The Fix Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Revenge

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Who killed Jessica Meyers?

That's a question I struggled with throughout The Fix Season 1 Episode 2 and the conclusion of the hour didn't help me find the answer, but it did eliminate one suspect.


Maya and Sevvy - The Fix

One of the more compelling aspects of The Fix Season 1 is that we haven't seen the murderer which makes this an intriguing mystery wrapped in a captivating legal show. 

Yes, we're led to believe it's Sevvy Johnson and Maya and Matthew got convinced of that, but is it the truth?

It could be Gabe, Sevvy's step-son who idolizes him and would do anything to protect him.

Someone's Son - The Fix Season 1 Episode 1

Perhaps it is Sevvy's ex-wife because she could gain something by having Sevvy in prison and she's certainly interested in his money. 

Even Ezra Wolf makes out with Sevvy once again accused of murder. 

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Wolf is back in front of the cameras with a high-profile case, plus his bookie must be thrilled Wolf has a $1.5 million retainer to use as he sees fit. 

Whether Sevvy is guilty or innocent, this case is a win for Wolf.

Scott Cohen as Ezra Wolf - The Fix Season 1 Episode 1

Now it looks as though Sevvy has a mistress whom he doesn't even trust. 

But if you believe Ben Mitchell's video, it wasn't him, although, between Ben's behavior and Wolf's rhetoric, it was easy to think he could have murdered Jessica.

Ben was caught up in so many lies that it was difficult to tell what was the truth. He deleted the photos of him and Jessica together. He threw her necklace in the dumpster. 

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And he found her body.

By the time the truth came out about Ben buying Jessica a car and giving her $50 grand in cash so she could run from Sevvy, it seemed clear Ben was in this deep.

Looking Intimidating - The Fix Season 1 Episode 2

Ben Mitchell was a mess. He wanted to play hero with Jessica but then snapped when she wouldn't run away with him. 

But that didn't lead him to murder, but suicide. 

Even Ezra Wolf appeared to feel some guilt over his part in turning the media spotlight on Ben, but I don't expect it to change Wolf's course one bit. He has a case to win, and he'll use any means necessary to do it. 

That leads us to Loni.

Loni: I should be lead on this case. The only thing you bring that I don’t is baggage.
Maya: Anything else?
Loni: Yes. Since you like stories here’s the one that Wolf is going to tell. Vengeful white lady comes back to town to persecute innocent black man. If Matthew didn’t have a crush on you he’d see that. This should be my case, not just because I’m a person of color and it’s 2019 and optics matter, because I’m a better lawyer than you and I know we can’t beat Ezra Wolf from the high road.
Maya: Thanks for sharing.

I want to like Loni. This case got taken away from her, and she's not wrong about the optics of Maya coming back to LA to take it over.

Loni Kampoor - The Fix

Sadly, Loni has proven to be a fool. I can't imagine how she thought she could start feeding Wolf information and then stop. The first time she did it, he owned her. Did she let her wounded ego destroy her career?

If she can't think that far ahead then how can she consider herself a good lawyer, never mind a better lawyer than Maya?

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However, Loni did have a point when she said they might not be able to beat Wolf by taking the high road. 

Ezra Wolf is all about putting on a show. The truth doesn't matter if perception will win his case. 

Sevvy: You said he killed her.
Wolf: I say a lot of things. You can’t afford to buy into my hype. Keep your eye on the ball.
Sevvy: You still think I did it.
Wolf: It doesn’t matter what I think. Just play the game.

Wolf plays the game so well that he beat Maya in the first case even though the evidence got stacked against Sevvy. The evidence isn't nearly as clear cut this time, but Maya may have learned from her defeat. 

Maya Relies On the Evidence - The Fix Season 1 Episode 2

But the question that keeps going around my head is whether or not Sevvy killed Jessica and if he didn't, is convicting him for the crime karma if he committed the first double murder, or injustice?

When Maya and CJ argued on the beach, CJ brought up one of my favorite quotes:

You know that thing that Maya Angelou says, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them." When the going gets rough you are someone who leaves.


Sevvy Johnson has shown that he's an abuser and that he will use those he cares about to cover up his wrongdoing. He also had no trouble looking at Star and lying to her about hitting Jessica. 

But Star and the entire world are about to learn the truth as Jessica's video circulates thanks to Maya. 

Maya is turning the tables on Wolf and using the media to her advantage. She'd rather try this case in court but if Wolf insists on making this a circus than Jessica has just jumped into the ring and stole his show. 

DA Alan Wiest - The Fix

I'm relieved that Maya and CJ have mended their broken relationship because Maya needs all the friends she can get. She doesn't even realize how close some of her enemies are, and I gained a new respect for DA Alan Wiest as he called out Matthew's game in this The Fix quote:

Alan: I had an a-ha moment. The reason you were so determined to bring Maya back for this case, you’re covering your ass. You want her to take the hit if this thing turns into a crap show which it is rapidly doing.
Matthew: I would never throw one of my lawyers under the bus.
Alan: Right. Right. I figured it out. How long before Maya figures it out too?

Will Maya be able to outfox Ezra Wolf by using the media against him? Did Sevvy Johnson kill Jessica or is there another killer roaming free while Sevvy takes the fall? And should Sevvy go down for the crime even if he didn't kill Jessica?

Check back for my review of The Fix Season 1 Episode 3 as the mystery unfolds and you can catch up and watch The Fix online here at TV Fanatic.

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