The Resident Season 2 Episode 18 Review: Emergency Contact

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First things first, we got ourselves a season three renewal, you guys!! 

Remember when there were people *cough* critics who weren't at TV Fanatic *cough* who said The Resident was DOA? Welp, look at where we are now. 

Anyway, The Resident Season 2 Episode 18 saw the return and departure of Julian (whatever) and Marshall's departure, as well. What are we going to do without Marshall?! Glenn Morshower must resume his role next season, even if it's a short while.

Marshall - Tall - The Resident

The hour felt as if it was meant to tie up loose ends left dangling from previous installments. It felt like shift change time.

Julian waltzed onstage at some gathering Bell put together and announced she was in hiding while Gordon was running rampant mustache twirling or what have you.

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The most absurd thing of all was, did I hear it correctly? Was Julian hiding with her parents the entire time? Big bad Gordon with contacts all over the globe didn't think to check her parent's house?

Conrad: Did you know?
Devon: I thought she was dead.

She was back to remind viewers she didn't die in the car crash (although most of us suspected it), and she was jettisoning out of Atlanta again by the end of the hour.

Taking Notice - The Resident Season 2 Episode 5

Between all of that Devon caught her up on his not-wedding, his new relationship with her cat, and she spoke about how Gordon's goons ran her off the road and forced her into hiding.

Then, of course, they squeezed about a month's worth of dating and sexytimes into the couple of days she had left in Atlanta. I was there long enough to appreciate shirtless Manish and his Clark Kent tuft of hair which falls into his eye just so, and I checked out again.

Devon Wants Julian to Stay

We've long since established I give zero damns about anything to do with Julian and her ad nauseam whirlwind romance with Devon. They banged out all the sexual tension they supposedly had, and he was crucial in her deciding to present Marshall with a new offer.

She and Marshall not only worked together to take down QuoVadis, but she and he will work together to take on the medical device industry to ensure what happened with QuoVadis won't happen again.

We also learned what SEVER meant, and it was gruesome. If a study of 20 people ended up with 15 of them dead, then you abort everything!

Julian: What was the final nail in the coffin for QuoVadis.
Marshall: It was a program called Sever. Twenty people were implanted with a VNS device and fifteen of them died.

Julian remains a woman who speaks her mind, and Marshall appreciated her negotiation skills. He's a great guy that way, which is why it's difficult to say goodbye to him.

Who expected the majority of fandom would fall so deeply in love with Marshall? When he first arrived, most of us couldn't see beyond our protectiveness over Conrad, and yet, Marshall proved himself over and over again.

A Dangerous Game- Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 8

He had his moments, but the thing which remained consistent was his need to make amends and rebuild his relationship with his son. Mission accomplished!

I found myself getting misty-eyed when the two shared a hug and when Conrad pretended to joke (because he was serious) about locking Marshall away so he won't leave him.

ConDad Hug

As expected, Marshall had the sweetest words to his son. He's leaving Chastain, not Conrad. Between hiccups, I can't help but ask, "But what about us, Marshall?! You're leaving US!"

Conrad inspired Marshall, and through his experience with his son, he has set himself on a new path of fighting the good fight in the medical industry. It's touching to know the growth in their relationship was mutually beneficial.

Conrad and Marshall's relationship is the only solid one on this series at the moment. It's the only one worth believing in completely.

Son, I'm leaving town, I'm not leaving your life.


In another world, a friendship between Conrad and Alec would be endearing. They have different approaches to things, but most of the time when it comes to their patients, they mean well. They're great what they do.

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In this world, it was difficult to enjoy their scenes together, especially when they were getting along because of Alec's intentions toward Nic.

Alec lying to Valerie about his sister from B-Lo was 50 kinds of wrong. He didn't need to lie to her, and as a viewer, it made it difficult to trust anything Alec said from that point forward.

