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Did Ivar manage to get the upper hand on his enemies?

On Vikings Season 5 Episode 17, he quickly realized he was outnumbered, and things only got worse when it emerged that Bjorn and King Harald solidified their alliance. 

Meanwhile, Ivar had to take to the streets to gather more support for his own cause, all the while knowing that someone from his ranks was feeding information to the enemy. 

Who was it?

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Vikings Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

I poisoned him. I killed one of my sons to save the other. May God forgive me.


Ivar: If I can order the death of my own brother, then no one else will dare stand against me.
Freydis: I think that would be a mistake.
Ivar: Why?
Freydis: Ivar, you are a god, and a merciful god will always be more popular among the common people than a vengeful god, like Odin. Wouldn't you rather be loved than feared?
Ivar: I don't know.