A Million Little Things Round Table: Goodbyes, Beginnings, and Never Forgetting

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The truth is out about Jon's connection to Barbara, and it's both touching and tragic. 

On A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 17, some of the answers we have been waiting for all season were answered, and new obstacles were presented.

Maggie received a clean bill of health, Delilah went into labor, Rome and Gina have opposing views on children, and Eddie and Katherine's second chance may end before it begins.

Join TV Fanatics Jack Ori, Christine Orlando, and Rachelle Lewis as they discuss the finale!

A Million Little Things Round Table

Were you surprised by the connection between Jon and Barbara? What did you think about the 9/11 angle and Jon's survivor's guilt?

Jack: I didn't see that one coming. That was an interesting twist and added yet another layer of complexity to Jon's story. I'm still very confused as to why Barbara's husband doesn't want Delilah to know anything about this or want his son to know about it.

I liked that the 9/11 angle was revealed without being overdone, and it was refreshing to see a story about survivor's guilt rather than yet another story about politics and prejudice against Muslims.

While those stories are important too, that's what most 9/11 stories are, and the POV of the survivor who eventually couldn't deal with his guilt was a unique angle to take.

Also, did anyone else notice that the flight attendant that didn't let Jon onto the fatal flight was named Sophie? I assume that Sophie got named after her and that no one ever knew why Jon chose that name.

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Christine: The 9/11 twist was one I never saw coming, and it certainly added another layer to what Jon was going through. What was heartbreaking was that Jon never talked about it with anyone. Not his wife, not his friends, no one. If he had talked about it with someone, he might still be alive today.

And yes! I also assumed that Jon named his daughter after that flight attendant, which made it all the more touching and sad that he never shared why with Delilah.

Rachelle: I was completely surprised by the 9/11 twist, and I enjoyed it. I thought it was done beautifully with the flashbacks and was done subtly, as Jack mentioned, not overdone. I found it interesting to see 9/11 through the lens of survivor’s guilt.

I noticed the Sophie nametag and thought the same thing; he named his daughter Sophie after the flight attendant but didn't tell anyone the significance behind it. It was heartbreaking to find out Jon had suffered alone for all those years, but sadly, it is true to how many feel after 9/11.

I, too, though am confused as to why Barbara was so adamant about keeping the secret from Delilah, I assume it has to do with her son. She and Mitch went to a lot of trouble to keep the truth form Delilah, but once we learned the truth, them not wanting to share with him didn't make sense.

Why are Barbara and Mitch trying to keep the truth from PJ? Barbara's son is the same teen Rome has befriended. React!

Jack: That surprised me! The most important aspect of this is that PJ is having serious problems that his parents probably don't know anything about. It seemed like he and his dad had this great relationship, from what we heard off-screen.

I have no idea why Barbara and Mitch are keeping the truth from PJ. I wonder if Mitch is jealous of Dave's ghost in some way. Also, I wonder what the J stands for? The most logical thing is "Junior," but neither Dave nor Mitch is named Patrick. Is the J for Jon, perhaps?

Christine: I’m still wondering if Jon is PJ’s father. If not, then why are Barbara and Mitch so against PJ knowing anything about Barbara’s old “friend,” Jon? What’s the big deal if there isn’t some big secret that they’re hiding?

Rachelle: I think that PJ doesn’t know that Mitch is not his father. They have lied to him about that and don’t want to come clean now. My guess is the J is not for Jon, but maybe it's for Dave’s middle or last name. Mitch genuinely seems to love PJ, so that is why I am leaning towards they are merely keeping his paternal truth from him.

I like that PJ is Barbara’s son and Rome befriended him. It adds another great layer to connecting Barbara Morgan and her family with the group. Once Rome realizes the connection, I think it will have even more of an impact on him, like make him feel connected to Jon even more.

PJ - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 16

Maggie has a clean bill of health, and she convinced Gary to say goodbye to Jon. Thoughts?

Jack: I hope that Maggie stays in remission. I was right there with her and Gary when they were talking to the doctor, and it was easily one of the most emotional scenes of the season. I don't want to revisit Maggie's cancer next season after all that.

As for Gary/Jon, Gary needed that closure, but I'm not sure he let go of Jon as much as he thinks he did. I'm interested to see what happens with him next season.

Christine: I was so relieved that Maggie was in remission. Gary and Maggie deserve to catch a break. And I was thrilled that Maggie realized how much pain Gary has been in and that his coping skills will eventually start to affect him.

I’m sure that Gary isn’t just going to stop trying to take care of his friends, but I hope, with Maggie’s support, he can find a better balance.

Rachelle: I am happy Maggie is in remission. I think now that her health scare is over, Maggie can focus on Gary. I liked how she made the connection of Gary trying to save her because he couldn’t save Jon. Finally, someone saw what was happening with Gary, and he needs that because he takes care of everyone else.

I thought the goodbye scene was good, but I don’t think Gary did it for himself. I feel like he did it for Maggie, and it honestly didn’t feel like a goodbye. I think it is just the beginning of what Gary has to deal with to come to terms with Jon’s death.

Her Bucket List - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 15

Do you think Rome will convince Regina to have a child or resent her if she doesn't change her mind? How do you feel about this conflict between them?

Jack: This is the kind of conflict that can prove insurmountable! There's no way to compromise on having kids.

