Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Jack Have Remained Dead?

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Rafe threw Hope under the bus with Abe, Leo got bad news about his paternity, Sarah came clean with Rex and JJ wished Jack dead this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Tinab and Fluffysmom from My Hourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Rafe’s motives, Sarah’s wedding plans, Leo’s fate, Brady’s blackmail and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Did Rafe tell Abe about Ted’s past because he believed Abe should know or out of spite because he was angry with Hope?

Fluffysmom: I think Rafe told Abe out of spite. He doesn't like Ted working with Hope. He's mad that Hope helped Ted get the job. If he really did it because he thought Abe should know he should have said something immediately.

Jack: I think it was both. Rafe did believe Abe should know but he also wanted to get rid of Ted, who he sees as the competition. And it's not like Rafe is so squeaky clean that he has any room to judge, either.

Tinab: Yes, he sees what is going on with Hope and he wants Ted gone!! I don’t even blame him.

Christine: I think it was out of spite wrapped up in self-righteousness. We all know Rafe bends the rules when it suits him. If Ted’s past was really bothering him, he should have had a bigger discussion about that with Hope but the truth is, he’s jealous.

I’m not a big fan of Ted’s but he seems to be giving Hope more attention and respect that her husband and that’s the real problem for Rafe, whether he realizes it or not.

The Truth Comes Out - Days of Our Lives

Sarah told Rex she kissed Eric and then accepted Rex’s proposal? Did she do the right thing?

Fluffysmom: Sarah accepted the proposal for all of the wrong reasons. She thinks Eric doesn't have feelings for her. She may feel guilty that she's been stringing Rex along while lusting after Eric. Either way, I feel pretty certain she'll cheat on Rex if Eric gives her the slightest encouragement.

Jack: There are no words for how ridiculous this is. Sarah basically told Rex she's settling for him, that he's her consolation prize since Eric isn't interested. Why on Earth would anyone want to marry someone who felt that way about them?

And no, Sarah should not do that. She's clearly not in love with Rex, so she should end this relationship.

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Tinab: I was hoping Sarah would tell Rex the truth. It was a kiss and there was no reason to keep lying, plus it takes the leverage away from that snake, Brady.

Christine: Telling Rex the truth was the right call. Agreeing to marry Rex was not. He cheated on her twice and they’ve never really dealt with that.

Sarah clearly doesn’t trust Rex and she’s having feelings for his brother. Not a great way to start a marriage.

(TALL) Is John Leo's Father? - Days of Our Lives

Turns out Leo isn’t John’s son. Are you relieved or disappointed and why?

Fluffysmom: I'm on the fence. I didn't really want another long lost kid for John (or anyone for that matter) but I feel bad for Leo. He's never had a loving nurturing parent like John. He was so happy when he believed John was his dad. It would have been a fresh start for him.

Instead, he's likely feeling even more damaged finding out Diana toyed with him in an attempt to John back.

Jack: I didn't really want John to have yet another surprise child, but I loved how the "relationship" changed Leo. I'm not sure I believe Leo isn't John's, and I'm doubly disappointed that after Diana blurted this out Leo left the canvas without as much as a proper exit scene.

Leo just disappeared after the evil eye nonsense. What a waste! There was so much story that could have been told using Leo instead of this super fast wrap up.

Tinab: I am glad he isn’t John’s son because it’s a storyline that has been done, but I liked the effect that it had on Leo. I felt like he was trying to be better and was genuinely upset when he wasn’t John’s son.

Christine: I’m so mad at the way they wrote out Leo. I never meant to like Leo or wanted him to be John’s son, but I ended up rooting for him.

I would have loved to watch how John’s influence could affect Leo. That could have been touching, funny, heartbreaking…there were all kinds of story possibilities and Days just threw it all away. What a waste!

Brady Blackmailer - Days of Our Lives

Is Brady’s desire to get Chloe out of the Dimera mansion based on fear for her safety or jealousy?

Fluffysmom: Brady's desire is classic jealousy. He acts like it's all about safety but I don't see Chloe being any safer at Victor's house.

Jack: Both, but I'd say it's more about jealousy and controlling someone he claims to love than anything else. Brady was abusive and controlling when it came to Nicole and this is no different.

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Tinab: Brady has become so unlikeable. I think he is more interested in hurting Stefan than he is interested in Chloe.

Christine: Brady didn’t seem so concerned when Victor said no and Chloe left the mansion, but once she ended up at Stefan’s, suddenly he was terrified for her.

Brady likes to control his relationships and I think that’s what this is all about. He won’t allow Chloe to make her own decisions if it’s one he disagrees with and he’s even willing to take her child away if it gets him what he wants. That's not a decision coming from love. I’m finding Brady truly despicable right now.

Not the Man She Remembers - Days of Our Lives

Do you agree with JJ? Would you rather Jack have remained dead than have this version of him?

Fluffysmom: I'm glad Jack is alive. I'm looking forward to him eventually trying to win back his family.

Jack: No, for the sole reason that I'm sure this story will end eventually and Jack will get his memory back and stop being evil. I can understand how JJ feels though. It has to be doubly heartbreaking for the father he needed so much to return from the dead, only for him to be the total opposite of the man JJ loved and missed so desperately.

Tinab: I am glad Jack is back because I have loved the character for so many years, but he is being a real dirtbag. I can see why JJ is feeling that way.

Christine: I’ve always loved Jack but this storyline is hard to take. I’m still glad Jack’s back but that could change if he remains this selfish and amoral for much longer.

Will Collapses - Days of Our Lives

Which storyline did you care the least about this week in Salem?

Fluffysmom: The worst storyline for me was anything involving Haley.

Jack: I really don't care what's wrong with Will, beyond hoping it wasn't Leo cursing him because that was beyond stupid. This whole Rex/Sarah nonsense is a close second.

Tinab: Will’s curse I find foolish and I hope it’s over quick.

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Christine: Anything having to do with Sonny and Will is a waste of air time lately. And Stefan and Gabi’s kiss was eye-roll worthy.

Rafe and Hope having the same fight for the umpteenth time makes me want to change the channel. The only thing worse is watching their attempts at romance.

Believing the Best - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Fluffysmom: John getting Diana to confess to poisoning Marlena. Leo and John finding out Diana lied about his paternity. Jack: I loved JJ berating

Jack. Jack deserved his wrath! I especially loved this quote: JJ has this ability to be sarcastic and funny while lashing out in anger that I absolutely love.

Tinab: I love the Marlena flashbacks! Marlena possessed was a favorite! Also, the heat between Ben and Ciara is hot hot hot!

Christine: I agree with JJ’s reaction to Jack. It was spot on.

I also loved Leo’s mixed up emotions and actions during his final scenes, even if I didn’t realize those were his final scenes when I watched them.

An Injured Lover - Days of Our Lives

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