NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 12 Review: Desperate Navy Wives

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Finally, Gregorio took center stage again.

She got sent undercover because, well, she was the only female available to do so on NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 12.

That's because Hannah was off healing her family, or some such reason.

Military Wives Club - NCIS: New Orleans

That meant that Pride was back in charge, officially ignoring his Special Agent in Charge job this episode instead of just ignoring it. The way we could tell the difference is that he was casually dressed.

Is this switch temporary, or the beginning of the end of Pride as SAC? I'm betting the former, but who can say? He's going to ultimately end up back downtown. How just isn't obvious yet.

I have to say I missed Hannah. She's been an enjoyable change of pace, and still has secrets for viewers to learn. Here's hoping for less than a month of absences.

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When (notice I didn't say if) Pride comes back for good, I think Hannah can handle being his deputy. She's already proven she can take a step back when Pride takes control. But he's got more to work through psychologically, especially following Cassius's death, so Hannah will still be in charge some of the time.

This was one of those tangential cases. A Navy credit union got robbed by a fugitive who used to be engaged to a woman who is now a Navy wife. That's good enough reason for NCIS to get called in. It doesn't take much connection after all.

Tracking a Fugitive - NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 12

Gregorio has been kind of adrift since Percy left and Eva got sent away into witness protection. She's got her work, period. As Ashley correctly asked, "You don't have many friends, do you?"

She's even getting evicted from her apartment as her building is going condo. I always wondered how she was able to hold onto a place in the French Quarter by herself and it turned out she isn't able to, through no fault of her own.

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At least she's got Sebastian, who not surprisingly was ready to invite her to live with him at the end before she invited herself. I hope there are scenes of this odd couple at home in future episodes.

Sebastian has become that pesky little brother she never had as they've grown as NCIS field agents over the past couple of years. She's bucked him up through his myriad insecurities, but he's been there for her during the hard times (such as having no place to live).

It was humorous to have Sebastian being that snarky voice at the other end of Gregorio's earwig, buzzing like a gnat throughout her undercover stint with the Navy wives. The two certainly get each other.

Trace Evidence - NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 12

Gregorio definitely was out of her element playing a meek Navy wife trying to fit in during a new deployment. It must have killed her to have to keep her opinions to herself while trying to climb the social hierarchy.

As someone who had also fallen for the wrong man, Tammy felt a kinship with Ashley, which probably allowed her to connect sooner than would have been expected. As Ashley pointed out at the end, they might have become friends under other circumstances.

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I had to wonder how Michelle became suspicious of Gregorio. Did Tammy do something to set her off, or was she just threatened by an outsider breaking into their little group? I mean, that was the idea of the social club, right?

And it was evidence Patton wasn't around, as the former bank teller was able to crack Gregorio's cover way too easily. Fortunately, that meant Gregorio was able to drop the act and be her tough-girl self with Michelle, albeit just before they all got taken hostage by Manning.

Baiting the Hook - NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 12

It was a good thing Gregorio was partnered with Manning for the second robbery, or blood would have been spilled if she hadn't been there to intercede.

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Having Sebastian and Gregorio paired together enabled Pride and LaSalle to be able to talk about their coping with loss, in their own, gruff guy ways. Yup, Pride's burying himself in work could prove to be a problem down the road, about which LaSalle was hinting.

Still, this was largely an episode that could have been pulled from either of the last two full seasons, on one of those too many weeks when Percy wasn't around, focused on solving a case with precious little time spent on reflection.

To follow Pride's recovery, watch NCIS: New Orleans online.

How believable was Gregorio as a Navy wife? How do you like the relationship between her and Sebastian? Is Pride indeed OK?

Comment below.

Desperate Navy Wives Review

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