All American Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Best Kept Secret

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Are all the secrets out now?

Let's hope so because it's time to move on from the past and focus on the future. 

It's not going to be easy. 

Family Dinner - All American Season 1 Episode 15

Billy was forced to tell his family the truth about his affair on All American Season 1 Episode 15, and unfortunately, the timing really couldn't have been worse. 

If he had chosen to tell Laura the truth sooner, she at least could have believed his guilty conscience motivated him. 

Of course, she's going to question if this confession is only occurring now due to Corey's return and her campaign because he wants to get ahead of it and tell her before she finds out some other way. 

I'm glad he did decided to tell her on his own, rather than Spencer or Corey forcing his hand, but there's no way for Laura to know that. 

Spencer: What made you change your mind?
Billy: To be honest, your father.
Spencer: What, he threaten to tell them?
Billy: No, the exact opposite. He reminded me that you can't start the healing process until you're man enough to own your mistakes.

She's upset right now, and rightfully so, but this family will overcome it. 

Was anyone else surprised to find out the affair was a one-night thing? That's still bad, but I assumed it was more than that. It was a stupid mistake that they both regret. 

Pensive Laura - All American Season 1 Episode 15

Laura's more upset about why he went to Grace over her than the actual act. It didn't help that he lied about it for so long, either. 

She knows deep down that Billy loves her and doesn't have romantic feelings for Grace, but the fact that he went to her in a time when he was at his lowest means they still had a connection. 

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For Laura to eventually forgive Billy, she needs to know that the next time he feels that depressed and vulnerable, he will turn to her for comfort. 

Considering it happened so long ago and hasn't been repeated, she'll probably come to that conclusion and forgive him. 

He'll have to earn it, and from Jordan and Olivia too, but he's come a long way from the man who cheated. 

Billy Drinking - All American Season 1 Episode 15

Spencer has already forgiven his mom, which is no surprise. She's been there all his life. She's made mistakes, but she did the best she could and wanted to make sure Spencer and Dillon had a parent they could trust. 

Spencer realized that telling the truth to a young kid is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Grace made the best decision that she could given the circumstances. 

Spencer: That should have been my decision to make.
Grace: Maybe you're right, but as a parent, sometimes you have to make tough decisions, and they might not always be the right ones.

I was a little proud of Dillon for standing up for himself. 

He's young, but that doesn't mean his voice doesn't count. As usual, Coop was Spencer's voice of reason. 

It might be too late for Spencer to accept his father back into his life, but that's not necessarily the case for Dillon.

Yes, there's the risk that Corey will leave again and Dillon will be heartbroken, but if he stays and Dillon can have his father in his life, the risk is worth the reward. 

Talking to Dillon - All American Season 1 Episode 15

Dillon is old enough to make that choice for himself. All Spencer can do is hope for the best and be there for him in case of the worst. 

Olivia and Jordan's anger towards Layla and Spencer was misplaced, but their emotions were running high, and nobody wants to find out they were the last to know something. 

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They'll realize that the secret wasn't theirs to tell and that it was better coming from their parents. Plus, if Layla's still afraid to go home, and she hasn't told Spencer, where is she going to sleep while Olivia is mad at her?

How will all of this drama affect them going forward? 

They're about to play for the State Championship, and they need their chemistry intact more than ever. Jordan and Spencer's anger towards Billy could be a disaster for the whole team if they don't talk this out before then.

Sad Layla - All American Season 1 Episode 15

Hopefully, we get to see the championship game. Sometimes it's easy to forget this show is about football considering how quickly the playoffs flew by. 

We all knew Beverly would end up in a showdown with Crenshaw, so I guess how they got there wasn't important. 

Asher's situation with his dad hasn't improved, but he's handling it better than before. He's grown up quite a bit since he hit rock bottom, and that's why he and Olivia still have a connection. 

They've both seen each other at their absolute worst, and that means they feel the need to support each other. 

It's not doing Olivia any favors with her relationship with Chris, so boundaries might be a good idea. Thank goodness Asher was there to take that cup out of her hand before she did something she would have regretted. 

I hope there is no intention of anything more than friendship developing between them. Chris is great for Olivia, but the two of them work better as friends. 

Olivia and Asher - All American Season 1 Episode 15

What are we going to do about Coop? 

She has the best intentions of anyone, but no matter what she does, it keeps backfiring and blowing up in her face. 

She wanted to help Shawn, and he ended up dead. 

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She thought she could save Preach from jail or worse by talking him out of killing Tyrone, and when that didn't work, she thought trying to convince Tyrone to leave town was a good idea. 

Even though she was careful to imply anyone could be behind the assassination attempt, she had to know Tyrone would figure it out. 

I hope Preach lives, but it wasn't looking good for him, and I don't know where Coop goes from here. 

Coop: I don't want anybody to die if they don't have to.
Tyrone: I knew you were soft, Coop.
Coop: Compassion don't make me soft.

Spencer was concerned about how she would feel if Tyrone's blood was on her hands, but how is she going to feel now that it's Preach's?

None of this is her fault, but she's not going to see it that way. 

Her own life could be in even more danger now than it already was too. Why wouldn't Tyrone suspect that Coop would want revenge for Preach now as well as Shawn? 

She's going to need to go into Witness Protection until Tyrone is brought down. 

With any luck, Preach will survive and testify against him, ending this once and for all. 

Family Portrait - All American Season 1 Episode 15

With the season finale upon us and no guarantee of a second season, we have to hope for a satisfying ending that leaves open the possibility for renewal. 

I predict Crenshaw wins State leaving open the opportunity for Beverly to earn a rematch next year. Coop needs to get out of the gang life for good, which means finding another way for her to stay relevant. 

What are your hopes and predictions for the finale? 

Let us know and don't forget to watch All American online!

Best Kept Secret Review

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All American Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Billy: Why are you in my house?
Corey: I'm worried about Spencer.
Billy: He's a resilient kid. No need to start worrying about him now.

Billy: Hasn't all this hurt enough people already? It's been years, Spencer. I mean, what would telling my family accomplish now except bringing them more pain?
Spencer: It might be easy for you to live in your house and lie to your family, but I can't. So you gotta tell them by the end of the weekend, or I will.