Vikings Season 5 Episode 20 Review: Ragnarok

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Bjorn won back Kattegat, but as the Seer so cryptically told him, the war is not over. 

Ivar may have retreated on Vikings Season 5 Episode 20, but he's still alive, and lord knows he's one to hold a grudge. 

He'll be back. 

Ivar Defends Tall - Vikings Season 5 Episode 20

When he does eventually return, who will be his allies?

No one is on his side anymore, not even those he left behind. 

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After Bjorn delivered that heart-wrenching, desperate plea to the people of Kattegat, I honestly thought the whole town would rebel against Ivar and take him down before Bjorn had even made it out of the kingdom. 

They refused Ivar's order to kill Bjorn though, and that was enough to show they doubted him. 

You know who I am. I am Bjorn Ironside, son of Ragnar. I grew up with many of you. You were my neighbors, my friends. We played together when we were children. I am not your enemy! Ivar is your enemy! He rules over you with tyranny and cruelty.


it turned out the only person in Ivar's kingdom they truly needed to betray him wasn't one of Bjorn's childhood friends. 

Ivar's ruthlessness was bound to be his downfall. There was no coming back from killing Freydis' baby, no matter how many times he apologized and gave her the puppy dog eyes. 

I have not been a big fan of Freydis since she got introduced, but she came through in the end by betraying Ivar. She had to know it would be her final act, but I don't understand why Bjorn and Hvitserk looked so surprised to find her dead body.

Bjorn - Vikings Season 5 Episode 20

How many people do they think knew about that secret entrance? 

Ivar is a smart guy. It took him all of about 30 seconds to figure out who betrayed him. They had to know she was giving her life for the cause. 

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Freydis must have been okay with it. 

She could have opened the gates and fled. She could have armed herself with a knife or something to protect herself. Instead, she calmly looked Ivar in the eye and admitted it was her. She was ready to lay down her life and join her son. 

Ivar: Someone betrayed me and let them in. Are you going to deny it?
Freydis: No. On the body of our dead son, no. I let them in.

Her bravery will not be forgotten. Without her, it's unlikely Bjorn would have won back his home. 

All hail King Bjorn? 

Does he even want to be king? 

He appears to be as unsure about his purpose as we are, but these little moments of hearing Ragnar's voice again sure does pull at the heart-strings. 

I had assumed if he won he would give the throne back to Lagertha and head back on one of his journeys, but he is conflicted. Granted, he just found out Lagertha is still alive, so his options are still open.

Bjorn Fights - Vikings Season 5 Episode 20

He does have a wife to consider as well. 

Gunnhild nearly chose to marry Harald because she liked the idea that he could become the king of Norway someday. She chose Bjorn out of love, but the ambition is still there as well. 

That aside, she's also looking to start a family, which isn't easy to do if you're sailing around the world. 

Gunnhild: I have thoughts too. I have dreams. I lost a husband, and I have never had children.
Bjorn: Do you want children?
Gunnhild: It's what my body was made for.

It's interesting that Bjorn admitted to her that he'd been a lousy father, and Gunnhild immediately decided she wanted to have his babies. Maybe they should talk about his revelation for a minute. 

Bjorn has made his fair share of mistakes over the years, and he hasn't exactly been a significant part of his children's lives. If Gunnhild does indeed get pregnant, will Bjorn learn from or repeat his past mistakes?

It's been confirmed that we only have one more season left, and it's hard to predict how it all will end. 

Now that Bjorn and Lagertha have returned home, what's next for them? Will Ivar return and exact his revenge, and if so, will he be alone?

Lagertha Rides - Vikings Season 5 Episode 20

Floki was MIA from the finale, but we'll need to get some closure on his story. 

I imagine we'll return to Wessex and King Alfred at some point as well, though honestly, it doesn't feel like there is much left to tell there. 

What do you guys want to see happen in the final season? 

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I hope there will be more flashbacks of Ragnar. It's hard to imagine closing out the series without his presence. He's such a big part of every major character. 

Perhaps Hvitserk will be featured more now that he's grown up and become his own man. There's still that whole prophecy to contemplate as well. The Seer told him he would achieve what no one else has, but the cost will be too great. 

He already lost the woman he loved, and he tossed aside his Buddha. We'll have to see where the prophecy takes him.

Battle - Vikings Season 5 Episode 20

Harald could have let Bjorn die in battle. 

He hesitated, but in the end, he came through, and he saved his life. If he had let him die, he could have claimed Kattegat for himself. 

Bjorn owes him now, and he is a good ally to have on his side. 

Magnus' death didn't mean much, and I don't think anyone is going to miss him. He didn't do much except question his heritage and beliefs and then stupidly get himself killed, despite Harald's attempt to save him.

I don't know if there was much of a point to bringing him back this season. 

What did you guys think of the finale and Vikings Season 5 as a whole? 

Are you prepared for the next season to be the last? 

Will you miss it? 

Hit the comments and don't forget to watch Vikings online!

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Vikings Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

You know who I am. I am Bjorn Ironside, son of Ragnar. I grew up with many of you. You were my neighbors, my friends. We played together when we were children. I am not your enemy! Ivar is your enemy! He rules over you with tyranny and cruelty.


Torvi: You were between life and death? What did that teach you?
Lagertha: The only thing that I've learned is that life is about suffering. There's no escape from it. That's the truth. What's important is how we deal with suffering, how we deal with the truth.