Alec Schemes - Tall  - The Resident Season 2 Episode 18

His dig at Conrad was plain gross. It never goes over well even jokingly questioning a veteran's service. Conrad's comeback was epic though.

The two of them got past it for Valerie's sake. Valerie's case was all over the place. She didn't know she didn't have a uterus, and she ended up with testicular cancer, and it was so much going on there. We can all agree she'll probably kick butt during her Olympic tryouts though.

Anything close to bonding between Conrad and Alec was shortlived or felt phony when Alec was still pursuing Nic and talking about his feelings for her knowing she's with Conrad. What the hell, man?!

Alec: Are you sure you were a medic in the military?
Conrad: I know who I am. The question is who are you?

He didn't understand why Nic was mostly avoiding him as if his little confession wouldn't make the new co-worker who is dating someone else uncomfortable. He wouldn't give her space and instead wanted to discuss it further.

He spent time talking to her in a public forum, and Conrad overheard their conversation and her emphasizing she loves Conrad. He broached the topic again after spending the day working with Conrad. What is Alec's deal?

Nic also had her hands full with Jessie being sick and their father popping back into the picture. How did we lose Marshall during this hour and end up with Kyle Nevin?

Daddy's Girl - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 18

Why have The Resident gods forsaken us?

Kyle is an interesting character. He's a mover and a shaker -- a hustler and a conman. He always has an agenda, and his sudden arrival was wanting to pitch apps and ideas to those at Chastain.

Nic had a decent moment where she called him out for being a craptastic dad over the years. The root of Nic's anxiety is probably due to her having to be the parent for the majority of her life. Kyle is a mess now, so one can only imagine how he was when they were children.

Dad's Back - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 18

Kyle insists he wants to do right by his daughters this time, and since we already had one successful father/child repaired relationship, it's doubtful we'll have another.

Maybe his presence will lead to Nic talking to Conrad about her feelings and anxiety issues. We're still waiting on the discussion.

Meanwhile, Kit was back and as amazing as ever. The Kit and Bell 'ship was cute and everything, but the chemistry between Kit and her ex-husband is undeniable. How could you watch them interacting and not want them together again?

Kit: Sorry, I know you have better things to do.
Bell: Nothing more important than you.

He still loved her, and he made her his power of attorney.

Kit's honest, vulnerable moment with Bell explaining why she and Brett didn't work out was one of the best moments of the hour. To Bell's credit, he never came across jealous of Brett, only curious.

Bell has reached a point in his life where he may want real love, not some psycho killer. His relationship with Kit and the death of Simon, it seems he may be reaching a turning point where he wants a normal life.

Kit's Best Husband - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 18

Fortunately, Brett survived his ordeal, as it was dicey for a while. It was due to the brilliance and skill of Mina and the Raptor. It's the most consistent relationship in her life.

It was a shock to learn she hasn't spoken to Micah in all the time she was thinking about his proposal. Wow, Mina! She failed to communicate with Micah for WEEKS!

Bless her socially-inept heart; she sat down and told him she accepted his proposal and was blindsided by him taking his ring and proposal back.

I love you. You know that, but Mina I need to be with someone who loves me on the same level.


Micah was right; he deserves better than what Mina gave him. He deserves someone who doesn't have to think about whether or not she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. He loves her -- they love each other, but love isn't enough.

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Micah did the best thing for himself, and there is no fault in it whatsoever. It sucks for Mina, but she'll be able to pick up the pieces and carry on. It should be interesting to see what happens when AJ finds out.

Their "thing" aside, he cares about Mina a lot, and he manages to figure out the perfect way to support her when she needs it.

Mina and AJ - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 13

Over to you, Resident Fanatics! Are you thrilled about the renewal news!

How bummed are you about Marshall's departure?! What the hell is going on with Alec? Did you care at all about Julian and Devon's romance?

Hit the comments below, and if you want to celebrate the great news with a binge, you can always watch The Resident online here via TV Fanatic! 

Emergency Contact Review

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