Hanna Season 1 Episode 3 Review: City

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Several layers of the onion were peeled back on Hanna Season 1 Episode 3 in a heart-pounding hour that teased answers to questions about Hanna's origins and the past history between Erik and Marissa.

Marissa tried using all the power of her agency and her rogue friends to take down Erik, but he turned the tables on her and tricked her at her own game.

Dear Dad - Hanna Season 1 Episode 3

It was an incredible turn of events especially after Lukas had betrayed his friends to save himself from his alcoholic debts.

But part of the credit for Erik being able to get the upper hand and trap his quarry belongs to Hanna.

Hanna: Lukas was scared last night. Why?
Erik: We all are.
Hanna: Not like him. He smells of fear. Like a fox that knows it's dying.

She warned her father that something was amiss with Lukas and after his odd behavior the previous nights, it started to add up.

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Besides, Erik knows a thing or two about Hanna, and if she sensed something wrong, he had to trust her.

If he hadn't decided to bring her along on the mission, he and his friends would have been dead and Hanna would have been captured never to be seen again.

Traitor - Hanna Season 1 Episode 3

I had guessed in my review of Hanna Season 1 Episode 2 that Hanna's abilities weren't just the product of Erik's training but also some sort of modification to her DNA.

As it turns out, Marissa and Erik were part of some secret project that involved buying babies from women who were planning on ending the pregnancies.

Rudi: She is something else.
Erik: I told you I trained her.
Rudi: That's not what I meant. I mean she's special.

It hasn't yet been revealed what was done to those babies or to the mothers during their pregnancies, but Hanna wasn't the only one born into the project.

There were many others listed on that board besides Johanna.

Johanna Season 1 Episode 3

It might be that Hanna was the only one to survive the experimentations which is why Marissa is so intent on finding and capturing her.

And witnessing the experimentations might be why Erik decided to rescue Hanna and bring her back to Johanna.

This is all speculation as we haven't crossed that road yet, but it would make sense if that's how it plays out.

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Desperate people sometimes do desperate things and while don't know why or how Erik had gotten into money trouble, we do know that Marissa offered to solve all his problems, just like she did with Lukas.

It was apparent that they had known each other before Erik became involved in her project and that there might have even been a romance between them.

Poison - Hanna Season 1 Episode 3

But the past is the past and Erik recognized the error of his ways and tried to give Hanna a life she wouldn't have had if she had stayed in Marissa's grasp.

He realizes that raising Hanna in the forest in isolation wasn't the best solution, but he had to do what needed to be done to make sure she had the skills necessary to protect herself.

I told you to stay away from Marissa Wiegler. I told you to stay away from her poison. You didn't listen. You never listen, Erik.


In his mind, Hanna learning about the world can only become a reality after he kills Marissa.

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What he doesn't know, though, is how much world Hanna has already experienced. Even though she told him about Sophie, she didn't go into much detail.

And while Sophie might be a memory, Hanna hasn't forgotten the things she learned.

Back with Dad - Hanna Season 1 Episode 3

She was able to indulge herself in music and still sense danger when Erik and friends raided the military base, but what happened to those senses when she was standing in the smoke and chaos at the hotel?

If Dieter hadn't shown up when he did, Jacobs would have captured or killed her. She had no idea he was standing behind her with a gun.

Did her senses become muddled because she was in sensory overload?

It was the first time she showed any sort of weakness so her badassness might not be as ironclad as we thought.

Will Hanna reflect on what happened at the hotel and try to figure out why she couldn't sense the danger from Jacobs?

Will she tell father? Will Dieter?

Sophie Questioned - Hanna Season 1 Episode 3

What if it happens again?

I don't understand why Jacobs is aligned with Marissa. He doesn't like her, and he doesn't like the things they did 15 years ago.

Yet, he continues to be Marissa's errand boy caving into her every whim. It definitely has to do with money, but I have to wonder if there's something else at stake for him.

Or it could be that he just as horrible a person as Marissa is. Sometimes there are no logical answers for people's bad behavior.

There are also unanswered questions regarding Sophie and her family.

Jacobs spent quite a bit of time interrogating them about what they knew but we were left hanging as to whether or not Sophie revealed any of Hanna's secrets.

Telling Lies - Hanna Season 1 Episode 3

Marissa and Jacobs knew Erik was in Berlin but that was because of Erik's own doing and not because of Sophie.

And the only reason they knew Hanna was there was because of Lukas.

I would find it very hard to believe if Sophie spilled the beans about anything. She'd trust Hanna's truths over Jacob's purported truths, and after what Hanna told her she had to know that everything Jacob was saying was lies.

I don't think we've seen the end of Sophie, and it would be great to see her and Hanna reunite after the nightmare ends.

Over to you!

What did you think of "City"?

Does Hanna have manipulated DNA?

Will Erik ever tell her the whole truth? How will she react when she learns he's not her biological father?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Hanna Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Hanna: Did you know my mother?
Elsa: I wish we had.

Hanna: I thought you weren't coming. Where were you?
Erik: I had to make sure you were alone.