Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Review: The Passion of Lupercalia

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The dark side of things finally caught up with Sabrina and those around her. 

Everyone in one way or another ended up dealing with something they might have been hiding from, with Sabrina receiving the harshest challenge in the form of the Dark Lord himself.

It was clear that sooner or later he would come around to demand something of her, but bidding his time and slowly pushing her to the dark side first is the name of the game so far. 

Sabrina and the Dark Lord  - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

During Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 13 and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 14, Sabrina finds herself truly caught between her past and present life with challenges like the school plays and Valentine's Day.

These traditions bring up life-threatening moments for Sabrina and the ones she loves, as well as rising romance amongst a selection of characters. 

Sabrina and Nick grow closer as she deals with the Dark Lord and a new academic tradition that appears during Valentine's Day.

Roz and Harvey figure other their feelings for one another at the same time, with Harvey first having to part with Sabrina and the Roz being honest with him about her abilities. That truth didn't set her free though; instead, it left her in literal darkness.

Meanwhile, Theo is forced to deal with intolerance and a lack of awareness from those around him, to a collection of results.

"Chapter Thirteen: The Passion of Sabrina Spellman," written by Christina Ham & MJ Kaufman and "Chapter Fourteen: Lupercalia," written by Oanh Ly were episodes meant to push the boundaries of what the characters and the audience expected.

Factors like the Dark Lord and the feelings that many wanted to avoid were pushed right to the surface, forcing the characters to address what was going on instead of hiding from it. 

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Sabrina's Life Changes

In two short episodes, Sabrina said goodbye to one love and possibly found another?

Nick was the one to say I love you first, but we all know it is coming from her side next. Getting to know Nick more means he doesn't seem as threatening if only being with him didn't mean Sabrina had to be distant from everyone else.

It was nice that he wanted to share in her high school life, but they still always end up along. Not to compare her relationships too much, but Sabrina was with her friends when she was with Nick.

Zelda: What would you say to frog's legs for dinner?
Sabrina: Can't we just have pizza?

If this is a relationship that is meant to last, they have to figure out a way to include Nick in her old life. For now, he represents her new life, so he ends up staying back when Sabrina pops in at Baxter High. 

It would be a good idea to incorporate Nick into Sabrina's life more, especially since he chose her over his familiar. 

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But that whole scene was tricky to process since this had to be Nick's kill, and Sabrina killed Amalia so brutally. 

That won't necessarily crack the foundation these two created. Nick opening himself to her improved their position. But there was something there at that moment when Sabrina decided to do it for Nick, perhaps a glimpse at the darkness that is rising inside of her.

Harvey and Sabrina - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 14

Getting called up by the Dark Lord to do something simple tripped her up, and yet it could have also got her thinking about the choices she would be willing to make.

Sabrina is testing her boundaries with dark magic, and killing Amalia had to be a step closer to the vision the Dark Lord has for her.

The overall arc for the end of the season has to come full circle. Slowly the things that Sabrina wouldn't usually she no longer views as wrong until eventually, she goes too far.

Every avalanche begins with a snowflake.

Ms. Wardwell

The Dark Lord is bidding his time until he can put his plan into action, perhaps he is waiting for Sabrina to cross a line that proves she is ready to join him. 

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Regardless, Sabrina should be careful with how far she pushes herself. Spending time with Roz and Theo helps ground her, and it is no coincidence that it happened in the two episodes where she got tempted the most.

Baxter High Shifts

Roz and Harvey are also exploring a relationship together, even if her vision issues got in their way.

There is something innocent about the feelings Roz and Harvey have for each other; it lacks the drama that every other relationship seems to have.

That might not be the worst thing, because their drama is coming from outside sources instead of within their relationship. Harvey needs someone who doesn't have secrets that they can't share, and Roz is a friend that offers all of that.

I feel more myself in boy's clothes. Actually, Dad, I don't think I'm a girl at all.


Roz also is gravitating towards a calm presence in her life, especially now that there is something wrong with her sight.

Maybe it's triggered by Roz and Harvey.

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Or is this a sign of something terrible happening in the future?

There was this vibe as if Roz was going to see what would happen with Sabrina, but instead, she blacked out completely. 

Roz and Sabrina - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

On the flip side, Theo has his world eased up on after nothing but trauma. 

Billy and his father both coming around was a welcome ending to a compelling story. It can't always be doom and gloom for Theo, so giving him some room to breath was the perfect way to pause the story.

Theo is still getting to know who he really is, but he also excelled when he explored other things in the first part.

Moving away a bit from Theo having to come out to those around him, this could be the time to give him something else to tackle. Roz's vision won't be an issue only Harvey can solve, that is assuming that they don't tag in Sabrina.

Make this glorified carny you're sweet on feverish with lust.


So Theo and Harvey can tag team this situation, giving both of them, even more, to handle as the season moves on.

It would fit the issue of the episode type structure that the show is going with, and Theo could pick something up the long term from there.

His visions were never explained, presumably because of it being Ms.Wardwell behind it all. Now might be the time to give Theo a new challenge to face alongside the others.

Stray Highlights 

  • It is that time again when it feels like Ambrose and Prudence had and could continue to have more to do. They are quite well fitted for one another, so exploring even that more could be a path to something else.

    Honestly, not having Luke around is the first step, which only follows behind by the chemistry and talent those two have together.

    Just give them more to work with because they can handle it and we only want to see more of them.
  • Is anyone else concerned or confused how The Academy is authorizing an event where their students hook up all the time? Not to mention that their chaperones are doing the same thing and it is all in the same place as one big school orgy.

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  • Father Blackwood continues to be the absolute worst; I am surprised that he even proposed to Zelda since he seems to hate all women just out of principal. But her Slytherin side emerged just to use him for power, and I kind of love that for her.

    It may not be precisely what Zelda deserves, but there is also no way these two will end up together for a long period so the journey will be entertaining while it lasts.
Ambrose, Prudence, and the Weird Sisters  - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 14
  • Madam Satan's discomfort at Ms. Wardwell's fiance was honestly the best arc to give her.

    She can hold an intriguing story without it always connecting back to Sabrina, and this was entertaining against the backdrop of all these love triangles breaking apart and coming together.

    Who else loves Madam Satan? She isn't meant to be loved when you consider the fact that she is steering Sabrina towards the Dark Lord, but she is kind of amazing. It is hard not to love her.
  • Random shoutout to all the cute outfits that the characters get to wear, especially during the big parties.
  • After the first part tore apart some of Sabrina's potential friendships, it is all kinds of refreshing to have her and Prudence on good terms. They might not be the best of friends, yet there is a respect and a bond there that wasn't present before.

    It feels like a natural progression for the characters, and it is honestly kind of nice to see snippets of the way things have improved for them. 

What did you think of these new developments? Are you onboard with Nick and Sabrina finally making it official? How about Roz and Harvey?

Do you think everything will be okay with Roz? How did you find Theo's transition and what do you hope happens to him in the next episodes?

Which traditions do you find to be more exciting? Do you think this trend of combining Sabrina's two lives will continue? And how long could it last?

Are you gunning for Hilda and her significant other to make it work somehow? What about Father Blackwood and his underwhelming relationship and proposal to Aunt Zelda?

Is anyone else missing more Ambrose and Prudence?

Did you also find that new doll of Ms. Wardwell's really creepy? Let us know what you think below!

And don't forget that you can watch Chilling Adventures of Sabrina online, right here at TV Fanatic.

Chapter Fourteen: Lupercalia Review

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

I feel more myself in boy's clothes. Actually, Dad, I don't think I'm a girl at all.


Make this glorified carny you're sweet on feverish with lust.