The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 5 Review: Alter Ego

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Well, that was unexpected.

As disappointing as the outcome of Red's motion to suppress the gun evidence was on The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 5, what it will do is give Red more time to stir up his anger and think about who actually might have set him up.

It would have been too easy for Red to have succeeded.

Behind Bars - The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 5

It also would have been too easy if Red would have been allowed to hear the anonymous tip recording.

As much as it drives me crazy that he didn't get to listen to the tape, it makes sense that it wouldn't be allowed.

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The prosecution was right to argue that Red only wanted to hear the tape to see if he could identify the caller and then kill him or her.

Still, Red made a great case for himself and he impressed the judge enough that she saw the validity in what he argued.

Happy Times - The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 5

At least the judge is being fair even if she's not bending to our will -- or Red's.

Red's reaction to his defeat in the courtroom was heartbreaking.

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He understands he is in a much more dire situation than he was before. 

Not only will he be stuck in jail for the immediate future, but his immunity deal is also about to be deemed null and void. And the latter puts him in a very precarious position.

Happy to See Dembe - The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 5

When it's made public that he actually was working with the FBI, there are going to be plenty of angry criminals and cohorts who are going to make it their life's mission to kill Red.

And the fact that he's in prison isn't going to help his situation because he has nowhere to hide. He might be king of the castle right now, but money talks and loyalty truly doesn't exist in prison.

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Red is going to have to be on guard like he's never been before. As much as it pains me to say it, even Vontae can't be trusted now.

At least there was a bright spot in Red's day when Dembe paid him a visit.

Dembe is going to be central in making sure Red survives. He's going to be under a lot of pressure not only to keep Red safe in prison but also to find the traitor which is Red's number one priority.

Liz Wants to Know - The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 5

But the problem is at this point, finding out who the traitor is won't help him out of his situation. Sure, it will give him an enormous satisfaction to find out who betrayed him, but it won't help his end goal of being a free man.

Of course, when he learns that his beloved Liz betrayed him he might be so devastated he won't care if he lives or dies, but we can't think about that now.

Dembe is still pushing Red to tell Liz the truth, and I wonder if maybe Red will start to actually consider doing just that -- especially if he starts thinking that maybe his fate is sealed and there's truly no way out.

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Let's theorize on that a bit.

Liz pretending to be concerned about Red's news was infuriating. And as much as I don't want to admit it, she might actually be wavering about tipping off the cops.

We've already seen in previous episodes that she has tinkered with the idea that she made a mistake.

Contemplation - The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 5

We also haven't spent much time with her and Jennifer to see what's happening behind the scenes and how far they are in their search for the truth.

But what if Red decided to take Dembe's advice to heart and tell Liz the truth. The truth being, we're assuming, his actual identity.

Let's further theorize that when Red tells her, we're not privy to what he actually says, but we know that he told her (something I can totally see happening.)

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She would know the truth which would shock her, cause her to seriously realize her mistake, and send her into a frenzy to free him at all costs.

When she knows the truth, she decides to share it with Jennifer, and that's when the kicker happens: she discovers that Jennifer is an imposter and then she works to not only free Red but also take down the person who betrayed her!

Dembe Visits Red - The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 5

Yes, Liz should have already figured out Jennifer shouldn't be trusted, but let's give Liz the benefit of the doubt that her stupidity was because of the rage and hurt she felt about Tom's murder. And the fact that she's Liz and, well, that says it all right there.

Of course, that still leaves Red with the quandary of what to do about Liz's betrayal, and we know it's going to come to light.

Some fans have stated that Red won't do anything to Liz because he loves her too much and there will be room for forgiveness and reconciliation.

I still want him to torture and kill her, but that's just me.

But let's go with Red forgiving and reconciling with Liz. If that happened we could go back to those fun days of Red and Liz working as a team after she learned he was her father. 

I think I could live with that.

What do you think? Is the above scenario a possibility?

I want to hear your theories on how things might happen now, so get to it and share your thoughts below!

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