Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 20 Review: Strange Bedfellows

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Danny just doesn't learn, does he?

The eldest Reagan son is always screwing up cases -- and his career -- with stupid, impulsive decisions.

And on Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 20, he got in yet another fight with Anthony after Danny's refusal to follow protocol resulted in the court tossing a victim's ID of the perp.

(TALL) Cashing in a Favor - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 20

Danny didn't want to wait for a guy from another precinct to come to assist with the lineup.

Was he right that Kelso was an asshole? Maybe. But that doesn't change the fact that the rules are there for a reason, and Danny chose to break them.

Anthony: What did you call me?
Danny: A square badge.
Anthony: You saying I'm not a real cop?
Danny: You said it, not me.
Anthony: I was a cop when you was still in high school. I never once tried to pin my screw-ups on a fellow cop.

I didn't know that victims ID people standing in position three more often than any other position, but Danny certainly should have!

The way he went off on Anthony after Danny's own refusal to do his job the right way cost them the case is exactly why Danny is my least favorite Reagan.

Sorry, but I don't find his constant tantrums and refusal to follow the rules entertaining. He's a loose cannon and he's lucky that all he lost was the case -- and even that was temporary.

Erin's Dilemma - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 20

Let's be honest: as much as Frank doesn't like giving his kids special treatment, if Danny was anyone but a Reagan he'd have been gone a long time ago, or at least transferred to a desk job where he can cause less trouble.

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I felt bad for Maria when she had to separate Danny and Anthony. It was like dealing with two little kids who were determined to fight, and Danny was mostly to blame for that.

Wining and Dining - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 20

Of course, Danny's story wasn't the real story. That belonged to Erin for once.

Frank: SInce when are you shilling for the governor?
Erin: I'm not shilling.
Frank: Well, lobbying for.
Erin: A couple of months ago I asked him to put through a sex trafficking bill.
Frank: Asked, or traded for?

Erin's promise to the governor was foolish. No matter how desperate she was to take care of sex trafficking victims, she couldn't possibly control Frank's decision to support or not support the crime bill.

And knowing her father the way she did, Erin had to know when she made that promise that it was likely a pie crust promise that was going to get broken as easily as it was made.

Governor: So what do you think of my crime bill?
Erin: It's very...comprehensive.

I didn't like the way the governor handled it. He seemed like he learned his governing style from watching The Godfather. He was constantly stalking Erin and threatening her to get his way.

But at the same time, Erin deserved what she got for making such a ridiculous promise in the first place!

Scott: My mom is 76. She spent 40 of those years alone. If Dean walks out of prison, he deserves a welcoming committee. I'm just talking.
Sid: Doesn't sound like it.
Scott: Let justice prevail. If I had a motto, that would be it.

I was with Sean. Police officers' lives shouldn't be worth more than other people's.

Terrence Dean killed a police officer in cold blood 40 years ago. By law, he had the right to a parole hearing because, at the time, life without parole wasn't an option for cop killers

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He should have been granted that right to an independent parole board review just like any other prisoner who is up for parole.

Father and Son - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 18

I was furious that Frank made a back-room deal to stop the parole board hearing from going through. Erin was right -- that was an abuse of power, and it circumvented the guy's civil rights.

Plus, Sid threatening a prisoner isn't a good look for the department, and no matter how much Sid claimed he was issuing a warning, he was threatening.

I enjoyed Garett standing up to Sid, though. It's about time!

Garett was right -- Sid always treats him like a second-class citizen, as if Garett's opinion is meaningless because he's not a cop.

As Garett pointed out, Frank hired him BECAUSE he's not a cop.

Sid: I'm sorry, Garett.
Garett: I'm getting used to it.
Sid: Used to what?
Garett: Every time I give my opinion, you're the first to remind me I'm not a cop.

But I disagree with Garett on one point: I don't think Frank treats him much better than Sid does.

Garett may think Frank listens to him, but it seems to me Frank YELLS when it comes to him, and sometimes Frank is downright disrespectful to Garett!

This wasn't one of those times, but still.

Frank Takes a Meeting - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 14

In any case, Scott Fuller planned to attack Dean the second Dean got out of jail.

That's a premeditated crime, and the fact that the cop Dean killed happens to be Fuller's father doesn't change that.

Regardless of everyone's belief that cop killers shouldn't have rights, Frank and Sid should have put their energy into stopping Fuller from making a tragic mistake, not using his threat to try to manipulate Dean into dropping his parole bid.

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If Fuller had succeeded in hurting Dean, he would have been a cop who became a criminal, and that does more insult to the uniform than treating a prisoner who had killed a cop the same way as a prisoner who killed a civilian.

Despite the spin Frank put on it, the idea that killing a cop means killing the rule of law is nothing but giving cops superior status to everyone else. That kind of philosophy leads easily to cops being above the law, as Fuller's behavior demonstrates. 

And we know that Frank doesn't believe cops are above the law, so cut out this other BS.

Eddie With The Dog - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 20

How cute were Jamie and Eddie?

I loved that Jamie was willing to be supportive of Eddie even if she wanted to adopt a kid that wasn't part of the plan for the beginning of their life together and that they were able to discuss the whole child vs. no child issue rationally, like adults.

That's not something you often see on TV. When this issue is brought up, it's often in the context of one partner wanting kids and the other being desperate not to have them.

The Happy Couple - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 20

I was as surprised as Jamie that Eddie didn't want to adopt the baby. It seemed like that was the direction this story was going. But it was a wonderful springboard for them to explore the whole issue of what it means to have kids when you're a cop who is constantly in the line of fire.

What do you think, Blue Bloods fanatics?

Am I being too hard on Danny or was his behavior irritating you too?

Is there a child in Jamie and Eddie's future?

And was Frank right to interfere in a cop killer's parole hearing?

Watch Blue Bloods online and then come back to share your thoughts!

Blue Bloods continues to air on CBS on Fridays at 10 EST/PST.

Strange Bedfellows Review

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