Pure Season Finale Review: Baptism

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You don't often see a metaphysical cliffhanger.

But that's exactly what we got on Pure Season 1 Episode 6.

Nope, this wasn't your traditional cliffhanger by any means.

Facing His Fate - Pure

The crime the season was built around was solved. The crime boss was dead. No one was left in peril.

Unless you count Noah's mortal soul.

First off, it got confirmed early on that Abel was dead. It was heartbreaking to watch Ezekiel continue to carry the wooden animal which Abel had carved for him throughout the harrowing time in Eli's compound.

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Abel's death seemed inevitable, but it's a shame that Abel had to be the sacrificial lamb ensnared in Noah and Bronco's "plan." He had made his way back to being an upstanding citizen, one worthy of being Ezekiel's surrogate father.

RIP Abel.

Criminal Mastermind - Pure Season 1 Episode 6

The only reason that Eli kept Noah alive that long, besides his preaching to Eli's excommunicated workers, was that Noah intrigued Eli. After all, the two were moral opposites.

Noah's last supper delineated the differences between the pair.

We finally found out why Eli is the way he is. Having his whole family killed by a drunk driver could certainly knock anyone for a loop. Worshipping terror and death is an extreme reaction but it's more understandable now.

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Noah's sunny interpretation of seeing God in the faces of his family explains why he puts his trust in God to provide, whatever the situation.

It was telling that Eli seemed to see himself as the savior of all those Mexican Mennonites when actually they were excommunicated because of their affiliation with him.

Facing Death - Pure Season 1 Episode 6

He painted a slanted picture of Noah to his people as someone who had betrayed them to the nasty police and DEA, threatening their way of life. So what if their way of life was killing people north of the border?

Poor Noah had to depend on Bronco and the equally disgraced Phoebe to rescue him. Fortunately, they were up to the task.

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We also got to find out why Bronco rubbed Phoebe the wrong way. She needed Bronco's asset but didn't want him.

It ended up that Phoebe was married to a man just like Bronco, who was continually trying to recapture his past glory. She knew Bronco's type and wanted to stay clear, but knew she couldn't, because Noah and Ezekiel were still in danger.

Phoebe also knew how to play the mom card on her Mexican counterpart, to get Karla to undertake a dangerous, understaffed raid on Eli's compound.

Suspended Agent - Pure Season 1 Episode 6

Being shorthanded didn't end up being a problem, thanks to the element of surprise. Bronco became Noah's unlikely savior, getting wounded in the process.

Pacifistic Noah refused to use Bronco's gun to save himself but reflexively shot Eli to save Ezekiel. Eli smiled in the end, but it's hard to say whether that was because he was released from his pain or because he'd gotten Noah to violate his beliefs.

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Back home, Anna was up to the challenges she ended up facing.

We saw a manipulative side of Anna when she preyed on Joey's infatuation with her to get him to deal with Gerry. I don't think she meant to have him kill Gerry but that was one effective way to take care of the problem.

Anna has truly gotten more scheming over the course of the season. Up until now, it was possible to chalk up her actions to just protecting her family. But having one brother kill another brother, man, that's cold. Very un-Mennonite-like.

Scheming Mother - Pure Season 1 Episode 6

So, after the way she used Joey, it was hard to fault him for revealing the new family business to clueless Isaac. I'm sure Anna would have liked to have kept at least one of her children in the dark.

Tina really came through this episode. She's taking after her mother, and not just in dating an Auslander boy. She made the hard choice of sending away Ben, to keep him safe, and she unveiled to Isaac what their parents had been up to inside Eli's operation.

Good for Isaac for going through with his baptism. He's going to need his faith to deal with the fallout from recent events.

Bronco must have loved getting back in town just in time to watch Jay slap the cuffs on the fleeing Chief Kingsley.

It doesn't seem fair that, after saving his family and community, Noah was ready to walk away from both. Why can't he see himself as God's instrument of justice? Too modest, I guess.

Off-the-Books Operation - Pure Season 1 Episode 6

The already-filmed Pure Season 2 is expected to air later this year on WGN America. What's going to happen?

I'm guessing A.J. Buckley was tied up with SEAL Team and wasn't available to play Bronco. No Bronco would mean no Ben. So that's going to change the dynamic right off the bat.

One focus would have to be Noah's crisis of faith. But there have to be other challenges as well. It will be interesting to see how things develop.

To review the whole season, watch Pure online.

Were you surprised at how much got wrapped up?

Is Noah right to walk away?

What would you like to see on Pure Season 2?

Comment below.

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Pure Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I will not be psychoanalyzed by a broken-down ex-jock hoping to get his job back.

Phoebe [to Bronco]

What about Ezekiel? You took him from Abel and handed him to Voss. Are you OK with that? Because I'm not.

Bronco [to Phoebe]