All American Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Legacy

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Spencer's dad is back. 

We knew this day would come eventually, and now that it's happened, we're left with even more questions. 

His surprise return on All American Season 1 Episode 13 threw Spencer off his game, but no matter what is revealed, we know he'll find a way to bounce back. 

Grilling Tall - All American Season 1 Episode 13

Spencer is forced to dig deep when his teacher threatens to bench him for the playoffs if he doesn't improve his essay. He has to write about his biggest influence, and a football player just isn't going to cut it. 

His teammate got away with writing about The Rock, but it's obvious that this teacher sees something more in Spencer, and threatening football was the only way to draw it out of him. 

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I think between that and Layla sharing about her mom's music, he's realizing he has so much more going for him than football. The NFL is still his dream, but he has the brains and the work ethic for a pretty good fallback plan if Plan A doesn't work out. 

Siblings - All American Season 1 Episode 13

His dad's unexpected arrival is going to mess with his head. 

Coop: Look I know losing him was hard, but life turned out good for you.
Spencer: It's been hard on my moms though.
Coop: You don't have to worry about Grace. She's strong.

Coop may not have been the focal point of Spencer's essay, but she did point him in the right direction. His greatest influence isn't his father, but his father's absence. 

He'd be a different person if his father had never left. 

He never would have gone to Beverly and it's possible he wouldn't be on the radar of so many colleges. 

His absence helped shape the man Spencer is today, and now that he's returned, it's fair to question how it will affect his future 

Pat on the Arm - All American Season 1 Episode 13

It nearly cost Beverly the game, but this team is more than just one player. 

First of all, whatever doubts Billy had about Jordan should have been addressed well before the playoffs. No one benches their starting quarterback for the big game if he's healthy. 

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Also, after watching that playoff game, it was obvious Jordan was not the only problem. How can Billy expect Jordan to be at his best when he has no protection? He should work on his O-line. 

Jordan should be commended for getting the ball out of his hands so fast considering he was being hit almost immediately after the ball had been snapped. A better O-line would give him more time to make a play. He deserves all the credit for that win. 

Jordan - All American Season 1 Episode 13

Jordan made a good point about Billy putting it all on the line to protect Jordan by swapping his urine sample if he intended to bench him anyway. I think it was all a test for Billy to push Jordan to stand up for himself.

He needed to see that Jordan had the grit to stand up to the pressure of the playoffs. He came through with flying colors, but now it remains to be seen if Spencer can get his mojo back. 

Why is Corey back all of a sudden? 

Willie has something to do with it, but I imagine his influence is minor. Grace and Corey are keeping something huge from Spencer, and I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to find out what it is. 

Spencer: All these years I've been playing ball, you ain't once said I reminded you of him.
Grace: First of all, you don't. Second, I didn't say anything because anytime someone mentions your dad, your head explodes.

Grace has her reasons for keeping Spencer in the dark, but whatever they are, the truth is bound to come out. It would be better if she told him on her own terms before he finds out in a way that could devastate him. 

Asher's Back - All American Season 1 Episode 13

Honestly, how have these characters not learned that by now? Secrets only come back to bite you in the ass. 

The timing of Corey's arrival wasn't only bad for Spencer. 

Sparks are clearly flying between Grace and her new T.A., and I can just imagine how the sudden return of her ex-husband could throw a wrench into that potential relationship before it even has a chance to get started. 

Grace deserves some happiness, so here's hoping she remains open to pursuing it. 

Coop is getting in too deep. 

Coop - All American Season 1 Episode 13

She is really starting to worry me with this plan of hers. 

That Trojan Horse reference could not have been any less subtle. He's on to her plan, and that could be bad news. 

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Personally, I'm hoping he's feeling her out to see if she bites. I could see the two of them forming an alliance to bring Tyronne down together. 

Still, Coop has to tread carefully. This is a dangerous mission, and Tyronne is hovering over her every move. Coop is smart, but she's also somewhat reckless, and that could get her killed. 

School Trouble - All American Season 1 Episode 13

Coop's story is probably the most intriguing, but it keeps her so isolated from the rest of the cast. Sure she always has a heart-to-heart or two with Spencer, but I wish we could see her interact more with everyone else. 

Spencer's life is so divided between Crenshaw and Beverly. The few moments we get when the two collide are some of the best. 

Olivia sharing her essay with her mom was a touching moment. It would be so easy to show her parents enthusiastically applaud her at her AA meeting and then retreat back to their everyday lives.

The continuity and Laura's determination to do better is appreciated. 

Dishes - All American Season 1 Episode 13

Honestly, this one felt a little lacking in comparison with the latest batch of truly fantastic episodes, but it served as a segue into the final stretch of the season. 

Jordan's comment about Beverly and Crenshaw winning out meaning they would play each other for the state championship feels like foreshadowing. 

I think that's a game we all want to see. 

Your turn! What are your thoughts on Corey's return, and what do you think he and Grace are hiding? Do you think Coop may have found a new ally, or should she watch her back? 

Hit the comments and don't forget to watch All American online!

Legacy Review

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All American Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Spencer: All these years I've been playing ball, you ain't once said I reminded you of him.
Grace: First of all, you don't. Second, I didn't say anything because anytime someone mentions your dad, your head explodes.

Layla: Like father, like son.
Spencer: I wish people would stop saying that.
Layla: It just sounds like maybe you got some of that talent from him, not that he deserves credit or anything.