Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Who Wants Jolex Babies?!

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We got to learn more about Vincenzo DeLuca on Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 16, and frankly, we're a bit concerned!

Maggie told her story to Richard's chagrin, Jo took a big step in figuring out her identity, and Amelia stepped all the way back from Owen.

Join TV Fanatics Rachelle Lewis, Stacy Glanzman, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the latest Grey's Anatomy!

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Carina and Meredith are wary of Vincenzo DeLuca. Do you think he'll have a breakdown?! Why is Andrew willing to risk it to work with his father?

Rachelle: I think Vincenzo is going to have a breakdown. Carina knows him better than Andrew and can see the signs. I feel like nothing good can come of him being at Grey Sloan Memorial.

I think the reason Andrew is willing to risk it working with his father is because of his need to prove something to his father. Andrew has daddy issues and never felt worthy of his father’s love, so teaming up on the project is validation for Andrew.

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Stacy: They have reason to be wary. I actually loved Meredith trying to hint to Alex to look into him further without actually telling him. That was pretty hilarious. It does seem likely that he'll have a breakdown, but I'm rooting for it to work out for him and Andrew.

For one thing, his baby in a bag idea is pretty genius. I think Andrew is willing to risk it for the same reasons Rachelle said. He's more detached from him than Carina is, so he doesn't have the same perspective.

Jasmine: We have Vincenzo and Helen on the show at the same time, and both of them have mental health issues. One of them is going to have a breakdown, and I think it may be Vincenzo. Carina knows her father well, and she and Meredith have reason to be hesitant about all of this.

Other than the fact that the baby in the bag idea is genius, I think what Vincenzo said to DeLuca about Meredith being out of his league got to him, and he wants to prove something to his father, himself, and everyone else. I also think he has daddy issues, and that factors into it as well.

What do you think will happen now that Jo is looking into her genealogy? Do you see kids in Jolex's near future?

Rachelle: I like that Jo is looking into her genealogy. I have long felt there was more to her family story. I feel like it is going to be an interesting journey and not necessarily a good one. I hope they don’t rush Jolex having kids. I like the lovey honeymoon phase they are in right now.

Stacy: Man, I don't know. Meredith struggled with the decision of whether or not to find out if she inherited the Alzheimer gene, and the girl in this episode didn't want to find out which dad was her biological one.

I understand why Jo is interested in learning more about her genetics, but it could also open up a can of worms that is better left unopened. I wouldn't want to see the results of her genetic testing preventing them from having kids if that's what they want.

Of course, they could always be open to adoption if the results revealed something drastic.

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Jasmine: I agree with Stacy. I understand why Jo wants to look into her genetics; she knows nothing about her family history, but I also would hate if it leads to her finding out something she may not want to know.

I also enjoy the Jolex honeymoon phase, and I don't know if I'm ready for them to pursue the kids' angle, but I can also see it being a finale cliffhanger.

Does Maggie have a right to speak about her backstory? What did you think of Richard's reaction?

Rachelle: Yes, Maggie has a right to speak her backstory, but she should have spoken win Richard before she named names. It is not only her story but Ellis, Richard, Thatcher even Adele.

I understand Richard’s reaction. I think it comes from a place of feeling ashamed about his affair but also being proud to be Maggie’s biological father.

It is tough when your past mistakes come to light years later. He knows it was a mistake to have an affair, but he also got a daughter out of it, so he feels guilty for feeling ashamed of his actions.

Stacy: Ideally, it would have been better if she spoke to Richard about it first, but it just came out unexpectedly, which happens to everyone. I do think she has the right to speak about it, but she also didn't mean for it to come out in the way it did.

She told Meredith immediately afterward, and she should have told Richard right away too. I understand Richard's initial reaction as he was basically blindsided, but with time to actually process it, he realized that he overreacted.

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Jasmine: It was her story to tell, and she didn't set out to tell it, but she had a right to tell it. Honestly, I didn't realize it was some secret the rest of the world didn't know. It could have come out many other ways over the years as Meredith and Maggie publicly call each other "sister."

I thought Richard's reaction was ridiculous. He was the person who advised her the previous week to tell her story and take control of her narrative. I also hate how he made her feel like the walking embodiment of a scandal and mistake, and his reasoning for bringing up Catherine made zero sense.

Speaking Her Truth

Do you think Nico had reason to be concerned about Levi not telling his mom about them? Did you enjoy Levi's love confession?

Rachelle: I think Nico had a right to be concerned. I have a feeling Levi’s mom is going to be a future issue for their relationship. I understand Levi’s concern, but I also don’t think he told Nico the entire truth.

I thought his love confession was fantastic. I am such a fan of Levi and I am always rooting for him. I hope Nico doesn’t break his heart.

Stacy: I get it. Nico has been out for a while, and it's never easy for someone who is out to date someone in the closet, so he probably felt like Levi was hiding him from his mom.

It's been four months since the wind storm, so they've been together long enough that Levi probably shouldn't still be hiding such a significant relationship from his mom.

I agree with Rachelle that I'm not sure he shared the entire truth. He might still be hiding something, but I did enjoy his confession.

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Jasmine: I think poor Nico has a bad habit of jumping to conclusions, and he may have had some bad experiences in the past which makes him do so. I understood why he was concerned, even though I would have behaved the same way as Levi if I was talking to my mom on the phone and my boyfriend was interjecting.

I didn't think there was more to it than what Levi said, but it is possible there is something he's keeping from Nico regarding his mom.

I loved when he told Nico he loved him. They make me smile when they're together because of how they have the first love vibe all the time. I swear Levi looked like a Disney prince!

Disney Prince

Who was the MVP of the hour?

Rachelle: I have to say Amelia deciding that Owen should be the only person on Leo's custody papers. It was in the child’s best interest, and she knows that. I also think Amelia is realizing she has her own issues to continue to deal with before she can be a mother or a spouse.

Stacy: I agree, but I would also acknowledge Jackson for defending parenthood to Jo. Obviously, it's not for everyone, but I liked hearing his perspective on why it's important to him.

Jasmine: I agree about Amelia; it was the best call giving Owen custody. I'll also go with Maggie. She owned her story, acknowledged the Pierces as her real parents, and I loved how she told Richard how he made her feel.

Twisted Sister Trio

What was your favorite scene or moment from the episode?

Rachelle: Jackson talking to Jo about having kids. It was so real. I really enjoyed how he sort of complained about Harriet, but then went on to share when the little girl lays her head on his shoulder it is everything. Being a parent is not easy, but it is also the greatest joy.

Stacy: I liked all the scenes involving Jackson, Link, and their patient. I was pretty impressed by the foot becoming his knee thing, and I just loved all their interactions. They should definitely work together more.

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Jasmine: I LOVE the sisterhood moment with Jackson cooking for them, but I adored everything about Jackson and Link working together.

I love a bromance and Jinks bro-ing it out, having a great time working together, helping Jo, and exchanging handshakes made me smile and laugh the whole episode.


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