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In the other world to which we don't currently have a crossing, Counterpart Season 3 is a go.

Unfortunately, we live in this world, and there is no crossing, and Counterpart will not receive a third season at Starz.

Sadly, that doesn't come as a surprise to the show's devoted viewers.

Deciphering the Cypher - Counterpart Season 2 Episode 8

Counterpart is a thrilling drama of two worlds currently airing its second and final season at Starz on Sunday nights.

With at 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the series is a critical darling, but viewers haven't caught on as they have Starz other dramas like Outlander and Power.

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With Oscar-winning actor J.K. Simmons at the helm and the fierce Olivia Williams at his side, the drama portrays the story of a cloned world and damage that can be done knowing how different things could be if only your choices had been different.

That deep subject is wrapped in layered mysteries that last for season-long arcs and the exciting if dismal prospect of the two worlds at war despite having so much in common.

Peter Alpha Cocks the Gun - Counterpart Season 2 Episode 5

The series also stars Harry Lloyd and Naznin Bondi in some of the best performances of their career.

Creator and executive producer, Justin Marks, doesn't leave a loose end when it comes to understanding his characters, and with that type of emotional breadth, everyone involved is explored with the greatest detail.

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“Justin, Jordan, J.K. and the entire cast and crew delivered a beautifully executed series,” Carmi Zlotnik, president of programming at Starz, said in a statement to Deadline. “It was a pleasure working with this team on two seasons of expert storytelling brought to life by best-in-class performances across the board.”

Starz made their decision in late December/Early January, and production studio MRC have been shopping the series to other networks.

Although the actors' options expired on February 1, MRC continues to shop the series to steaming venues where it would be a terrific fit given its fast past.

Clare Has the Look - Tall - Counterpart Season 2 Episode 9

Marks took to Social Media today in a series of tweets to express his disappointment in the cancelation.

"Hey #counterpart fans, a bit of sad news… Starz has decided not to pick up our show for a 3rd season...

"It’s been an absolute dream for this team… we got to make EXACTLY the show we wanted to… perfect cast, perfect crew on 2 continents… and we’re so grateful to our network for the time we had...

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"Thank you to everyone who made this journey so special for us. Your tweets, podcasts, and intricate conspiracy theories have made it all worthwhile. Fingers crossed that our wonderful studio, MRC, can find a way to keep the dream alive!

"But in the meantime, one more episode until the end of a chapter. See you Sunday!"

Shock and Awe - Counterpart Season 2 Episode 3

This fan of the show is devastated and hopes the faith MRC places in the show gets rewarded. 

Counterpart is always compelling, quite often emotional, and there is never a straight line from A to B with should be enough to pique any interest of the genre if they get a chance to see it.

Perhaps Netflix will lead the charge, as it's not very often a creative team with this type of significance comes together.

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How disappointed are you to learn Counterpart is coming to an end?

Don't forget to be back here on Sunday to discuss the conclusion of Counterpart Season 2

We'll be in it until the bitter end!

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