Supernatural Season 14 Episode 16 Review: Don't Go Into the Woods

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Monster hunting time!

Sam and Dean went old school to hunt a monster on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 16, but leaving Jack behind wasn't the best idea.

Hunting Time - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 16

Dean was understandably concerned about Jack's restored powers even though Donatello gave him the all clear.

He didn't want any funny business happening, but his over-cautiousness caused more problems than he has yet to realize.

Dean shouldn't have even let Jack out of the bunker at all. Had he not given Jack a mission to go shopping, then Jack might not have found himself in the situation he found himself.

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Jack doesn't get much opportunity to socialize with people his own purported age.

When he ran into the three teens, they made him an offer he had a hard time turning down.

He was intrigued especially because Eliot showed so much interest in Sam and Dean's adventures.

Jack: What's that?
Max: Music.
Jack: I like The Who.
Stacy: Who?
Max: Oh, my aunt listens to them. They're... old.
Jack: Well, Dean says any music made after 1979 "sucks ass."
Max: That's because Dean's also old.

Jack has Friends - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 16

If I recall correctly, Eliot and his friends' monster memories were wiped after John Winchester faded on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 13.

He had no clue that befriending Jack was probably a bad idea.

Jack liked the idea that Eliot was into mythical monsters and saw it as an opportunity to share his wealth of knowledge.

He should have just stuck to telling Eliot about zombie laws in Haiti.

Back to School - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 16

Instead, Jack wanted to show off and when he failed at his attempt to throw a knife, he had no choice but to do what he needed so he didn't look like an idiot.

Typical teenager stuff.

It also meant he had to rely on his powers -- glowing eyes and all. Stupid Jack.

It didn't even make sense that he wouldn't stop playing with the knife after they all asked him to stop.

He probably was enjoying their sense of awe but couldn't decipher their fear about what he was doing.

Sharing Knowledge - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 16

We have to remember that Jack is still only a young child so some of his senses haven't been fully developed.

It only got worse when Jack healed Stacy.

He was only trying to reverse his mistake, but the damage had already been done.

Eliot and friends aren't going to forget this encounter, and my bet is Sam and Dean will find out what happened one day when they run into the group in town.

Hands Up - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 16

This will put Jack in a bad position not only because of the event itself but because he didn't tell Sam and Dean about it.

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Dean will never trust him again, Cas will freak out that Jack has lost all his soul, and Sam will try to fix things.

And with Nick (it's unclear if Lucifer has returned based on the previews) coming back into the fold, Jack is going to be headed down a very different path than he might have thought.

Caught in the Crosshairs - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 16

While Jack was embroiled in mischief, Sam and Dean were hunting a bizarre monster called Cajunta.

It was great seeing them back in the monster hunting game, but the hour really wasn't meant for them.

It was a diversion to get them out of the bunker so Jack's story could develop.

I'm not criticizing. I'm stating a fact.

The internet is more than just naked people. You do know that?


Still, the Cajunta was an interesting monster, and like monsters of seasons past, it was obvious that the Sheriff was involved somehow or at least knew the truth of what was going on in his woods.

What was surprising was Sam and Dean admitting that they were monster hunters.

Sam Faces Monsters - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 16

They've been doing a lot of that lately.

I guess it doesn't matter anymore if people believe them or not.

The Sheriff accepted their claims without argument even admonishing them for not warning people about the truth about monsters.

It's also surprising that Sam and Dean didn't get the Sheriff checked out after he had been bitten by the Cojunta.

The legend didn't say anything about it being able to make others in its likeness, but the Winchesters are usually more cautious.

Creature from the Woods - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 16

If the Cajunta makes an appearance, we know who the boys will have to kill. It'll be an easy one too.

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The Cojunta wasn't that powerful, and it was killed rather easily melting away into a pile of acid after being stabbed with a silver knife.

Not much has been happening in the bunker as of late, but that's about to change and not in a good way.

I don't want to see the Winchesters or Cas in a battle with Jack, but that seems the direction all this is going.

Over to you!

Is Jack headed for a showdown with Sam, Dean, and Cas?

Is Lucifer back?

How did you like the monster storyline?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Don't Go Into the Woods Review

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