Supernatural Season 14 Episode 12 Review: Prophet and Loss

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Sorry, folks, but Sam and Dean aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

So all that drama and tears and hugs we saw in the last five minutes of Supernatural Season 14 Episode 12 was all for naught.

Sure, Dean decided he would try to find another way to fight Michael than putting himself in a box and dropping it in the ocean for all eternity, but we knew that was going to happen anyway.

Sam Can't Handle the Truth - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 12

And with Supernatural Season 15 already ordered, we can rest assured that whatever horrific danger comes Sam and Dean's way, they will find a way to beat it.

Because that's what they do.

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I don't even know why they get sad or angry about the difficult choices they have to make. They should know from experience that they've beaten all the odds over and over and over again.

That's why that whole ending scene was so aggravating to me. It was nothing but a gratuitous moment done for the fans so they could get all weepy and warm since absolutely nothing happened this hour.

Doctor Cas - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 12

At the very least, Sam could have picked a meatier case for Dean to sink his teeth into as his last ever instead of chasing after a fake prophet and then having Cas bring Donatello back from the brink of death.

It would have been a lot more fun if the brothers had chased a real monster rather than one who ended up shooting himself in the head after realizing he was nothing more than a nutjob.

And Cas going on and on about Dean's decision was grating as well.

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What exactly is the point of Cas? What useful thing has he done since he escaped from The Empty?


And while I'm on the subject of uselessness, what happened to Jack?

Concerned Dean - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 12

Have I missed something because wouldn't he be interested in what Dean was planning and try in his own way to convince Dean to make a different choice?

Sometimes I wonder if the storyline choices the Supernatural writers make are because they think the audience is a bunch of dolts.

Like for example, this torturous neverending saga with Nick.

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It already got established that Nick wanted to open himself up to Lucifer once again. Yet, we revisited that same story only with Nick's dead wife showing up in an attempt to give us a different perspective.

Why did Nick go back to his old house anyway? He just killed a cop, so visiting his old digs and having memories of his past was worthless.

Nick Searches - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 12

He already said a gazillion prayers to Lucifer, and we already saw Lucifer start to wake up in The Empty, so putting Nick in an endless loop of indecision is a waste of time.

Bring Lucifer back already and get on with the story!

Mark Pelligrino is an absolute delight, but as Nick, he's horribly underused.

And boring. Did I mention boring?!

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If Lucifer isn't going to return, then let The Empty take over Nick's body. Imagine how much fun Pelligrino would be as The Empty!

Maybe I was expecting too much considering that Supernatural Season 14 Episode 13 would be the show's 300th episode where John Winchester is set to return.

Now that Dean has decided he's going to live to see another day, it looks like Jeffrey Dean Morgan's return is going to be a one-off since there isn't any point in him trying to help the boys find a way out of their dilemma.

It still looks like it's going to be a lot of fun, but after that, are we going to go back to overly dramatic Sam, Dean, and Cas with endless speeches about brotherly love and making better choices?

What will they do to find a different ending to Billie's limited versions of Dean's death? Will Billie's true intentions become known?

Sad Dean - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 12

What will they do about Michael? Will he become another one of those storylines that just suddenly disappear like all those hunters that used to be in the bunker and now no longer exist?

Do we care anymore?

Over to you!

What did you think of "Prophet and Loss"?

Are you tired of Nick? Are you sick of the Sam and Dean drama?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Prophet and Loss Review

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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 12 Quotes

Dean, you were the one who was always there for me. The only one. You practically raised me.


Dean: I don't need to get shaky on this thing.
Sam: Wouldn't be the end of the world.