Days of Our Lives Round Table: Will You Miss ChAbby?

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Leo finally pressed charges against Sonny and Will, Eve pushed Jack to turn in Haley, and Chad and Abigail got married once again on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Ronnie from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the consequences for Sonny and Will, if Jack is being overprotective, and how much we’ll miss Abby and Chad in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do Will and Sonny deserve to be brought up on charges for trying to dispose of Leo’s “body”?

Ronnie: They need to be charged for being so freaking boring. More seriously, I think they do, but Leo also needs to be charged with extortion, blackmail, etc.

Jack: I have such mixed feelings about this. First of all, they were booked for attempted murder by two cops who believe they're innocent. It would have made more sense if this happened when Trask was DA and she decided to press charges even though the cops didn't want to.

And even though I think Will and Sonny should answer for their stupidity in this matter, Hope is a total hypocrite for charging them for doing the same thing she and Rafe did when she killed Stefano.

Christine: I was thinking the same thing as Jack about Hope and Rafe hiding Stefano’s body…but back to Sonny and Will. They need to be charged for being so stupid. If they were going to dispose of a body they should have asked Uncle Victor for help to get it done right.

Otherwise. they should have called 911. In short, yes, there should be consequences and I kind of wish Trask were still DA because for once, I think her snarky wrath is deserved.

Chad And Abby's Wedding - Days of Our Lives

Abigail and Chad have left Salem. Will you miss them?

Ronnie: I will miss the incredible chemistry between Billy Flynn and Kate Mansi, those two light up the screen together, but the writing for Chad and Abigail in the past two years has been absolutely dreadful. A break from the characters is probably a good thing.

Jack: I loved Chad until he became Stefano-lite. Billy Flynn didn't do the evil version of Chad well when he first arrived and it was even worse this time because of the nonsense about Stefano's ring having a hold over him.

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And I preferred Marci Miller's version of Abby. Plus, Abby was given horrible stories and that DID/Stefan rape story was the worst. So I'm ready for a break from them even though it was sad to see them go right after they finally got married again.

Christine: I will miss Billy Flynn and Kate Mansi’s chemistry. Abby is such a different character in Mansi’s hands and a lot more fun.

I’m sad because these last scenes reminded me of how good this couple could be, but the writing for them has been abysmal, so even as a fan, I’m ready for a break.

Confiding in His Father - Days of Our Lives

Is Jack right to be so protective of JJ?

Ronnie: Jack is stupid and JJ shouldn't trust him. He's been letting Eve, who can't be trusted, manipulate him. I hate to say it, but his return has been pretty bad.

Jack: Not in the way he's being. JJ is in his mid-twenties. He's not a teenager anymore, and the helicopter parenting didn't work when he WAS and is even more annoying now! Jack needs to learn what Jen seems to have finally gotten, which is to say your piece and then let his adult child make his own decisions.

Christine: I think Jack is struggling. He feels love for JJ but since he has no memories, it’s difficult to know how to channel it.

JJ is a grown man who doesn’t need Jack’s protection, he needs a father to listen and perhaps offer advice. I’m hoping Jack figures that out soon before he does some real damage.

Holding Hands - Days of Our Lives

Which couple in Salem has the least chemistry together?

Ronnie: They're not a couple yet, but Eric and Sarah don't exactly spark.

Jack: A better question is which couple has any chemistry at all because most of them don't. I don't see any chemistry at all between JJ/Haley or Tripp/Haley, nor is there any between Hope/Rafe.

Christine: JJ and Haley feel very forced. I think Haley has much more chemistry with Tripp. Eric and Sarah almost make my skin crawl, Hope and Rafe are beyond boring, and even Sonny and Will have lost their spark. These are sad times for romance in Salem.

An Arsonist Revealed - Days of Our Lives

Can you come up with any plausible reason why Claire would set the fire at the cabin that almost killed Ciara?

Ronnie: I can't. This twist was created for shock value and nothing else. It's disappointing.

Jack: The only thing that would make sense is if it were an accident if she were playing with the lighter without thinking and something caught on fire by mistake.

As it is it seems right now, the writers just chose a random culprit for shock value without thought as to what would make any sense at all.

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Christine: This makes no sense. Yes, Claire and Ciara fight, but they fight like sisters. We always feel the underlying love there, even when it’s hidden under a bratty, teen-like rivalry.

So even if the fire was some sort of accident, I can’t imagine Claire just running off and leaving Ciara to die. I don’t know what explanation the writers will throw at us but I can’t think of one that works.

What, if anything, disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Ronnie: Jack not sharing moments with his grandkids or Abby before they left. They could have cut Chad and Abigail’s visit to the DiMera mansion and added that instead.

Jack: Claire being the one who set the fire, the continued destruction of Jordan's character, and Jack continuing to listen to Eve's lies. Memoryless or not, Jack isn't stupid and he should see by now what Eve is up to!

Also, I'm very disappointed that JJ reacted to Haley saying they should just be friends by kissing her. That was yet another example of this show writing no as really meaning yes and JJ is usually more sensitive to things like that because of his fear of repeating what Jack did to Kayla.

Christine: JJ and Haley. This couple feels so off and JJ putting the moves on her while she’s living at his place and in a vulnerable situation felt really pushy and out of character.

Also, why doesn’t Eric, a counselor with a history of alcohol abuse, point out that Sarah does really stupid, destructive things when she drinks?

Chad and Abby Reconcile - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Ronnie: Chad: "A love like ours really does only come once in a lifetime."

And Jennifer just starring at Jack when he said it. That was a lovely moment.

Jack: I laughed at Claire pretending to be flattered by Trask and then throwing her campaign literature in the trash, and Eve's interaction with Trask was also funny. But my favorite scene was definitely Abby and Chad's wedding. 

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Christine: Chad and Abigail’s wedding was small, sweet, and just about perfect. Jennifer, JJ, Jack and the kids were all in attendance and I loved that Julie and Doug were there for Jennifer who had to watch her daughter and grandkids leave.

Even the vows were very heartfelt. After years of crappy storylines, I’m at least happy Chad and Abby got a nice sendoff.

And oddly enough, I was intrigued by Jordan's story about killing her pregnant mother and then blocking it out. It was creepy but made a certain amount of sense...and the actress really sold it!

Jordan Attacks - Days of Our Lives

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