Suits Season 8 Episode 13 Review: The Greater Good

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After some missteps of epic proportions, Suits is on the road to recovery, and Suits Season 8 Episode 13 was my favorite episode in quite some time. 

Every single storyline was intriguing, and that's not happened in quite a while. 

Calling In a Favor - Suits Season 8 Episode 13

The main positive came in the form of Harvey and Donna not getting into shouting matches every other scene because what they did was wrong. 

Nick was a vile opportunist, but we need to remember here that what Harvey and Donna did with the stock was wrong.

They knew they were playing with fire. 

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The past never stays in the past, and that's why the stock plot reared its ugly head. It didn't feel like a forced storyline either which was refreshing for the show. 

Come tomorrow, this place is mine.


Donna Has a Plan - Suits Season 8 Episode 4

The problematic character in all of this was Harvey. He's all over the place at the minute and firing off demands whenever things don't go his way. 

He goaded Nick to continue his mission, hurled insults and threats at Cahill, before coming out the other end smelling like roses. 

Maybe the resolution solidifies the fact that Donna and Harvey always find a way out when they work together, but there's going to come a time when there is no way out. 

It was about time someone grappled with that, and it only took Stu's career being on the line to make Donna realize it. 

Sasha Roiz as Thomas Kessler - Suits Season 8 Episode 14

I'm not sure whether this will change things for Donna from here on out. However, I love the dynamic between Donna and Thomas. 

Donna: We have to find a way to fix this.
Alex: We may not be able to fix it.

They're both so chill with each other and find comfort in each other. It's what an adult relationship should be like. 

Donna's comment to Katrina about finding someone to date outside the office certainly made it sound like she would drop Thomas like a hot potato if she and Harvey were no longer working in the same building. 

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At this stage, I don't care about Darvey becoming a 'Ship. Too long has passed with all the teases that if they got together at all, it would feel like fan service after the years of awful writing for them. 

If they ever did become a thing, they run the risk of it going sideways and them hating each other. Would it be worth pursuing a relationship when that could happen?

Donna Wages War - Suits Season 8 Episode 3

I don't think so. The final scene was blatantly thrown in there to appease fans who still believe Darvey should happen. 

Let Donna ride things out with Thomas and see whether they can make it work. The powers that be owe it to the character. 

As for Harvey, being alone in those final scenes probably showed us just how lonely he feels more than anything. 

I get that he's got a reputation in the courtroom to keep up, but there were so many moments during "For the Greater Good" that he made my eyes roll. 

Samantha Is Not Impressed - Suits Season 8 Episode 6

Samantha's arc with Judy was a bright spot. If you watch Suits online, you know we don't know much about Samantha aside from the fact that she's a badass in the courtroom. 

Peeling back the layers on the character made me like her so much more. I was blindsided when Judy revealed that she was the one who gave up on Samantha years ago. 

That being said, Samantha's rap sheet sure sounded like a mess. Judy was likely worried at the prospect of not being able to help other kids out if she kept trying to save Samantha. 

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Then again, look at the upstanding woman Samantha has turned into. Maybe she was right to let her go because it likely helped Samantha realize that actions have consequences. 

It would have made a lot of sense for us to see Cory in the flesh. Samantha's story would have carried a lot more emotional weight if she got to see the kid who made the same mistakes she did. 

Now that Samantha has put all of this aside, I wouldn't be opposed to Samantha helping out other young children who did not get the best start in life. 

Katrina Begs to Differ - Suits Season 8 Episode 13

Then there was Katrina and Brian. Katrina made a massive mistake by icing Brian out and replacing him with Susan. 

Susan likely knew there was a relationship brewing, but the only thing she cared about was stealing Brian's association with Katrina. 

Katrina put up an emotional wall, and that's why she failed to see how all of this would make Brian look, but I'm thankful Brian told her point blank that she was making him look like crap to the others. 

It would be sucky for them not work together again, so I'm glad Katrina realized that she needed to ride this out with him for a year before putting him on the track to become a junior partner. 

A lot can happen in a year, and this arc will probably take us right up to the show's conclusion, assuming there's no substantial final season time jump. 

That's all I got, Suits Fanatics. 

What are your thoughts on all the latest twists and turns?

Are you as over Darvey as I am? 

Hit the comments below. 

Suits airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA Network. 

The Greater Good Review

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Suits Season 8 Episode 13 Quotes

We both know that 'do you want to grab a coffee?' is codename for shit's gone sideways.

Nick: Stock manipulation is a crime.
Harvey: So is blackmail.