Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Gabi Attracted to Stefan?

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Gabi and Stefan had hate sex, Lani and Eli fought over whether Lani should take care of baby David, and Rex was in for a shock when he opened the door to an alive and well Nicole on Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-22-19.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Silvanoir1 from My Hourglass: A Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to discuss these and all other Salem happenings.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

1. Do you think Gabi is purely interested in revenge against Stefan or is she attracted to him?

Silvanoir1: I think she's interested. At the very least she's strongly attracted to him. Stefan in his current incarnation is incredibly attractive and powerful, and knows how to rile him up. Gabi already had passionate feelings towards him that she's made physical by kissing him. It's not love or like but completely sexual.

Christine: I think she’s attracted to him, not that she wants to be. I don’t believe she would have slept with him if she didn’t feel something towards him, but I’m guessing she’s going to deny that for as long as she can.

Jack: I agree with everyone else. There’s definitely an attraction there, though Gabi will insist that she hates Stefan and is only doing this as part of her revenge plan until something happens that forces her to admit otherwise.

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Nothing Between Them - Days of Our Lives

2. Who's more right about Lani staying with the baby? Lani or Eli?

Silvanoir1: I get where Lani is coming from but it's not healthy. I do think that Eli needs to be a little more understanding. Lani will never get completely over losing their child and this baby is filling that void. Understandable but not healthy. What she needs is for Eli to convince her to speak to a therapist.

Christine: Lani would have strong feelings towards any baby, but she seems to be aware of her vulnerability. Eli, on the other hand, was acting like a whiny baby himself, complaining that David and Rafe were getting more attention than he was. He seemed to only be concerned about how this situation affected him instead of trying to support Lani and understanding why she wouldn’t be thrilled turning over the infant to social services

Jack: I agree with Christine. It was silly for Lani to think that inviting Eli to dinner with her and Rafe constituted the kind of date Eli was looking for, but Eli was acting like he was jealous of the baby and wasn’t supportive of Lani’s desire to help at all.

(TALL) Nicole Returns - Days of Our Lives

3. Nicole's back! On a scale from 1-10, how excited are you for her return?

Silvanoir1: 5. I didn't enjoy Nicole's last turn on the show. Everything that made me love her: her spunk, vulnerability, her fire, and yes at times poor decisions had been stripped away. Nicki had been turned into a weepy mess. But I can already see that they aren't going to give me the Nicole of old. If they take away her friendship with Chloe, I'll scream. I loved the girl power of that relationship. Hopefully spunky Nicole is back but I doubt it.

Christine: I’m giving it a 7 because I like Nicole but you never know how the show will write her: strong, smart, and savvy, or weak and whiny. I really hope they don’t pit Nicole and Chloe against one another again. I love them as friends, not enemies. But the best part of Nicole returning may be that it torpedoes Eric and Sarah before they’ve even begun.

Jack: That’s what I’m hoping for too, Christine! I hate this Eric/Sarah mess and I hope Nicole rescues Eric from it. I’m giving her return a 9 because Nicole is one of my favorite characters and I hated that they killed her off. But at the same time, I agree that she’s not been written properly during her last few runs, and I hope this is different. I don’t care if she and Chloe are friends or enemies but I do hope this story won’t be all about needing a man to make her complete. I want strong, spunky Nicole back!

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Getting Closer - Days of Our Lives

4. Which is the worst love triangle: Rex/Sarah/Eric, Chloe/Stefan/Gabi, Rafe/Hope/Ted, or Tripp/Haley/JJ?

Silvanoir1: I hate Rafe/Hope/Ted. I can see where all the other triangle fit in but this is a mess. I can't stand the three of them. Ted is a slime ball, Hope is a mess and has been unlikable to me for months, and Rafe is a bore. I also don't know which couple I'm supposed to root for here because both sides are traumatic.

Christine: I dislike them all but I can’t stand Rafe/Hope/Ted. Ted doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near Hope, Hope is whiny and always begging Rafe for something (to stay, to talk, to understand, etc.) and Rafe overreacts, yells, and disregards Hope’s feelings. I just want them all to stay far, far, away from each other.

Jack: I hate Rafe/Hope and if Ted breaks them up, good -- except that there’s all this violence and Ted being evil and I know it’s going to end with Rafe crawling back to Hope. So yeah, I’d say Rafe/Hope/Ted is the worst triangle. The others are just snoozeworthy, except for the Gabi triangle, which is obnoxious.

Another Interrupted Wedding - Days of Our Lives

5. What one story would you rewrite if you could, and how would you like it to go instead?

Silvanoir1: Claire. I'm no fan of her's but if she's the second coming of Sami then this wasn't the way to do it. Sami was many things back in the day but she would never have pulled what Claire did. I would had still had her try to break up Tripp and Ciara as well as put an end to Tripp/Haley but in a more Sami kind of way.

Christine:JJ and Haley’s supposed romance. I don’t feel any chemistry between these two because they never developed this relationship. JJ deserves a real storyline, not sitting on the sidelines pining over some woman who’s marrying someone else. I want him in a story I can care about and this isn’t it.

Jack: I’m going to go back even further and rewrite JJ’s suicide attempt story so that he didn’t get over it in two seconds, which is part of what led to this Haley mess. As far as JJ/Haley goes, I would rewrite that so that instead of Haley somehow Paige was resurrected with her memories intact. That would be much more interesting and dramatic, since Paige would again be stuck in the middle between JJ and Eve, and give JJ a real story. I agree with Christine he needs to stop being on the sidelines.

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JJ and Paige's Last Kiss - Days of Our Lives

6. Now that Nicole is back, what other character would you like to return from the dead next?

Silvanoir1: Philip. I know he's not technically dead. But I'm sick of him being gone. Just bring him back.

Christine:Six months ago I would have said Jack but so far I’ve hated his return. The only “dead” character I’d like back is Bo Brady. Both Hope and Ciara would benefit from having him around..

Jack: Paige. JJ needs someone he’s actually in love with, not this Haley nonsense, and Eve needs a reality check.

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