The Village Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Good Thing

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There’s something extraordinary about a building like The Village.

Some people live next to their neighbors for years and never move beyond a ‘hello’ every couple of weeks.

That would never fly in this Brooklyn complex.

Ava Pleads - The Village Season 1 Episode 2

They may beat us over the head with it a bit at times, but this group of people is more than a group who share the same address. 

And The Village Season 1 Episode 2 was another hour full of powerful moments that drove home the notion of what family means.

Sarah & Enzo - The Village Season 1 Episode 2

After wrapping our heads around all the moving parts and relationships in the pilot, it was time to dig into these characters.

That meant we got some more backstory on each of them.

Ben was a standout from the beginning, but beyond being a police officer, there wasn’t much else to know about him.

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But that all changed when he got his moment to shine in court.

It’s not all the way clear what the relationship is between Ben and Ava, but there appears to be some heat there.

Even if it’s not romantic heat, there’s a deep respect between the two.

Ben Stands Up - The Village Season 1 Episode 2

Ben’s plea to the judge on Ava’s behalf was from the bottom of his heart, and you could tell that he meant every single word.

Ava was there for Ben in a way that has had a profound impact on him.

That's true even if Ava didn’t fully realize what she was doing just by making him an extra plate of food.

The moment they shared outside of the detention center was fleeting, but sweet and showed a very tender side of both of them.

Plus, it was a precursor to the tear-jerking moment of little Sammy smiling happily and placing Ben’s phone to his face to feel more connected to his mother.

Enzo Readies - The Village Season 1 Episode 2

It was the first emotion, outside of anger, Sammy had shown since his mother got taken.

It was a standout moment.

There were a few other standout moments as well. Namely, everything involving Gabe and Enzo.

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Enzo is the heart and soul of the whole village crew, and he doesn’t even live in the building. 

Well, he didn’t for most of the episode.

Gabe is running a mile minute, popping in here and jetting out there, but he does his best to always be there for his grandfather.

Sarah Looks Bewildered - The Village Season 1 Episode 2

Even when he’s being short with him or not fully grasping the scope of a situation, he’s listening and absorbing.

It seemed like Enzo was eventually going to find his way to Gabe’s apartment, but it was nice that Gabe came to him this time.

Now, how is Alanna going to feel about this?

In a show with so many moving pieces, the one story that got the most screen time wasn’t even the most interesting one.

On The Case - The Village Season 1 Episode 2

Now granted Sarah has a lot going on, but her reactions to both Katie and Nick this week were tiring.

It’s understandable to be upset with Katie, but considering the parallels, you’d think she would be more understanding of what Katie is going through.

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It feels like she wants to understand Katie, but at the same time, she feels betrayed by her. 

It's like she is the one person in the world to whom Katie should never lie.

And that could be some projecting on her part, given the fact that she invited the father Katie’s never known to move in downstairs and still hasn’t said a word.

Courtroom Action -  The Village Season 1 Episode 2

When Sarah and Nick are around each other for more than a few minutes, it’s beyond obvious there’s a history there.

Their verbal sparring at episodes end was fraught with unresolved feelings.

Taking the Katie factor away completely, these two never got closure.

And after finding out the reasons behind Nick’s decision to join the military, it sounds like he was looking for a purpose.

Now that he’s back in New York, everything is coming at him fast.

I hope he decides to join that support group because he needs an outlet to express himself.

Finding Out - The Village Season 1 Episode 2

Everything Else

  • Patricia told Ron that her cancer had returned, and his reaction was to hold her a little closer that night. I love them.
  • From that brief phone call between Ava and her ex-husband, she knows more than she’s telling Patricia, Gabe, and the courts. Will that come back to bite her?
  • Ben was the MVP this week, and his basketball game with Sammy was the epitome of cute. And his LeBron celebration dance was spot on!
  • Why, oh why, were Sarah and Nick having a conversation of that magnitude with the apartment door wide open? I foresee a situation shortly where Ron lets the whole ‘Nick is Katie’s father’ slip to someone.
  • So, Nick has known about Katie for years? And who sent him that picture?

There's a lot to ponder.

I'm curious to hear all your thoughts. 

What storylines are you enjoying the most?

Will we ever meet Jagger? 

Make sure to leave all your thoughts down below.

And watch The Village online, so you're all caught up! 

Good Thing Review

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The Village Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Sarah: You live here, you're family.
Nick: So I keep hearing.

Sarah: You're coming to work today.
Katie: Why?
Sarah: Because you were suspended. My little, pregnant vandal.