Legacies Season 1 Episode 14 Review: Let's Just Finish the Dance

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I remember where I was for my first Miss Mystic Falls.

If you watched The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, you likely remember, too. 

Fans of the original shows were in for a nostalgia-filled night on Legacies Season 1 Episode 14 as the Salvatore School hosted the annual pageant. 

Miss Mystic Falls - Tall  - Legacies Season 1 Episode 14

There were familiar elements weaved in like the traditional dance, Caroline's dress gifted to her by Klaus, and even Roman, Hope's ex-boyfriend, and the man partially responsible for her mother's death, made an appearance.

Klaus, Caroline, and the rest of the gang may not be part of this show anymore, but with all these little Easter eggs sprinkled in, their presence is still heavily felt. 

The only thing missing was an appearance from Sheriff Matt.

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For someone who has vowed to protect the humans of Mystic Falls from the dangerous creatures of the Salvatore School, he should have been on hand policing and keeping the supernaturals in check.

Overall, the episode was satisfying and momentous; it paid tribute to its predecessors while shining as its own entity.

However, there were moments where it almost felt too busy.

Josie: Okay, why are you quitting?
Lizzie: A personal issue with one of the judges. A direct result of that bitch Dana's sabotage.
Hope: She's dead, Lizzie.
Lizzie: Correction: that dead bitch Dana's sabotage. Costing me the crown from beyond the grave.

If you watch Legacies online, you know that the writers focus on a monster-of-the-week plaguing the school in hopes of returning to Malivore. 

"Let's Just Finish the Dance" would have benefitted without a monster inclusion similar to Legacies Season 1 Episode 13.

There were so many moving parts we wouldn't have missed Medusa, who was the least compelling monster partly because she wasn't there of her own free will. 

Scream It Out - Legacies Season 1 Episode 14

Being a monster may not be in her cards, but I think Alaric just found a new student. Nia seems like she could benefit from the curriculum offered at the Salvatore School.

Clarke threatened her and her family if she didn't take Landon Kirby to him because he's just as curious about Landon's powers as we are. 

Landon and co., acknowledged his resurrection as the Phoenix, and he even seemed proud about finally manifesting his supernatural abilities, but the writers failed to elaborate on his powers.

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What does being a Phoenix entail?

After such a massive cliffhanger on Legacies Season 1 Episode 13, I really hoped the writers would give us something to work with here. 

The only real thing we know is that he's seemingly indestructible, which possibly makes him the second most powerful person at the school next to Hope. 

Talk about power-couple goals. 

Hope: Oh, uh, this is Landon.
Landon: Her boyfriend. And a Phoenix. By the way, which is ... so cool.

Landon hasn't been able to catch a break after literally dying and coming back to life in a flash of flames. 

He had to deal with jealousy issues over a Captain America-looking ex (a slight exaggeration), finding out Hope lied about meeting his mother, and getting casually kidnapped by Veronica, MG's mother. 

How disappointing was that moment?

I thought that after seeing how dedicated and taken care of MG was at the school she would come around, but instead, she assisted in kidnapping Landon and handing him over to Clarke. 

Roman's Back - Legacies Season 1 Episode 14

It just goes to show you that you cannot trust anyone in this world. 

Redemption was very much a theme on Legacies Season 1 Episode 14. 

Landon forgave MG for murdering him, MG forgave Nia and told her the Salvatore School was the perfect place to start over, and Hope forgave Roman. 

Yep, that last part really happened. 

Roman didn't serve much of a purpose aside from showing us that Hope really can move on. 

Oh, and much like original baddie Damon, Roman stepped in to escort Hope after Landon bailed on the pageant.

I stand corrected, I guess you can always count on the bad boys to be there for you in your time of need. 

It takes a very big person to forgive your mother's killer. Hope inherited a lot from Klaus, but her big heart takes after Hayley. 

