Supernatural Season 14 Episode 13 Review: Lebanon

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It was an emotional family reunion, indeed.

Dean wished for the thing he wanted most on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 13, and it wasn't getting Michael out of his head.

It was a surprise to both Sam and Dean when John Winchester showed up, but it was everything both of them needed, especially Dean.

Together Again - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 13

Having his family back together gave Dean a new level of strength that he'll be calling on as he fights to rid himself of Michael, but Michael wasn't a problem he was thinking about this hour.

Dean had his dad back, and he wasn't going to let anything ruin the moment.

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The boys had a lot of explaining to do, and John took it all in stride. He's seen enough strange things in his life that what and how it all happened didn't surprise him. He was just glad to be back with his boys -- and Mary.

Kiss of Ages - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 13

The best moment of the entire hour and the one that made my heart completely explode was his reunion with Mary. Their kiss was everything.

What made it even better was Dean and Sam witnessing such a tender exchange between their parents.

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It's something that neither of them had experienced because there was never an opportunity since Mary was killed when they were both so young.

But as always happens in Sam and Dean's world, the good stuff never lasts.

Enjoying the Moment - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 13

Sam knew that John's appearance would be messing with time and that it would cause problems although he didn't know what exactly.

Deep down, Dean knew it too, but he didn't want to deal with it. At least not until after the family dinner.

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Sam could have pushed Dean to do something about the issue immediately, but he saw how much his brother wanted to enjoy the moment.

Delaying the inevitable also gave Sam a chance to make amends with this father. He was able to tell John all the things he never had a chance to before.

I'm good with who I am. I'm good with who you are. Because our lives? They're ours and maybe I'm too damn old to change that.


John's appearance was soul cleansing for everyone, including John. It was an opportunity for all of them to clean the slate so to speak.

John Returns - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 13

For Sam and Dean especially, ridding themselves of some of their regrets in relation to their dad will give them a clearer head for the battles yet to come.

It also helped Dean realize that he was okay with who he is and how his life turned out. 

We're legacies because of you.


The same with Sam. Did he really want to be a lawyer talking about hobbies and kale? Not hardly.

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This isn't the first time Sam and Dean's roles in the world have come up. It's something they've questioned numerous times before, but John's appearance gave them clarity and closure.

It's an end, but also a beginning.

Family Dinner - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 13

Still, having to say goodbye to John was heart-wrenching.

I'm not ashamed to say that I cried when they all said their goodbyes. Hell, I cried at almost everything that happened this hour, but Sam smashing that pearl was devastating.

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At least we know that John went back to living in 2003 and not to suffering back in hell.

A serial killer clown. This has to be the best thing that happened to us because you love serial killers but you hate clowns.


Even though he thought it was all a dream, the idea that he has remnants of the extraordinary experience he had in the future was a great way to close out John Winchester's chapter on Supernatural.

Odds and Ends

  • Sam and Dean having to fight off John Wayne Gacy's ghost was epic. 
  • Does anyone else wonder what happens when you pull the string on the bear? It might be something the brothers encounter in a future episode.
  • Cas coming back as Zachariah's badass angel made me realize that the Cas we have now is much better than the Cas of 2003.
  • Dean charming the mail lady was classic Dean much to Sam's disgust. We definitely need more moments like that.
  • What will Sam and Dean do with all those objects they collected at the pawn shop?
  • Will Sam and Dean tell Cas about their father's return?
  • Who do you think is really responsible for John Winchester's return? Was it really a deep-seated Dean desire or was there something or someone else behind it?

What did you think of "Lebanon"? Was it everything you expected? What would you have liked to have seen?

What's next for Sam and Dean? How will they deal with the problem of Michael now?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Lebanon Review

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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 13 Quotes

A serial killer clown. This has to be the best thing that happened to us because you love serial killers but you hate clowns.


They always talk too much.