Siren Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Distress Call

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Trouble is brewing both on and off land on Siren Season 2 Episode 6.

As if the neck snap from Siren Season 2 Episode 5 didn't already have us on the edge of our seats, the series just continues to prove that anything can happen. Literally.

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Compassion - Siren Season 2 Episode 6

The first thing that needs to get addressed is Helen and the amount of tolerance she has when it comes to the mermaids.

Not everyone would be able to demonstrate the kind of patience that she does, and the mermaids don't even understand just how lucky they are to have her.

Even though Cami literally broke her window, instead of getting angry Helen tried to respond with sympathy.

I know you don't understand me. No locks in the ocean, right?


Her compassion for the mermaids is derived slightly from her relation to them, but most of it comes from how good of a person Helen is. 

Eliza - Siren Season 2 Episode 6

Although she connects with all the mermaids, there seems to be a connection forming between Helen and Sarge that is stronger than the rest. 

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Sarge wanting to stay with Helen was pretty darn adorable as was the way he wanted to help her board up the windows. 

There was also a "blink, and you miss it," moment where Sarge sensed a threat and put a protective hand out in front of Helen. And we couldn't help but fangirl at the little smile she gave him afterward.

To put it in simpler terms -- we ship it. 

A Connection - Siren Season 2 Episode 6

Ryn's emotional state played a large part on Siren Season 2 Episode 6

A lot of her journey has been about trying to find a way to fit in with the humans, which also means acting more like them.

In the ocean, killing is necessary. It's kill or get killed. You don't think, you act. But now that Ryn has been with Ben and Maddie for so long, she's starting to see things a bit differently. 

Before dropping Ryn off at home, Dale gives her some helpful advice. 

Think. Think before you do anything.


While Dale, of course, wasn't thrilled that Ryn had murdered someone, he was also thankful that Ryn had saved Maddie.

There's nothing Ryn wouldn't do to keep Maddie, or Ben for that matter, safe. 

The moment between Ryn and Maddie in the bed was downright soft and beautiful. They kissed before holding each other the entire night, and it was the kind of comfort that both of them needed after what had happened. 

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It's Ryn's willingness to do whatever's necessary to save the people she loves, that inspires Maddie and Ben finally to make a move against the oil company finally.

Considering that Ben is not going to get any help from his dad, it looks like they're about to get creative.

You wanna stay involved? Okay. Tell them no. Make some noise, dad. Do something.


We also need to take a moment to appreciate Ben. Kind, selfless, compassionate Ben. 

It took Ben less than five seconds to turn his car around when he realized Xander was in trouble. And he risked his own life to make sure that both Xander and Levi got out safely. 

They just don't make them any better.

On another note, Eliza and Sarges' loyalty to Ryn was incredible to watch. 

Unfortunately, Cami was on the side of whoever could get her to her mother's killer, and that just so happened to be Katrina. 

Cami - Siren Season 2 Episode 6

But Ryn heeded Dale's advice and took the time to think about her actions before doing anything too rash.

We did not expect Sarge to betray Ryn, so we were able to let out a huge breath of relief when he lied to Katrina to help Ryn settle things once and for all. 

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The last scene was one of the most beautiful moments of the entire show.

Ryn stood with her friends behind her, ready to do whatever was necessary to unite the two races and make peace once and for all.

There was also something about Xander standing with the group that made it feel complete.

Despite the anger he's been wrestling with throughout all of Siren Season 2 it seems like he may finally be ready to let it go.

And if someone as previously opposed as Xander is onboard, it only made sense that Katrina was onboard too. 

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Overall, Siren Season 2 Episode 6 was one of the best episodes of the series. 

There was action, suspense, and just the right amount of romance. 

Siren continues to deal with important issues such as Susan's drug addiction.

She opened up to Dale about how Glen would physically abuse her, and she even let Dale know just how he meant to her. 

For what it's worth, you're the best man I've ever known.


In addition, the uniqueness of the relationship between Ben, Maddie, and Ryn is something that should not get overlooked.

Getting Physical - Siren

It's time to jump on the Siren train ... or maybe boat works better.

If you're not watching, what are you waiting for anyway?

Siren airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Freeform. 

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Siren Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Dale: So you killed him?
Ryn: Yes.
Dale: You saved my daughter's life. I'll never be able to thank you enough.

I know you don't understand me. No locks in the ocean, right?