Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 17 Review: Pain Killer

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No one targets Hank Voight and gets away with it. 

Well, at least you'd think. 

But Hank almost let the guy get away with it on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 17

Active Shooter - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 17

Voight has to be the only person insane enough to extend help to the person who tried to assassinate him. 

It may be a good quality to have, and rare when it comes to police officers, but it's also incredibly risky. 

Voight and his team put their lives on the line every day, but this was different.

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Voight willingly walked into a room with a man who wanted him dead while hoping that things would work out okay and he wouldn't shoot him. 

That kind of bravery, though noble, could have gotten him killed or severely injured. 

The assassination attempt on Voight and the other law enforcement employees wasn't random, but I was shocked when it turned out Ray Price wasn't the intended target. 

Find This Guy - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 17

When Voight finally made the connection, he realized that he's partially responsible for what happened to Darius. 

All of his actions after that were a result of his guilt, which shouldn't have a basis when dealing with high-risk situations. 

The system failed Darius, and that's unfortunate, but Voight couldn't have righted those wrongs even by risking his life. 

When I said I'd take a bullet for the city, I didn't mean it literally.

Ray Price

Darius' situation was upsetting and frustrating. He had every right to be angry with everyone that let him down and contributed to his current state. 

The city should and should have protected a cooperating witness who helped put away some terrible guys, but instead of getting a short-stint in juvie as promised, Darius went to prison for 10-years and even fed to the other prisoners as a snitch. 

Though his actions were severe, Darius singlehandedly helped unmask a level of corruption within the criminal justice system.

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It seems like many cops feel that if someone is in prison, it doesn't matter what they did or how they got there, they automatically deserve a life from hell. 

After what Darius had been through, it's not surprising that he didn't believe Voight would have his back this time around. 

This Guy's the Real Deal  - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 17

His whole life got taken from him, but even after he'd gotten out and was a free man, he still couldn't move on and realize his dreams of being in the army because all people saw when they looked at him was the label "felon."

Voight's guilt was also understandable, but at the end of the day, there's nothing more he could have done. 

It would be impossible to keep track of how many teens and adults he puts away daily. And it would be even more impossible to keep track of what happens to them when they go into the system. 

They may not be able to follow through on other prisoners, but Intelligence can bring down the internal bad guys one-by-one.

Willard may have gotten spared from Darius' wrath, but the punishment Voight and the team are going to lay on him should be much, much worse.

Death would have been the easy way out. Willard needs to endure the same treatment he's dealt out to countless prisoners during his power trip.

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I wasn't sure what outcome Voight was genuinely hoping for with Darius. 

Yes, the system is responsible for what happened to him, but on the other hand, he just killed city officials and even shot Ray Price, an alderman running for Mayor.

There's no getting around that even with the plethora of connections Voight has in his back pocket.

On the Upswing - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 17

Kelton wouldn't have listened to Voight or any voice of reason because as we saw, he was hellbent on serving justice. 

And, in this situation, I don't blame him because Darius committed multiple murders. 

Even if someone took mercy on him, he would end up right back where started -- rotting in prison for the rest of his life.

Darius knew better than to believe Voight's perfectly crafted spiel. He knew that Voight was merely telling him whatever he wanted to hear so that they could get him out of there alive. 

I've known Price for a very long time. We were rivals. We butted heads. But at the end of the day, we respected each other. He was true blue Chicago.


It doesn't take a genius to realize that you've crossed a line from which you cannot return.

Darius may have died, but I think that's the only way he could ever find peace and be free from the pain inflicted by those who wronged him. 

Voight and the rest of the Intelligence crew are officially throwing their support between Team Ray Price. 

Ray's campaign is on the upswing, and though I don't fully trust him, it's still a better outcome than Kelton taking the lead. 

Kelton is a typical, corrupt Chicago cop who wants the position but doesn't want to do anything for the people in this city. 

At least Ray cares about the communities and spreads a message of unity. 

Future of Chicago - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 17

Being the target of an assassination, even by mistake, will probably work in his favor. 

As a survivor, anything he says now will hold more weight. He'll be more credible, especially if he runs with the whole "I took a bullet for the city and its people" mindset. 

Price has a real chance at winning here, but just because Price's campaign is in the lead doesn't mean Kelton is out of the race. 

Price better hang onto the ammo Voight gave him about Kelton because he's undoubtedly going to need to use it. 

It wouldn't be Chicago politics if they didn't play a little dirty. 

Voight: Well, let me tell you something. Darius was a good kid and then something happened to him.
Halstead: You stay inside long enough, it's gunna take the good out of anybody.

Things between Kim and Blair are on the fast track.

He spent the night at Kim's apartment, and I was like 'Go, Kim!"

But I'm just waiting for the other shoe to fall here.

You know it's only a matter of time because as I mentioned in previous reviews, Kim is a person who cares about truth and justice while Kelton may be the most morally corrupt dude ever to step foot in Chicago. 

If you watch Chicago PD online, you know that Kelton is shady and has done some terrible things to get ahead. And he never flinches about burying stuff under the rug. 

Let's not forget what he did to poor Lexie and all the other victimized women on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 16

In Action - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 17

When Price got shot, and his wife suspected Kelton was to blame, I thought to myself, "It wouldn't be the worst thing he ever did."

Blair doesn't seem to care about Kelton's reputation explaining that a "black man is working so hard to get a white man into office" because it's his job.

Could he not have joined Ray Price's campaign instead? Is Kelton paying him a substantial amount? How could you not take into consideration your bosses character?

Burgess: You taste like grease.
Blair: Taste of Chicago.

Blair's willful ignorance may be a good sign for his fling/relationship with Kim because chances are if he's not loyal to Kelton, he probably doesn't share his beliefs and mindset. 

However, it could also destroy their fling as they find could potentially find themselves on opposing sides and disagreeing on virtually everything. 

And that's unfortunate because man, Kim needs someone outside of the unit which whom she can just be herself with and eat pork sandwiches.

Also, who knew porkchop sandwiches were the "true taste of Chicago?"

Italian beef, yes, but porkchop sandwiches? News to me.

Keeping Watch - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 17

After this extended hiatus, I've missed the action Chicago PD delivers, but the lack of consistency in storylines made this standalone episode ordinary.

The show has gotten to the point where one can watch passively. You don't have to get too invested in the storyline or the character arcs because they won't matter come next week.

We're all still waiting to make some progress on the purported intense triangle between Halstead, Ruzek, and Upton.

Ever since Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 14, we haven't gotten a single update on any of their relationships. 

Are we just assuming everything is fine between them?

Ruzek did seem observant of Kim's interest in Blair -- does that mean he's jealous of her new (and very dapper looking) hook up?

What did you think of the episode?

Will Ray Price beat Kelton in the elections?

And will Voight bring Willard to justice after finding out how he's been manipulating the system?

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Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Burgess: You taste like grease.
Blair: Taste of Chicago.

I've known Price for a very long time. We were rivals. We butted heads. But at the end of the day, we respected each other. He was true blue Chicago.