Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 16 Review: The Forgotten

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This is one mayoral fight that I, a resident of Chicago, would like to join.

Sign me up, Hank. Let's take Kelton and his posse way down. 

Poor Lexie got used as a vessel to involve Hank Voight and Intelligence in the city's politics. 

Stay Out of Politics - Tall  - Chicago PD

At the beginning of Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 16, Price asked Voight for some campaign help.

Though Voight initially refused, he changed his mind when he saw just how deceptive and dirty Kelton really was. 

Price has had his opportunistic moments, but man, Kelton is a monster. 

He was indirectly responsible for Lexie's death by burying Steven Sawyer's evil deeds. 

Kelton looked Voight straight in the eye and told him he wasn't involved knowing damn well that he let a dangerous serial killer walk just to get a promotion. 

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I hope Price and Voight bury him the way he thought he buried all this evidence. 

Chicago does not need a man like Kelton in office. 

The email exchange Voight provided will be all the ammo necessary to take down Kelton and boost Price's numbers.

Sometimes, it's necessary to play dirty right back. 

Now, let's dig a little deeper into the case-of-the-week. 

We knew from the getgo that Lexie was going to be a lost cause.

We Have to Find Her - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 16

Everything about Lexie's story arc -- reminiscing about Olinksy, commenting about how "life isn't fair," and revealing that she's moving to be with her ill mother the next day -- set up for her death. 

The death itself wasn't surprising although part of me really hoped they would find Lexi alive; however, the "who" was unexpected.

I thought the attacker was going to be one of LeMonte's men hoping to get revenge on her for setting them up. 

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I never expected that to take on a gruesome serial killer angle. 

Lexie wasn't a random victim as the serial killer had a past of murdering dancers, however, the attack did feel a little random and out of place. 

Why now? Why Lexie?

It was very clear that Lexie's death didn't have a larger meaning; it was just supposed to upset Voight and motivate him to choose a political candidate to back. 

You Have to See This - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 16

She was just a pawn in a political game which was frustrating.

For having such a close relationship with Voight, she deserved better. 

Maybe the episode would have flowed better if Steven Sawyer's motivations for killing these women, in particular, would have been revealed.

Lexie probably could have survived if it hadn't been for Donahue.

Price: If Kelton is elected, he'll bust up Intelligence as soon as he takes his hand off that damn bible. And you know that.
Voight: I do.

Lexie was already on borrowed time.

Intelligence took a few hits because Kelton attempted to hide documents that hindered their investigations, but Donahue really butchered the operation when they finally closed in on Sawyer. 

What part of "Don't shoot him" was unclear? 

Seriously, I've never screamed more profanities at my television before in my life. 

Don't Shoot - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 16

One of my pet peeves is when cops roll up to a situation with their lights raving out and their sirens blasting throughout town. 

Donahue was worse than that because he blatantly disobeyed orders and lost Voight's one chance of finding his friend. 

They eventually got to her, but with so much time wasted, Voight couldn't help but beat himself up over it thinking that maybe she'd have still been alive if they found her faster.  

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Donahue deserved every punch that Voight laid into him.

Voight plays an integral part in all of the episodes, but it's been a minute since a storyline focused on him. It was a welcome change of pace.

I'm here for the war Voight's waging on the corrupt individuals in Chicago! 

Watching the scene where Voight tries to resuscitate Lexie was truly heartbreaking. I haven't seen him care this much about anyone since Lindsay. 

Leo, you know who I am. You don't want to go to war with me.


But I do love how deeply he cares about the people of Chicago, specifically the ones that have stood by his side through the years.  

Sawyer was a complete psychopath. How creepy was his "shrine" to the women he'd killed complete with memorabilia from each one of them? 

There wasn't much on the relationship front again aside from the fact that Burgess is getting IT with that hottie, Blair, who is working Kelton's campaign. 

Kelton Did This - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 16

Blair was rocking a fancy suit the first time we saw him, but I have to admit, I like this shirtless version of him much better. 

But don't get your hopes up too high. 

With Voight's clear vendetta against Kelton, Burgess' relationship with Blair isn't looking too promising. 

And how can it? Blair clearly supports a man who has done nothing but tried to cover up murder and corruption for his own personal gain.

Burgess is a woman with very intense morals. After seeing all these women get murdered, indirectly because of Kelton, there's absolutely no way she'd ever be okay with it. 

You did three stretches for burglary. You're not a very good criminal, Tony.


Thought's on the episode? Do you think it flowed?

Do you wish the series as a whole had better consistency in terms of personal storylines?

I loved that Burgess was finally moving on from Ruzek.

But while sexy, the moment with Blair in bed almost felt thrown in just to remind us that a love triangle still exists. 

Are you caught up on episodes?

If not, watch Chicago PD online and share those thoughts with us!

The Forgotten Review

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Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Price: If Kelton is elected, he'll bust up Intelligence as soon as he takes his hand off that damn bible. And you know that.
Voight: I do.

You did three stretches for burglary. You're not a very good criminal, Tony.