The Resident Season 2 Episode 14 Review: Stupid Things In The Name of Sex

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With potential murder mysteries, evil billionaires, recurring patients, and so many unique medical cases and interrelationship drama, The Resident earned the right to have a standalone. 

The Resident Season 2 Episode 14 (which was a befitting episode to celebrate the holiday given the season and episode number) had equal parts romance and bloody to accommodate your Valentine's Day fare. 

I expected sex and romance, but boy, I was not prepared for the gruesome autopsy scenes! I hope none of you have a weak stomach. 

Weighing Matters of the Heart - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 14

There was little CoNic in this hour unless we're talking about their smoking hot opening scene. There was a lot of CoNic during that number. Hot damn! 

The couple is going strong after that disagreement that by no means felt minor to many of us, but it must have been in the grand scale of things to them. Conrad even had some romantic plans for the two of them that had others salivating at the mouth. 

It's too bad that Nic missed out on their romantic evening at the fanciest restaurant in town that required reservations months in advance, but it was of importance that she be there to support Jessie at rehab. 

AJ Austin, Doctor of Love.


In light of Jessie's rehab and Nic's laser focus on getting her sister on track, it makes one think back on some of the first interactions we viewers experienced between Conrad and Jessie. 

We know there are a few reasons that CoNic had a bumpy road in their relationship the first time around, but there is something about how Nic clings to Jessie that makes me think her sister's issues weigh down Nic and Nic's personal and romantic life. 

Jessie was never warm with Conrad, but it's increasingly clear that the Nevin sisters are codependent on one another.

There is an ongoing cycle with those two that outsiders can't break through, not to say that someone should get between the sisters, but the way Nic loses herself when she's fretting over all things Jessie would interfere with some of her other relationships outside of her sister. 

Conic Sexytimes - The Resident Season 2 Episode 14

For Nic, Jessie comes first, and from the perspective of a protective older sister, it makes sense, but from the perspective of someone who cares about Nic it's evident that she doesn't tend to herself or her needs for the sake of her sister and that is worrisome. 

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Perhaps some of the tension between Conrad and Jessie, in addition to Nic's penchant for trying to "fix" Conrad in her way, is that Conrad shakes up the relationship between the sisters. He sees it for what it is, and he urges Nic to take care of herself too, and sometimes even first. 

Anyhow, their impromptu car date with gas station goods was romantic in its own right. After all, it's the thought that counts, right? 

You Sure About That? - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 14

Conrad was feeling the romantic spirit, and his patients had a lot to do with that too. Andre and Otto's story was sweet and sad. They were so hopelessly in love with one another it was insane. You could tell that they have been through hell and back as a couple.

That's why Otto's illness was so distressing. The moment when he was coughing up blood was beyond alarming, but at first, so was Andre's willingness to jump ship. 

Yes, part of loving someone and committing to them is being there through the ups and downs, but Andre stood by Otto through the worst of his alcoholism. He was within his rights to decide if he couldn't do that again. 

If you wanna be with Otto you now have to find a way to be with him in his world.


It was disheartening to learn that despite Otto's sobriety, the effects of his alcoholism still lingered. The early onset of dementia was a tragic diagnosis, but I loved how Conrad coached Andre through stepping into Otto's world with him if Otto couldn't be in their world anymore. 

Gertie's case was heartbreaking as well, and as mentioned, pretty damn gnarly. Shoutout to The Resident's special effects team who were having a blast with those autopsy scenes. They were both gross as heck and fascinating at the same time. I wanted to look away, but I couldn't. 

Contrary to what her niece claimed, Gertie was a sweet woman, and Devon and Mina could not reconcile her giving them cookies in the hallway one minute, and her being wheeled in and pronounced dead an hour later. Who could blame them for taking that case personally and wanting to figure out what happened? 

Devon's Loss - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 11

Bell has improved a great deal, but he's still Bell, and he didn't have any reason to order an expensive autopsy that he didn't feel was warranted. The emphasis on how no one cares about the cause of death of seniors because of their age was on point, as per usual for this series. 

