Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Lubbock Lights

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Captain Quinn had a close encounter of some kind out in that field.

And yet, he still toed the company line on Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 3 when Harding told him and Hynek that the mysterious Lubbock Lights were a top-secret military aircraft.

Yeah, right.

Making a Connection - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 3

Quinn knows it wasn't a military aircraft. He also knows it wasn't plover birds.

The Lubbock Lights case of 1951 is one the most infamous of all UFO cases ranked right up there with the sightings in Roswell, New Mexico. Hundreds of residents in the small Texas town witnessed the phenomenon.

Even though there is a photograph of the strange lights (pictured below) taken by a 19-year-old college student, Carl Hart, Jr., the case of the Lubbock Lights remains unsolved, according to

Lubbock Lights - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 3

There's a case to be made for a top-secret military aircraft, especially considering there's a military base nearby and the formation of the lights does look like it could be an aircraft. of the man-made variety.

And considering the time period when this happened, it seems like the most logical explanation.

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But after all these years, if it was an experimental aircraft getting tested by the U.S. Air Force, why not just come clean about it? Surely, whatever they were building would be considered archaic by today's standards, right?

So maybe it really was a UFO.

But let's get back to Quinn and his fictional close encounter.

Following Orders - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 3

Quinn doesn't want to believe in anything that isn't black and white. He wants to stay in Harding's good graces because he still wants that job in D.C.

He also doesn't want to look like a nutjob, but he can't deny what he saw.

Hynek had his own doubts. He saw something truly unexplainable with his own eyes. And with all the other strangeness happening around him, he was quick to dismiss Harding's explanation.

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The problem is that Hynek likes to dig until he gets to the bottom of a matter. Harding knows this, and now Hynek is a liability and in more danger than he could ever imagine.

Quinn won't be able to keep Hynek in line because Quinn is having his doubts even though they're buried deep, but the more he hangs around Hynek, the more Quinn is going to open his mind to the truth.

Hynek Questions - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 3

And that's going to put Harding in a tough situation. He's already got D.C. breathing down his back, but Harding doesn't seem like the kind of guy who really cares what the president or his cronies say.

In his mind, he's doing what he believes is best for the country, and if that means eliminating all the people who could cause widespread panic with the idea of spacemen visiting earth, then he'll do what has to get done.

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People are already in near panic mode with the idea of a possible nuclear attack. Aliens and UFOs would send everyone over the edge.

Even Hynek's son hid in his closet so a spaceman from Mars wouldn't take him. 

There are a couple of things that strike me about both of those fears. The first is that so many people are afraid of the unknown that they create mountains out of molehills. 

Hynek the Hottie - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 3

The fear about UFOs and aliens got exacerbated by Hollywood and their depictions of little green men doing anal probes and whatnot, but the actuality was that aliens being different from us was the main reason for the fear, and as we know, even today that still holds.

But part of it also tied in with the Soviets and the Japanese and all the other enemies that were "out to get us."

The second is that anyone would have thought building an above-ground shelter would protect them from the devastating effects of an atomic bomb, but that's the perspective of someone from this era looking backward.

Mimi Builds a Shelter - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 3

Mimi wasn't entirely convinced about a bomb shelter, but she didn't want to be the only person on the block without one. Besides, it gave her more time to bond with Susie who we now know is a Soviet spy.

I'm not quite sure what their fascination is with Hynek because he's pretty low on the totem pole of anything that would seem useful to them unless it was that invention (I can't quite remember what it was) he was introducing to his colleagues on Project Blue Season 1 Episode 1 before he started investigating UFOs with Quinn.

But the Soviets aren't the only ones interested in the Hyneks. There's a strange guy with a cap who has been hovering around, and there are even men in hats who aren't necessarily affiliates of the Man in the Black Hat.

The Man with the Plan - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 3

In fact, I'm starting to believe it was the military men in hats that offed Evelyn on Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 2 because she saw and knew too much.

But I also believe she was visited by the real Man in the Black Hat because who else would have given her that cryptic photo to give to Hynek? Surely, the military men wouldn't be trying to send Hynek secret messages.

Hynek is still going to do his duty with whatever his next case might be, but he's also going to be looking at things quite a bit differently.

He's also not going to let the Lubbock Lights case go either, and I bet he returns to that mystery at some point.

Project Blue Book is getting more curious, and as the mysteries and conspiracies pile up, the stories getting told are more riveting than ever before.

Over to you!

What did you think of "The Lubbock Lights"?

Why are the Soviets so interested in the Hyneks?

Will Quinn start to believe?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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The Lubbock Lights Review

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Hynek: What are you doing in the closet?
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