PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Sex, Lies and Alibis

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Alison is ready for a fight on PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2

With her students as possible suspects in Nolan's murder case, Alison is willing to do whatever it takes to prove their innocence even if it means telling a lie.

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Not that that's too big of a surprise. It is Pretty Little Liars after all.

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Mourning? - PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2

Nolan's death ended up hitting Ava a lot harder than we expected.

Despite all her talk about killing him, it's clear that talk was all it was, and Ava truly loved Nolan despite everything. 

I loved him!


It's hard to be invested and torn up about the tragic end of their relationship, mostly because the audience didn't get to experience it.

PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 1, portrayed a lot of different sides to Nolan and left us questioning who he really was.

However, his feelings for Ava seemed to be one of the only real things about him, and because of that, he may have been a redeemable character.

Faking It - PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2

Hopefully, viewers will get to learn more about their relationship, as it will give us a deeper insight into who Nolan was as a person.

With her parents on the run and her Youtube Channel taking up most of her time, Ava didn't have any real friends. Besides Nolan, she didn't have anyone who truly believed in her.

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Ava feels completely alone and is even pushing away Caitlin and Dylan who are trying their best to be there for her.

There's no sticking together, Dylan. You've got Andrew. And you've got your family. And I've got me.


For being "fake friends," they seem to care a lot about her, which Ava eventually comes to appreciate at the end of PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2

They all have their fair share of secrets, but the stakes feel remarkably lower than they did on Pretty Little Liars.

The two shows do stand on their own, but considering that the original liars' secret was that they thought they set off an explosion and blinded a girl makes the new liars' secrets feel a bit underwhelming. 

They all have something on the line, but their secrets are not quite as intense and shocking as expected. 

Unexpected Guest - PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2

Take Dylan's secret for example. It's a shame that Dylan cheated on Andrew because of how much potential they have.

As much as we love them together, Andrew deserves better than what Dylan did to him.

The issue with Dylan's secret is that it would just wreck his relationship, not possibly land him in jail.

In Attendance - PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2

That isn't saying that the relationship isn't crucial to the character, but it does exemplify how the stakes don't feel quite high enough for all the trouble they're going through. 

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Speaking of the original liars, every scene Mona and Alison had together was incredible.

The dynamic between them is unexpectedly entertaining, and it proves that the two characters can successfully carry a story without the rest of the main cast. 

Paying Respect - PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2

Alison immediately went to Mona when she received a text message from Nolan, even though it was partially to accuse her.

Mona: Jesus, Alison! What kind of person do you think I am?
Alison: Well...

Once they got past the accusations, it appeared as if Alison genuinely trusted Mona and wanted her help.

Considering their past, there's not a lot of good memories between them. But both characters have grown a lot over Pretty Little Liars, and they both have a new respect for each other.

A Budding Friendship - PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2

It's a big deal that Alison showed Mona something that could potentially get her in trouble with the authorities, and it shows how far they've come. 

Alison and Mona make an amazingly badass and comedic duo, and we've got our fingers crossed that they'll get to the bottom of everything together. 

Alison: I know in the past we've been more frenemies than friends. But I want you to know that I-
Mona: Are you trying to say that you care about me?

Mona deduces that Nolan's text just got delayed due to Beacon Guard being momentarily down, but does that completely change the game?

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The audience was under the impression that Nolan knew the person who killed him. But if he thought he was talking to Alison on the roof, nothing Nolan said to the figure gives us any clue about who they are.

The best part of PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2 was undoubtfully Alison's final line. 

Bring it on, bitch.


Alison has been through the wringer herself, and she's not going to let false accusations get thrown at her students as they were thrown at her. 

It's astonishing how much of a mama-bear she is now. She has children of her own, but the protective nature she displays with Caitlin, Ava, and Tyler, is once again an atonement to how far she's come as a character.

Alison's lie, however, is going to get everyone into trouble.

I never thanked you guys for staying late at my house last Thursday.


Despite them all being innocent, she gave Dana a false alibi, which means they're all in this together. If the students go down, Alison is going down with them. 

BHU Security - PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2

Stray Thoughts

  • Caitlin's real boyfriend is perfect in every way. Too perfect maybe? Or maybe that's just us being overly paranoid.
  • Dana, the new head of security already has an agenda against Ava, which should be interesting going forward. It almost feels like another Hanna/Wilden situation. 
  • The relationship between the main three is compelling, especially Dylan and Caitlin's budding friendship and their dedication to stick together.
  • Not that badass Alison ever left, but we're excited to see her stir up all kinds of trouble.
  • Mona's phone call to Hanna was everything we never knew we needed. Despite what happened between them in the past, we are still 100% rooting for this friendship. 
  • Spencer and Toby eloped???

Alright, Pretty Little Liars fans, what did you think of PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2? Drop a comment down below and let us know!

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Freeform. 

Sex, Lies and Alibis Review

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Don't. That's exactly how you imagined it.