Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Operation Paperclip

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It's all becoming clear now.

The U.S. Air Force's investigation into UFOs isn't so much about them learning about alien life as it is about winning the space race against the Soviets.

On Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 4, Hynek and Quinn stepped deeper into that conspiracy with Quinn even breaking the rules to try to find out the truth!

Hynek on a Mission - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 4

Quinn is a man that doesn't like to be told no. He's also a guy who doesn't like to be lied to.

When he and Hynek were denied entry into the military base, he knew something wasn't right.

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Getting suspended just tipped the scales towards a cover-up, but I don't think he expected to find what he and Hynek did when they went back to the base under cover of night.

Finding odd pre-spacesuits was one thing, but finding an actual alien suspended in a water tank was quite another.

Suspended! - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 4

Harding holding that D.C. post over his head is a thing of the past. Quinn is about to charge headfirst into finding out exactly what the Air Force is doing.

He may even take the reins in exposing the coverup.

There is nothing Harding or Valentine can say to him to convince him that all of the secrecy only has to do with the space race.

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But Quinn is a smart guy, so I can definitely see him playing Harding and Valentine in order to gather evidence about the truth.

He also wants to make sure he can protect Hynek. 

What's Susie's Plan - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 4

Hynek is in way over his head -- even more than he realizes.

It won't be long before Harding and Valentine learn that the Soviets are spying on the Hyneks and using Mimi to get sensitive information.

It's understandable that Mimi is concerned about her husband and what he's doing on his side job.

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I even get that she's a lonely housewife with apparently no other friends and Susie coming into her life was like a godsend for her.

What I don't get is how she's not connecting the dots between Susie's appearance and her husband's work with Project Blue Book.

Doesn't she find it odd that Susie showed up at the right moment when the guy in the cap was about to attack her?

An Intruder - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 4

I imagine Mimi is grateful Susie showed up when she did, but why isn't she wondering how Susie even knew something was wrong?

She had just been with Susie so why would the woman come back to her house in the middle of the night? With a gun?

Why isn't Mimi thinking about these things?

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Sure, she's a lonely housewife who doesn't seem to have many friends, but she's not dumb.

Mimi needs to tell Allen about what's happening in her world, but by the time that happens, it might be too late.

Dismissing Bomb Shelters - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 4

I'm still not understanding the whole purpose of the Soviets spying on the Hyneks. They are just bit players in this whole sordid game.

And with Hynek hardly even at home these days, how much do the Soviets expect to discover from him?

I'm guessing that once he learns about the guy in the cap, he might decide to either stay home more to protect his family or move them somewhere safer.

But the lure of what the Air Force is doing will be too much to resist.

Operation Paperclip was a real thing, just like the Chiles-Whitted incident that was briefly touched on at the beginning of the hour. 

It's fascinating that "former" Nazi scientists were recruited to work on the U.S. space program after World War II. Wernher von Braun was a real person who is credited with building the rocket that opened the door to getting us to the moon.

But there is also the conspiracy theory that Germany was so far advanced with aviation technology that they are believed to be the ones who actually created UFOs.

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Germany also supposedly had a secret UFO base somewhere in Antartica even though that theory has apparently been debunked. Apparently.

It's not a totally unbelievable story especially considering that both the U.S. and the Soviets were scrambling to recruit those German scientists to work on their own individual space programs.

What is This?! - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 4

And if the Nazi's did have a secret program in Antartica, would the U.S. government really tell us the truth?

We haven't even been given all the details and documents surrounding JFK's assassination, and that was more than 50 years ago, so the government holding out on something way juicier and important is entirely feasible.

Just like it's entirely feasible that the government forced soldiers into spaceships to see what happened.

Divulging Secrets - Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 4

Albert, the monkey, might have been the first animal to travel to space,  but it wouldn't be surprising if it was ever uncovered that we actually sent people to space before it was completely safe.

And doesn't it make you wonder how all of these technological advancements came to be in the first place?

The idea that we might have had some help from visitors from outer space is definitely something to ponder.

Oh! And crop circles are REAL!! Hynek has the proof!

Over to you!

What did you think of "Operation Paperclip"? 

Were you surprised Quinn went rogue?

Will Mimi discover the truth about Susie before it's too late?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Operation Paperclip Review

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