Arrow: Roy Returns With a HUGE Secret

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With the news that Arrow is ending next season, fans have been wondering how the show is about to wrap up its penultimate season. 

Arrow Season 7 Episode 20, which aired on Monday, brought Roy back into the present. 

Roy Confesses? - Arrow Season 7 Episode 20

If you watch Arrow online, you know that he's been heavily featured in the flash-forwards during Arrow Season 7

"Confessions" marked Roy's first appearance in the present this season. He previously left Star City alongside Thea and Nyssa to find and destroy the remaining Lazarus Pits. 

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He revealed that two pits had been neutralized and there were just a handful remaining. 

But, was the person who returned the Roy we know and love?

Roy's Truth - Arrow Season 7 Episode 20

The episode played out with a true crime narrative, with Dinah and Sgt. Bingsley lobbing many questions at members of Team Arrow. 

The line of questioning was all about two transit guards that wound up dead in a location the team tried to stop Emiko, Oliver's half-sister, from unleashing deadly gas into the subway system. 

The real twist in the tale came when it emerged that the Team Arrow -- Dinah included -- were covering for Roy. 

Family  - Arrow Season 7 Episode 17

In a wild scene, Oliver turned to Roy with the following question:

"When did you die?"

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That's when we learned that Roy was killed by a Thanatos Guild member's arrow. Despite trying to close the Lazarus pits, Thea and Nyssa used one to bring Roy back from the dead. 

Furthermore, he had trace mirakuru in his system, meaning that his soul was essentially dead. 

Yikes, right?

Dinah and Roy in the Glades - Arrow Season 7 Episode 16

Oliver's plan to frame Emiko came from him knowing that Roy was most definitely not a villain. 

But Emiko was one step ahead, and took the footage of Roy doing the deed to none other than Bingsley. 

Poor Dinah and Felicity thought they had gotten rid of all trace of Roy's involvement, but Emiko is always one step ahead these days. 

After luring Team Arrow to a building in the middle of nowhere, Emiko dished that she sent the footage. 

Emiko at the Crime Board - Arrow Season 7 Episode 14

There were gasps, but the biggest gasp came when Emiko admitted that she could have saved Robert Queen all those years ago. 

However, she felt like he didn't deserve to have a life. Emiko followed that bombshell up with a literal bomb. 

She blew the building up with Oliver and Team Arrow inside!

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It was crazy!

What did you think of the wild episode?

Hit the comments below. 

Arrow continues Mondays at 9/8c on The CW. 

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