Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Chapter Eighty Two

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I'm an emotional mess after watching Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 1.

My emotions are in line with what Jane was experiencing during her epic meltdown!

It is the fifth and final season of the beloved CW show, and it breaks my heart. It's always sad when genuinely good things come to an end. 

Writer's Block - Tall  - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 1

I'm not ready to say goodbye, but it's comforting to know that the writers aren't going to let Team Rafael or Team Michael fans down. 

The beginning of the end kicked off with the most dramatic reveal ever -- Michael is alive. 

Michael goes by the Jason now, he's lived in Montana for four years, and he's more of a dog person than a cat person these days. 

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If you read my slideshow (link above) about the issues that need to get addressed before the show ends, you know that my gut feeling was that Michael suffered from amnesia. 

And you now know I did my happy dance when it was revealed that my hunch was right. 

But the implications of Michael's resurrection have deeply affected everyone including Rogelio who is the most hurt by his brogelio Michael not remembering him. 

Rafael: He has amnesia.
Jane: What?
Michael: Amnesia.
Jane: What?
Michael: Like no memory.
Jane: You don't remember me?
Michael: No ma'am. Jane.

We should have seen Rose's kidnapping scheme coming from miles away. 

It isn't the first time she's crafted an elaborate kidnapping plan and caused pain to the Villanueva family. Remember when she did almost the exact same thing when Mateo was born? 

She had no problems having her hooligans pose as hospital staff then, and she had no problem stopping Michael's heart temporarily with a toxin or having her people posing as EMT staff to take him away. 

You Have to See This - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 1

We should have known better because the golden rule of television is that if you never see a body, they probably aren't dead.

The series briefly addressed the electroshock Michael went through but focused their efforts mostly on the life-altering impact his return had on Jane.

Seeing Michael as a completely different human -- same face, different attitude -- is intriguing, and I hope they show us some of Michael's time with Rose enduring the electroshock and a little bit of his life in Montana.

It is an opportunity to play to Brett Dier's strengths and let him show off a different side of a familiar character.

Maybe the flashbacks of what happened to him could unfold as he's trying to regain his memory?

Michael has a long journey ahead of him. The first step is remembering, but when and if he finally does, he has to also readjust to being back in his old life and losing out on all that time. 

It isn't going to be an easy road for anyone. That is if the electroshock is even reversible. 

Michael's Alive? - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 1

Undergoing rounds of electroshock seems like it would have some permanent side-effects. 

Hopefully, Luisa can help us figure out why Rose did what she did. 

Was this a personal attack on Jane? Was Michael onto Rose? Did she want to hurt Rafael?

The 'why' is going to be just as important in this situation. 

Ah yes, how do you say goodbye to your ex-husband who recently returned from the dead? Awkward hug, good to know.


The only way Jane and her family will ever be safe from Rose is if she's dead. 

Rose's journey as the big bad started on Jane the Virgin Season 1 and will continue to be so going into the final season.

While she's been a pain in our sides, I always appreciate a full-circle moment. It's impressive the series has been able to keep us on our toes when it comes to a singular character. 

Of course, we have to address how Jane is coping with her husband's return from the dead.

I'll Wait  - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 1

It's not surprising that Jane isn't doing all that well. 

And while it pains me to see her in this state, I'm also grateful because it gave us the best 5 minutes of televisions I've ever seen in my life. 

Jane's mental break down to Xo and Abuela was Gina Rodriguez at her finest. 

She managed to capture every single emotion in her beautiful, hilarious and gut-wrenching performance. 

Did you feel it? I did. 

Can someone give her another Emmy solely for this scene?

Ah, you know, technically, I don't know if that's even true. The wife thing. I actually looked on Google in the bathroom and the law is a little unclear with regards to thinking someone's dead and then them coming back to life. Not on precedent. Anyway, that's just legal stuff.


We understood entirely what a woman going through the motions of finding out her presumed dead husband is alive was feeling.

Amnesia is a classic telenovela trope, but Jane the Virgin takes it an makes it feel eerily relatable.

The series has always succeeded in delivering realistic moments while the unthinkable is happening. 

Even something as absurd as a husband coming back from the dead with amnesia is believable when the Villaneuva women are involved. 

How Is This Possible? - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 1

Villanueva women are strong. We've always known it, but Michael's return proves it. 

Jane may have had a breakdown, but I'd be more concerned if she didn't. 

But after she cried it out, Jane pulled herself together and did what any wife would do after discovering her husband was no longer dead -- she tried to help Michael-Jason remember who he was. 

That in itself was heartbreaking to watch because everything we, and Jane, loved about Michael was gone. 

I Can't Believe This - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 1


He was a completely different person, and it was hard to watch their interactions while expecting him to say something funny or cute. 

Rose stripped him of everything that made his the guy with whom we, and she, fell in love. 

If Rafael didn't do a DNA-test, I wouldn't have ruled out Rose altering someone's face to pose as Michael. 

Despite the setbacks -- Michael-Jason calling her ma'am and even telling her she talked too much -- Jane powered through and tried to give Michael the best 'Michael tour' she could.

There's also something beautiful about Jane and Michael re-living all their best moments and experiencing many unexpected "firsts" so late in the game. 

Such a big life-changing moment also recalls memories of the first season. Jane had everything figured out when she got artificially inseminated. Similarly, she had her whole life figured out with Rafael when she got hit with another traumatic moment. 