The creative ways Devon and Mina worked around the system to get what they needed were the best. Nora was an awful person who only cared about her aunt's money, but fortunately, they could use that to their advantage when they had her donate Gertie's body to science. 

If they didn't do that, then Nora would have been dead. 

Mina: If you donate her body to science then you won't have to pay for a funeral.
Gertie's Niece: Where do I sign?

Mina didn't even have to work hard to get AJ to jump in on this sexy autopsy with her. He was down for whatever. He's such an easygoing guy once you get to know him and to be honest, Mina has him wrapped around her finger. They were so very thorough during that autopsy. 

It turned out that Gertie wasn't as healthy as Devon and Mina presumed. She had a lifelong defect, and that led to a brain aneurysm, which was her cause of death. As in not what the coroner was going to put on her death certificate. 

It was genetic and Nora had it too, so they had to save her as well. Nora the Nasty wasn't grateful at all, but what can you do? 

Bloody Valentine's Day - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 14

It was the perfect distraction for Devon who made a slight break in the case with Julian's disappearance. He spoke to Trescott who told him that Julian was calling the FDA for a job opportunity. He shared that news with Conrad, but we know it's a lie, and they'll realize it is too. 

Mina didn't so much need a distraction as she did a kick in the pants to enjoy this corporate, commercial holiday that Micah loves so much. My respect for AJ continues to increase with every installment. 

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He has feelings for Mina, but he also respects her, her relationship, and their different ranking enough to not make a move on her.

He overheard her on the phone, and when Conrad gave him the reservations (and might I add, the Conrad and AJ scenes are THE BEST), instead of being selfish and taking someone on a superficial date just so he can enjoy those heavenly scallops he was dying to try, he gave them to Mina. 

So you want me to help you steal an autopsy? Sexy. I'm in.


He wasn't lying about being the Doctor of Love. I knew he was a hopeless romantic, and I still maintain that romance novel he was reading at the nurse's station at Halloween was probably his. I love him to bits!

Of course, things are going to be interesting after that cliffhanger. Mina loves Micah, of that, there are no doubts, but she doesn't appear to be ready for marriage. Did anyone else cringe when Micah proposed, and in such a public forum? 

Jessica and Irving were making me cringe as well, but that's only because of Irving's behavior. Irving is likable most of the time, but for the majority of the hour, he was far from it.

Mina's Romantic Evening - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 14

They were sneaking around, but they weren't discreet about it, so their relationship shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone. It was awful the way Irving publicly rejected her and avoided her. 

Of course, she was going to think he was embarrassed to be seen with her. I would have made the same assumption. 

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Honestly, Irving's reasoning still didn't make sense, but after Nomi was willing to jump his bones after reading those candy hearts but not being open to others knowing about it, he must have had an epiphany. 

After being stuck in an elevator, the thought of having a romantic lunch in one doesn't sound appealing, but it worked for those adorable weirdos. #Jirving forever. 

Jessica: What are you ashamed of me?
Irving: No, of course, not.

Do you guys like this Kit and Bell sexy flirtation that is happening? I don't dislike it. The two of them had a few sparks at the end of the hour. Kit knows how to toy with Bell, and he seems to enjoy it. 

She was open to some fun and maybe reliving some of her glory days after dealing with Chet and his ridiculous infatuation with Bella. Their sexcapades were dangerous, especially for Chet, but he was not willing to listen. 

It seemed as though Kit could relate to that disaster child. Chet was an annoying character, but it was a blast having all this Kit time. She's such a fun, lovable character. 

Going Down, Down, Down - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 4

I like that every time we see her, we learn a little bit more about her, and it only makes her more lovable and badass. 

Over to you, Resident Fanatics! Did you enjoy this standalone hour? Will Mina say yes? Which case got to you the most? 

Hit the comments below with your thoughts and feelings. 

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Stupid Things In The Name of Sex Review

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The Resident Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Mina: If you donate her body to science then you won't have to pay for a funeral.
Gertie's Niece: Where do I sign?

AJ Austin, Doctor of Love.