Link got some time to shine and to show that he does have something to offer in this love triangle. Link needed the development, screentime, and to build upon his mini-scenes with Meredith that were supposed to convince us that he was a formidable opponent to DeLuca. 

Link is Thor?

Link gets props for being cool as a cucumber and not letting Meredith's unnecessary rudeness get to him. Seriously, while Link could have communicated better, he was right to tell her that he has nothing to prove to her about why he's there or how he's a competent surgeon. 

It was enough to have both of them asking Jo why she thought that MerLink would be a decent match. I get where Jo was going with it. Link has such a positive outlook on life due to his experience of being a sick kid growing up. 

Meredith is so used to dark and twisty, and sometimes she's too serious. He's so easygoing that he could make her lighten up some. The concept of Mer being linked to someone like that makes sense.

Mer: And you couldn't say that in the E.R?
Link: I guess I could, but I didn't realize my job was me convincing you that I belong here.

I'm still not sold on either of 'ship, but I'm thankful Link had a chance to be seen and heard for a change. It was uneven for so long. 

Link's advantage was his natural ease with children. I find him more convincing as someone who can date a woman with multiple children and blend in than DeLuca. Bailey loved him and even called him Thor! He's more of a Hawkeye, but it was still cute. 

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DeLuca still got his fantastic edit, since he was able to step in and rock Owen's surgery after the anesthesiologist injected Owen instead of the patient.

Drawn In - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 2

Owen should have sat the surgery out, and he shouldn't have stood that close to the anesthesiologist with his IV. The anesthesiologist, however, should be fired. How do you make that mistake? 

The drama among Richard, Catherine, and Jackson was sad. Catherine was upset about Meredith spilling the beans, and unlike the fandom, she chastised Meredith. Catherine was angry, and she was hurling insults and attacks and arguing, but she was terrified. 

Catherine's fear was palpable and heartbreaking, and so was her inability to perform the pioneering surgery that could be her last. Richard and Jackson were trying to be there for her as best as they could, and Maggie felt helpless. 

Opening Day - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 7

You can tell that Maggie is someone who doesn't like conflict, and she's not used to arguments and things in families and relationships. She ducks out before it gets to that point, or she's the peacemaker.

Maggie and Bailey had fantastic scenes together as Bailey doled out advice to Maggie on how to give the family their space and let them handle it. I loved when they both discussed the things that they are trying to work on for themselves. 

Maggie brought up her experience with her mother, and she wants Jackson and Richard to have that time with Catherine that she didn't get. She wants them to also learn from her errors and not waste the time they have left. 

My mother did the same thing. She hid her cancer from me, tried to protect me, and all I can think of is all the time we lost.


The way the series is developing this arc, it feels like Catherine may not make it, and I don't know what to think about that. I don't want to think about it. I'm not ready for a Grey's Anatomy swan song. I'm still recovering from Cece! 

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Also, what is with this show de-geeking the geeks? Schmico is still awesome, but Levi wants to wear contacts. It's reminiscent of Stephanie losing the glasses and straightening her hair when she was with Jackson. 

Over to you, Grey's Anatomy Fanatics! Was Teddy annoying AF or was it just me? Has your opinion changed on Link and Merlink? Will Catherine make it? 

Hit the comments below! You can watch Grey's Anatomy online here via TV Fanatic! 

Help, I'm Alive Review

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