Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14 Review: Ouroboros

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Jack is back, baby!

Jack barely flinched when he took down Michael in one swift move on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14 with the exclamation that he was "the son of Lucifer, a hunter, and a Winchester."

Who else screamed with glee when he made that epic statement?

Badass Jack - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14

Wherever Jack has been for the last few episodes doesn't really matter. He returned when the team needed him the most (even if they didn't know it) and made the most significant impact of his life.

Michael is GONE!

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No more of Dean having to fight to keep Michael locked up in his mind.

No more of Dean having to beat himself up repeatedly. 

And more importantly, no more need for Dean to have to bury himself alive at the bottom of the ocean.

Down with Michael - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14

Plus, there's the bonus of Jack being back to full capacity which means no more fear that he's going to meet a way-too-early end.

It also means that there will be repercussions. Michael may be gone, but something much more dangerous will come in his place.

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Jack getting back to a full tank wasn't a free pass. There's a reason behind it.

My guess is that Lucifer has returned, and Nick is no longer Nick. Either that or The Shadow had something to do with it.

Dean Has a Savior - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14

There's also the possibility that Billie might be behind it (or a least working with some other entity) because those books showing Dean's fate were lying. 

I said before that she made me suspicious and that this coffin in the ocean thing might have just been a way for her to get rid of Dean because the Winchesters are a pain in everyone's ass.

Or Billie could be working with Lucifer. It wouldn't be surprising.

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Maybe it's something as simple as even if your fate gets written in stone, it doesn't mean that it can't be changed. (Okay, I'm stretching.)

Any way you look at it, though, the joy the team is feeling right now will be short lived. That much is guaranteed.

Besides, while things turned out well for Dean, it was a different story for Maggie and the rest of the hunters.

Dean is Injured - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14

They haven't been around much, and it's unfortunate they returned to the bunker at the most inopportune time because when Rowena gave into Michael, there was no hope for any of them. 

Did Rowena seriously think Michael would keep his word? She should have known better.

I wish Maggie would have been spared, but the team needed culling, and as brutal as Michael's massacre was, this was the best way to have done it.

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At least she had a chance to help out with the Gorgon case before everything came crashing down.

I always love a good old-fashioned monster hunt, and the Gorgon fit the bill.

The Gorgon - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14

It was also gross and reminded me of the old days of Supernatural. I don't know how many times I had to turn away when the Gorgon was eating eyeballs and cooking body parts.

Can you imagine the smell when Sam, Dean, and the others walked into that first guy's house? Blech.

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The whole case was weird, but what was most disturbing is that it all seemed like a set-up that led to the end of Michael and the return of Jack's powers.

There was a reason the Gorgon was telling Jack the story about the serpent and the chicken. And there is a reason Jack still has the Gorgon's snake.

Castiel Tries His Best - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14

The episode's title, "Ouroboros," is telling. It's an ancient symbol of a serpent eating its own tail and signifies birth and death, the beginning and end of time, or renewal and resurrection.

Think about that definition for a moment and my earlier statements about Lucifer and possibly Billie having a hand in Michael's death and Jack's renewed powers.

Things don't happen by accident on Supernatural. There's always a divine plan whether it's one of good or one of evil.

I hope for everyone's sake that Jack won't turn into something evil. What he needs to remember most is that even though he is the son of Lucifer, he's also a Winchester just like he said.

He's going to need to hold on tight to that if he or the rest of the team will be able to survive whatever horror is on the way.

Over to you!

Were you surprised at how quickly Jack was able to destroy Michael?

Are you glad Michael's story is over?

Will Lucifer return? Is Jack safe?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Ouroboros Review

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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14 Quotes

I'm fine. I'm not dying.


Rowena: Oh, you. Always blaming the witches.
Dean: Because lots of times it is witches.