No one would blame her for resenting Roman, but instead, she chose to see all the good that he's done since. 

Still, Hope is human, and her outbursts of anger made it clear that she hasn't dealt with all the loss and sadness in her life. 

My Dad Bought This Dress? - Legacies Season 1 Episode 14

Seeing Landon almost die brought all those bottled up feelings to the surface. 

Sure, high-pitched scream and a good cry go a long way, but did she deal with her grief?

Hope has never seemed more human to me than in those two moments. 

While it would have been cute to see either Josie or Lizzie follow in their mother's footsteps and take home the Miss Mystic Falls title, giving Hope the dress allowed for an especially powerful moment.

Hope: Landon, are you okay?
Landon: I was recently dead, so I think I'll mend.
Hope: What happened?
Landon: You were having a nightmare, and then you screamed and some magical wave thing hit me, and now I have art supplies where no man should.

Not only did the moment pay homage to her father, but it also honored one of the original legendary ships, Caroline and Klaus. 

I was brought to tears seeing Hope break down after finding out that her father picked out the exact dress she was wearing. 

There were a few moments where I checked to see if Lizzie was still wearing the bracelet that forced her into being nice because her attitude towards Hope was shocking. 

I'd expect Lizzie to have a full-on meltdown after she realized that she didn't stand a chance at winning the pageant, but she graciously altered the plan to help out Hope. 

It was almost like she was having an out-of-body experience. 

The Same Dress - The Originals

We all know she should have nominated Josie and supported her sister, someone who wanted it, but bonding over Miss Mystic Falls allowed her to warm up and open up to Hope.

There may be a reality where Lizzie drops the cattiness and these two become ... friends.

It's not a secret that Lizzie is terrible to her sister, but Josie enables it by allowing Lizzie to get away with it. 

If Josie won't stand up for herself, how can we feel bad for her when she's pushed around?

Thankfully, she had Penelope who saw the potential she didn't see in herself. 

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Hope's moments with Roman and Landon didn't live up to the expectations set by Damon and Stefan, but in a surprising twist, Penelope and Josie brought forth all the feels. 

Penelope has always been viewed as this evil character with no heart, but frankly, she's just misunderstood. 

All of her actions, specifically towards Josie, began to make sense when she revealed that she's been spying on students and faculty using a spelled pen. 


Penelope knew all about the Gemini curse before Josie did which is why she was trying to push Josie out of her shell, give her the confidence to go after what she wants and encourage her to become her own person. 

If she can't do any of that now, she doesn't stand a chance against Lizzie when the time finally comes. 

I don't think there's an outcome where Josie doesn't have a meltdown upon finding out her and Lizzie's fate. 

If Alaric thought he could handle taking the blame for Hope's lies to Landon, he hasn't seen the wrath of his twins.

Don't Leave - Legacies Season 1 Episode 14

Bottom line is he should have told them before they found out any other way. I know he's been stalling because he hasn't found a solution to break the curse, but the girls deserve to know. 

Penelope and Josie's goodbye scene was so painful to watch. I didn't know I shipped this couple so much until it was time to say goodbye. 

Their love, though complex, is so pure and mature. 

How is it possible that I became fully invested in the love story at the very moment it ended?

Josie's had such a hard road, but the one constant was always Penelope. It's unfair that she has to lose her love interest now as she's about to find out this life-altering news about her family history.

How do you think Josie and Lizzie will handle the truth?

Will Lizzie and Hope's friendship stay the course?

Will Nia become a new student at the school? And what does Clarke want from Landon?

Let's Just Finish the Dance Review

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Legacies Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Hope: Landon, are you okay?
Landon: I was recently dead, so I think I'll mend.
Hope: What happened?
Landon: You were having a nightmare, and then you screamed and some magical wave thing hit me, and now I have art supplies where no man should.

Hope: Oh, uh, this is Landon.
Landon: Her boyfriend. And a Phoenix. By the way, which is ... so cool.