Dynasty Season 2 Episode 16 Review: Miserably Ungrateful Men

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Adam Carrington is getting what he believes he deserves on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 16.

I have to say, I cannot wait for Jeff Colby to expose him, take him down, kill him. Basically, whatever he has to do to get rid of him. 

Did anyone realize that Adam is now part of the opening sequence as a series regular? Why? 

A Tricky Situation - Tall  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 16

As it stands, Colby is Alexis' only hope at getting away from maniacal son. 

The rest of her family is either blinded by the promise of second chances or too consumed with themselves to really care about her. 

Blake welcomed Adam with open arms because he's guilty over Adam's terrible childhood. 

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Fallon is not only weirded out by Adam, but she's also too obsessed with trying to prove that she's still a boss babe and simultaneously jealous of all the attention Adam is getting from Blake. 

The attention that she believed she's earned. 

Sure, I chuckled when both Blake and Fallon believed that their mother got drunk and face planted into the fireplace like it was a normal occurrence, but it also proved that her family is going to be worthless in getting her any justice. 

Which leaves Colby as our only hope. 

Boss Babes - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 16

He's the only one who turned up to the hospital genuinely concerned about Alex's well-being. 

Alexis has done a lot of things that would make her family estranged, but following Adam's arrival, she immediately went from villain to victim. 

How can you not feel bad for her when she's sitting there all bandaged up?

Fallon: Good thing you're just a hack. Now, get your sorry ass out of my house, now.
Ghostwriter: You have nothing to show for yourself but a string of failures and scandals. Now you want a memoir celebrating your success. Sure, I'm the hack, you're an entitled little rich bitch.
Fallon: Get out!

Adam made it clear he wasn't going to leave his mother's side, but at some point, he's going to have to leave to show up for his new position as the Atlantix team doctor. 

Then, Colby can swoop in and be the hero. 

It's hard to accept Nicolette Sheridan will no longer grace our screens as Alexis, but I'm really curious to see whose face psycho Adam showed the doctors. 

Adam made a comment about Alexis looking just like Fallon when she was younger. Is that foreshadowing?

Can you imagine if Alexis came out looking like a slightly older version of Fallon? She would lose her mind! 

Why didn't the doctors consult Alexis about her new face? Why did they trust Adam?

Blake's laser-focus on Adam is understandable because he feels guilty for the "bad hand" he was dealt and wants to make up for lost time. 

But giving a stranger, regardless if it's your long lost son, the reigns to the kingdom after just 48 hours is naive. 

How many times has someone tried to take advantage of the Carrington name for personal gain?

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Why isn't he warier? Blood doesn't automatically evoke trust 

After what Adam did to Steven and to Alexis, I had no doubt that he would play his cards to get whatever he wanted; he's a master manipulator. 

He's like Fallon, only she has boundaries. 

I truly thought he was going to kill the doctor to get the job, but it seems like framing works just as well. 

What I can't figure out is what Adam's end goal is. 

My Son - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 16

Does he want a relationship with his father or is his intention to steal Blake's team and establish himself as the most powerful Carrington?

Fallon's a badass bitch. And really, the only character to carry the show consistently. 

But while her whole "I'm a female, hear me roar" storyline was empowering and necessary during the #MeToo movement, it was also used as a vessel for Fallon's latest venture: a publishing house. 

Fallon's always been a strong female character who's been continuously screwed over by the decisions of men. 

She deserves to take back the reigns.  

Fallon: So, let me get this straight, you're writing a book?
Blake: You can relax. I took a man's business card if that's what you mean.
Fallon: That book was my opportunity to tell my story. The story about a young girl who always dreamed of growing up to be powerful and respected, just like her father. But as it turns out, I have always lacked the requisite hardware because nobody cares what a woman has to say as long as there's a man willing to give his two cents.
Blake: I can see that you are emotional. But this isn't about your being a woman.
Fallon: Wow. Really? Every day I spent with you C.A helping you build that company, and all of a sudden, Adam shows up, and the prodigal son returns.

I thoroughly enjoyed Stuart's face when she kicked him out of her company! 

It'll be exciting to see her be in charge of her own company again and working independently of her father. 

We need the powerful Fallon we met back on Dynasty Season 1. Her gig with Atlantix simply wasn't doing her any favors.

I fully expected to see Liam this episode, but I thought he was going to make his grand entrance as the ghostwriter. 

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When that didn't pan out, I had given up hope, but then he walked through the door!

I know, fans are super excited he's back -- he was even trending on Twitter -- and I am too, but I don't want Fallon's new business venture to simply become all about her trying to get back with Liam. 

The reason her whole 'career' has been plagued by failures and scandals is because she's easily distracted. 

What the Hell, Fallon? - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 16

But now, she finally has something to show for herself. This needs to work out for her!

My guess is that the company she purchased is one where he's an author. 

This gives Fallon the upper hand once again because she can yay or nay which books are on the chopping block and which ones get signed. 

Will she continue on with his book?

How will she use this to her advantage to get Liam back into her good graces?

Let's just hope he's no longer with Ashley.  

Adam: I can't believe dad would do all this just for me.
Fallon: Oh, calm down. Last year we threw a party for the dog, and it was better.

Kirby's back, and surprisingly, I've missed her. 

She's so rah-rah-go-team when it comes to Fallon, and that's the kind of positivity this show, and Fallon, needs. 

Together, these two will become unstoppable. 

Hopefully, Kirby's new gig as Millennial Content Consultant at Emperial Publishing (anyone else think of Empirical on Younger?) ensures she'll get an actual storyline.  

And hopefully, she doesn't ruin things with Fallon by pursuing Culhane.

Culhane and Kirby are clearly going to hook up and truthfully, I'm not opposed.

Millennial Content Consultant - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 16

They have a chemistry that I'm willing to give a whirl. Lord knows both of them deserve some happiness after all they've been through. 

And while you should never pursue a best friend's ex, Culhane already dated Monica so Fallon shouldn't be too phased. Especially if her focus is back on Liam.

It is one thing for you to damage your own reputation, but now you're bringing down everyone with you. Make this right.


Cristal's family mystery didn't make much headway aside from affirming what we already knew: her family is shady and they wanted her to hire someone to throw away the games for a profit. 

Beto was only brought in to give Sammy Jo something to do, and while I love how supportive he was after realizing that Beto's homophobic nature was a cover-up for his sexuality, it was a storyline that fell flat amongst all the other moving pieces. 

I was just nervous that Sammy and Beto would hook up thus complicating things for Cristal even more. 

Beto may have covered for her temporarily, but it seems her family is out for her blood. And by her, I mean Carrington blood. 

What do you think she did to get on their bad side? Was she a snitch? Is her family part of the cartel?

Make sure you watch Dynasty online and comment below with your thoughts! 

Miserably Ungrateful Men Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

It is one thing for you to damage your own reputation, but now you're bringing down everyone with you. Make this right.


Fallon: Good thing you're just a hack. Now, get your sorry ass out of my house, now.
Ghostwriter: You have nothing to show for yourself but a string of failures and scandals. Now you want a memoir celebrating your success. Sure, I'm the hack, you're an entitled little rich bitch.
Fallon: Get out!