I also think that Rome has recently got back on his anti-depressants, and begun supporting PJ and helping at the suicide line, and that is enough for right now -- it's not time to think about such a significant life decision. I also wonder how helping Delilah with her baby will change Rome and Gina's feelings about this.

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Christine: This is an issue that can rip a couple apart or lead to a lifetime of regret and resentment. I hope that they both take a step back. I feel like they should take the next six months to a year and figure out what they want, maybe even go into therapy together to try and get some perspective.

Rachelle: I was wondering when this conflict was going to get addressed. Rome was thrilled when he thought Regina was pregnant but never told her. It was only a matter of time before this came back up.

I agree with Christine. It is a topic that does rip couples apart, especially since they had both agreed they did not want children.

Yes, it is OK to change your mind, but Regina seems pretty adamant about her decision. It is going to be a tough road for them. I hope they both continue to be honest. I could see Rome dropping the topic again even though having kids means a lot to him.

Baby Talk? - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 17

Will Eddie tell Katherine about him (possibly) being the father of Delilah's baby? Do you think it'll interfere with their fresh start in their marriage?

Jack: I assumed that's what Eddie wanted to tell Katherine -- what other lie is there? I hope he goes through with it because that would show some real growth on his part. I'm glad he and Katherine are back together and hope this doesn't derail them.

Christine: He’d better be telling Katherine about this baby, or this will be a bomb that will eventually take out their marriage. I’m not convinced they should get back together, but any work they put into this relationship will be for nothing if Eddie doesn’t tell Katherine the truth now.

Rachelle: I am not thrilled they got these two back together so quickly. They need to take a little more time, especially considering all Theo has been through. Do they want to be together or is it merely the reality of divorce hitting them? I am not sure, but I'm not sold yet on them getting back together.

I do think Eddie is going to tell Katherine about the baby. I feel like he knows he hurt her in the past with his lies and needs to come clean.

I honestly loved that the show ended with him having her come outside to talk. It is going to impact their reunion, and I don’t think Katherine will be able to move forward with their fresh start. The child will always be a reminder of Eddie infidelity.

Katherine and Eddie Reunite

Do you have any new theories or speculation going into the second season?

Jack: I assume the PJ/Barbara Morgan connection is going to come into play at some point next season, as will the baby drama (including Rome's desire to have children).

I also wonder if Ashley will return from Barcelona and how that will play into things. Finally, I hope Hunter isn't going to cause trouble for Katherine. I didn't like his insinuation that her job performance was declining.

Katherine is not someone to mess with, and she will take action if she needs to, but I don't want to see him become even more of an asshole than he seemed to be in the finale.

Christine: Once Eddie tells Katherine the truth about the baby, I can’t believe it will be a secret for long, and I’m assuming the first half of the new season will be how that news filters through the group, including Sophie and Danny. Also, if PJ is Jon’s son, that could be a whole other level of drama.

I’m expecting Rome and Regina to continue to deal with their differing desires to have children, and I hope that Gary, Maggie, and that dog will make me smile.

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Rachelle: I think PJ is going to impact the group. I feel like Rome is going to become more connected to him, and we all know there is more to Barbara’s story than what she has told.

There is a reason Mitch was so desperate to keep Delilah out of their lives. I am not convinced Jon is PJ’s father, but I do think after PJ watched the video, he may believe that Jon is his father, or he knows more than he is letting his parents know.

Eddie being Delilah’s baby daddy will come out. If Eddie is telling Katherine, she won’t be able to keep that a secret, so I expect the ripple effect of that in the next season. I also think a big focus will be Regina and Rome having children, especially if Rome continues to get close to PJ.

Man of Mystery - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 17

What would you grade the season? What do you hope to see next season?

Jack: I’d give this season an A-. I didn't like the baby drama, and the Barbara Morgan secret dragged on too long, but I loved everything else.

I want to see everyone band together to help the Dixons with the new baby and for Eddie and Katherine to work on their marriage. I want to see where Gary and Maggie's relationship goes next, and I'm excited about what might happen with Rome/PJ, especially now that we know PJ's connection to Barbara and Mitch.

I also want to see more of Rome's writing career and Gina's restaurant career. I'm curious as to how the group's memories of Jon will play into the second season too.

Christine: An A- sounds right. Although I question some of the Barbara Morgan drama, and I’m still processing the 9/11 angle, I wasn’t bored for a moment of this show, and I feel connected to all of these characters. All I want is more!

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Rachelle: I give it an A-. I liked the 9/11 aspect, but I also expected the Barbara Morgan secret to be much more significant. There was a lot of drama surrounding her and Jon’s guilt over Dave’s death, and Jon and Barbara’s fight, felt like there should have been more considering the huge mystery around her.

It is my favorite new show of the TV season. I enjoy all the characters and felt, for the most part, it paced well in terms of big revelations and shocking twists.

I can’t wait to see how the characters grow in the second season. I feel like a good portion of this season was focused on why Jon killed himself, now that has come out, so it is about moving on without him.

I want to see more of the Rome/Regina child conflict. I hope to see Gary and Maggie enjoying life and dealing with the normal "couple living together" problems. I want to know what the deal is with PJ and why Mitch wants to keep him in the dark.

I only hope it doesn’t take all the second season to find out as the Barbara Morgan story did in season one. I am excited for season two, and can’t wait to see how Rome, Regina, Maggie, Gary, Eddie, Delilah, and Katherine’s stories continue.

Over to you, Million Things Fanatics!

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