9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 14 Review: Broken

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It's amazing how much we rely on certain things in this day and age. 

We are so reliant on phones and computers that when they're ripped away from us, it's a like a bucket of cold water is being poured over our heads. It's a shock we don't know how to handle. 

On 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 14 the power was out at the call center, and for a minute or so it felt like all hell was about to break loose. 

Hanging - 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 14

It's easy to forget that for a very long time 911 operators were handwriting their calls and using atlases to find out where callers were located. Seeing how quickly the operators of today were able to adjust to their own crisis was fascinating. 

With a firm backup plan in place, it seemed like a rather seamless transition for them. And they were able to continue helping the people who were able to get through to the center. 

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Can you imagine calling 911 and it being down? That's the one number in the world you should have absolute faith in that someone will pick up on the other end and help. 

Eddie Contemplates - 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 14

Los Angeles was a bit chaotic, but Maddie and company were able to get the men and women of Station 118 to the right places. 

And one of those places was a lobby, where Sonia and Roger were getting ready to welcome their child. 

It seemed like it was poised to be a stressful childbirth, but with Hen leading the way, Sonia did great and her son was out in no time. But when things went south, it was heartbreaking, to say the least. 

With the craziness of the day, it took the first responders longer than usual to get to the couple, and had they gotten there earlier they may have been able to get Sonia to the hospital before she delivered. 

Hard Day - 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 14

Roger held it together remarkably well for a man who just went from a new dad to widow in a matter of minutes. His heartfelt plea to Sonia was devastating, and when he placed his newborn son on his wife's chest, I may have let out a cry. 

Even though you know in this world that not everyone can be saved, it still hits you hard when moments like this strike.

Eddie: That was amazing.
Buck: That was a miracle.

But there are times when a miracle ensues, and this was one of those instances. When Hen let out all of the air she had been holding, we all did as well. 

It wouldn't be 9-1-1 without some personal issues cropping up on this busy day. 

Athena Helps - 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 14

For Bobby, minus a few hiccups here and there, things with Athena and her family have gone relatively well. The kids like him, and he and Michael have gotten along well. 

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But things soured a bit when Michael started to see how his position in Harry's life has changed. 

Michael doesn't always get a ton to do week to week, but he's usually good for some quality advice and a fresh perspective. Seeing him get angry with Bobby and speak up for himself was the most we've gotten out of him in a long while. 

And his feelings are justified. It has to be disheartening to see your kid idolize someone else, but like Bobby pointed out, kids are impressionable. Harry loves his father and wasn't trying to intentionally hurt him, but it's natural that Michael would be upset. 

Bobby & Michael - 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 14

Although a lot of his anger may have also stemmed from his recent breakup.

The friendship between Bobby and Michael has been a bright spot, as Michael has always been welcoming of Bobby and not intimidated. But I'm glad they had this argument because it seems to have brought them closer together. 

They could both learn a lot from each other. 

Chimney: We're not saying goodbye. We just need a minute.
Maddie: Yeah. Just a minute.

It's been weeks since Doug's attack on Maddie and Chimney and while both are on the road to recovery, their both still traveling. And they may be traveling it for some time. 

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For Chimney, another brush with death has him just looking to see the joy in the world. It's surprising he hasn't gone right back to work, as we know how much he loves his job, but the time off for him is important. 

A Cry For Help - 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 14

Both he and Maddie need time to grieve what happened to them and even though you may want that to happen quickly, there really is no timetable. 

These two may never be the same people they were before the attack, but the attack does not have to define them. 

Taking their minute or two apart to work on themselves is the healthiest thing they can do for themselves.

And here's to hoping they can eventually find their way back to one another when they're ready. 

Eddie Makes A Rescue - 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 14

Loose Ends

  • Eddie really is Spiderman! The man just climbed that house like it was nothing. 
  • The whole FBI thing was out of place and unamusing. 
  • Can we get some details on the Bobby/Athena wedding? Like when do we get our invites?

Now it's time for you guys to jump in and let me know what you thought about this weeks episode. 

Did you understand where Michael was coming from? 

Do you think Maddie and Chimney will ever get together?

Let me know all your thoughts down below. And watch 9-1-1 online right now so you can join us in the comments!

Broken Review

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9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Hen: So I guess Maddie still sparks joy?
Chimney: Always.

I got stabbed and it totally sucked. Then I remembered something a wise man once said; life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Chimney [to Hen]