If anything, it serves as a reminder to never get comfortable because life has a way of surprising you.

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For the #TeamRafael shippers, the moment Jane realized that the man she's always wanted to be with was Rafael made all of our hearts glow. 

I've been Team Rafael for a few seasons now for the same reason Jane chose him: he's selfless. 

Rafael had his fair share of questionable moments throughout the series, but his growth is something I admire.

He's a reformed bad boy who is a great father to Mateo, supportive of Jane's dreams, and helped her pick up the piece after Michael's death to become the woman she is today. 

He's always been there for her no matter how dire the situation. 

What do I do about Mateo? Do I tell him? What would I even say? Heads up, Michael's back, but now he goes by Jason and he calls me ma'am. Ma'am. Why does he call me ma'am? I'm twenty-nine-years-old. Do I look like a fricking ma'am to you? Well, if I do it's his fault. Because I aged when he died. Because life was really hard, and I was really sad. And I had to go to grief support groups. And I don't know why I'm yelling because he didn't do anything wrong and it's not his fault! The point is no, I am not telling him. I can't tell Mateo. He won't handle it as well as I am.


Bringing back Michael while knowing that it could completely mess up their relationship and any chance of a future together speaks a lot to the man he is now; he loves Jane unconditionally. 

Jane should be thrilled that her husband is alive and back, but you also cannot ask her to erase four years of feelings and memories with Rafael. 

She grieved and moved on, and there's nothing wrong with that. 

It's a tough spot to be in because she's wrestling with the "what should be" and "what could be."

There were even moments where I found myself getting mad at Michael throughout this episode for returning and throwing a wrench into a good thing. Of course, it's not his fault, but man, the timing! 

Hopefully, someone gives Rose a taste of her own medicine by the time the season is up.  

I know it's hard to see. But I do believe there's a plan. To all of this. And I know you are going to be okay.


If you're a #TeamMichael fan hoping that his return would reignite the possibility of a Michael and Jane reunion, well, I wouldn't give up hope just yet. 

For now, the Rafael ship is going strong, but that could always change the moment those memories flood in.

Though the scene where Jane chose to be with Rafael made me so happy, I'd be naive to think that Rafael and Jane's decision to move in together was going to lead to their end-game. 

Even the narrator underlined that they "want to believe" that this is going to work, but there's no denying the situation is pretty complicated. 

Jane may be sure of her feelings for Rafael now because Michael-Jason doesn't remember anything, but what happens when he does remember?

What happens when Michael-Jason becomes just Michael, the man she fell in love with long ago?

Moral Support - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 1

Will she still be sure that Rafael is the one?

There's a possibility that Jane will fall back in love with Michael and be torn between both of them again. It would be the mother of all love-triangles! 

And there's also the little question of whether or not they are still married legally. 

Technically, Jane was a widow which meant that she was single, but her status is uncertain now. 

Will this play a role in how they move forward? Will she be tied to Michael through Catholic guilt?

Jane: So, what I was trying to say is that I rescheduled the movers for later today. Because I want to move in with you now. Not in a few weeks, not when things settle down because things never seem to settle down. And I also wanted to say thank you. Because when I think about what you did bringing Michael back, and how selfless that is, and how selfless you have been throughout this, and every day for the past four years, I love you Rafael, and I know it feels like everything's changed but it didn't. Not that.
Rafael: We are going to get through this.
Jane: We are.
Narrator: Which, of course, was the story they were telling themselves.

As much as my heart was hurting for Jane in this unbelievable situation, I was also really hurt for Rafael. 

Can you imagine being put on the back burner yet again? Can you imagine all your life plans going right out the window?

Rafael rarely gets too emotional but seeing him break down and admit to Xo that he's terrified of losing Jane to Michael again was heartbreaking.

Regardless of who she picks in the end, there are no winners here. 

Michael-Jason better not be getting any ideas about hooking up with Petra, although, but the moment was hilarious considering Jane and Petra's previous beef over Rafael. 

It's You  - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 1

Even if Michael-Jason were interested, Petra only has eyes for JR, who saved her from almost getting shot by Milos. 

Admittedly, the revelation that Milos was behind everything was slightly disappointing. 

Milos may have been a good villain during Jane the Virgin Season One, but there is nothing is terrifying about him now. 

He's quite pathetic.

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The funniest moment from the whole situation was that Petra could finally tell him that her sexuality had nothing to do with her negative feelings towards him. 

Hopefully, that's the last we've seen of Milos. I'm not interested in continuously rehashing Petra's past especially since she's grown into such a kick-ass person.

Petra is ready for a fresh start despite her troubled past. JR may still resent Petra for lying and manipulating her, but hopefully, she comes around and forgives Petra. 

If JR loves Petra, she needs to accept Petra for who she was then and is now. 

Petra: I love you.
JR: I know.

Petra deserves a happy ending, and I've grown to like her and JR together. 

And then there's whatever Rose is plotting from her jail cell. Does it have something to do with Michael's release?

What did you think of the Jane the Virgin Season 5 premiere? You can watch Jane the Virgin online in case you missed it! 

Were you shocked by Michael's storyline? Are you happy he's back? Do you think he'll ever get his memory back?

Who do you think is Jane's end game?

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