Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is There a Super Couple In Salem?

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Chloe told off Brady, Jack and Eve got married while Tripp and Haley did the same, and Gabi tried to seduce Stefan on this week’s Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kpatch and Soaps4Ever from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if Chloe was right to turn down Brady, who is Ted really working with, which wedding was worse, and are there any super couples on the horizon in Salem?

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Was Chloe right to turn down Brady’s help and send him packing?

Kpatch: Yes! I love it that there’s at least one strong woman on the show who doesn’t fall for a man’s schemes. She has her priorities and doesn’t appreciate Brady trying to run her life. He wouldn't listen to her and doesn't trust her judgment, but he expects her to trust his.

Jack: Absolutely! I can't stand the way Brady is using the recent attack on her to try to convince her that she needs his protection. I felt he was being manipulative and that she was right about him jumping from one relationship to another all the time.

Soaps4Ever: Yes, Chloe was right to turn down Brady's help. As she pointed out, he was too controlling with Nicole and I think that is a pattern with him.

His relationships seem to always be doomed because he can be jealous, possessive and impulsive. But I don't think Stefan is the answer for Chloe either.

Christine: Goodness, yes! Brady’s says he trust Chloe but that’s only until she makes a decision he doesn’t agree with. Brady’s version of love turns controlling and possessive very quickly. Run, Chloe, run!

Getting Closer - Days of Our Lives

Who do you think Ted was talking to on the phone?

Kpatch: I’m getting the feeling he’s somehow connected to the cartel all of a sudden. The show changes his motives every week. I can’t keep up.

Jack: Not sure, but I'm wondering if he's associated with the cartel. The way he was grilling Chloe in the Square and then called someone about her whereabouts was suspicious.

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Soaps4Ever: I don't know who Ted was talking to but maybe it is someone connected to the cartel. Or it could be someone completely unexpected. It will be interesting to find out.

Christine: I think Kpatch is right about the show changing Ted’s motives from week to week. It appears he’s now linked to the cartel, which makes little sense, but who else would care about Chloe’s whereabouts?

Another Interrupted Wedding - Days of Our Lives

Which wedding was worse and why? Jack and Eve’s or Tripp and Haley’s?

Kpatch: Jack and Eve’s wedding was a three ring circus, not a wedding. But I could have done without Claire’s anti-fantasy at Tripp’s wedding.

Jack: Jack and Eve's! I can't believe they turned it into a three-ring circus/campaign rally. That was tacky, to say the least, and I have a hard time believing that nonsense garnered them any support at all.

Soaps4Ever: As much as I disliked Haley and Tripp's wedding, I think the Jack/Eve wedding was worse because Jack is not fully himself and is just constantly following Eve's lead. He is kind of like a child until he fully gets his memory back, and Eve is taking advantage of that.

Not to mention the hurt it caused Jennifer. At least with Tripp and Haley they went through it with their eyes open. Although JJ and Claire were hurt by it, it was supposed to be more of a "fake" wedding.

Christine: Eve and Jack’s wedding was hard to watch. I hate watching Jack be so desperate to find a life that he lets Eve lead him around by the nose. And their wedding was so much like a tacky, political rally that it made me want to run in the opposite direction.

Ready to Make Love - Days of Our Lives

Are there any couples in Salem right now who have the potential to be a future super couple?

Kpatch: Not really. Ben and Ciara are pretty to look at and have romantic chemistry, but you can never really forget that he killed a bunch of people.

I liked JJ and Haley for the first time this week, but Haley’s a downer and JJ deserves a romance that’s not so one-note. I will forever root for Jack and Jennifer. I hope he gets his memory back soon.

Jack: Not really. A lot of people like Ciara and Ben but I'm meh about them. I see them as a ripoff of JJ/Paige and the damsel in distress thing they have going on is not interesting.

I guess if Jack gets his memory back he and Jen have potential to be a super couple again.

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Soaps4Ever: Ciara and Ben have the potential to be a super couple but Ben's past makes it hard to really root for them. It's a shame that Ben has such a dark history.

Christine: Ciara and Ben have the best chemistry I’ve seen out of any couple on the show in a long time, plus, I like the way the show is building their romance slowly. That said, it’s a lot to ask of the audience to forget the guy killed multiple people.

And Jennifer and Jack will always be a super couple in my eyes, now we just need Jack to come back to his senses and realize that.

Kissing the Enemy - Days of Our Lives

Do Stefan’s past actions make him deserving of Gabi and Brady’s plan for him?

Kpatch: Stefan is tame compared to a lot of Salem’s villains. Brady was never even interested in Stefan and had no beef with him until Chloe moved into the Dimera mansion, so there’s really no story there. I expect Gabi and Stefan to fall in love for real.

Jack: I don't want to be on Stefan's side. He's a rapist who keeps making excuses for his rape. But that doesn't make Gabi and Brady's plan for him right either. Brady is trying to control Chloe and that's not any better.

Soaps4Ever: Stefan has done some pretty bad things so I don't feel too sorry about what they have planned for him. If he gets some karma payback that is ok with me. Although I don't like the idea of Gabi seducing him.

Christine: I hate this story. I’m liking Stefan more since the recast but it’s difficult to get past what he did to Abby. That said, I hate Brady basically pimping out Gabi, and Gabi going along with it. It’s a distasteful storyline all around.

Eve and Jack's Wedding - Days of Our Lives

If you could have told off one character in Salem this week, who would it have been?

Kpatch: Eve. What she’s doing to Jack is no different than what people claim Stefan did to Abigail. Eve is taking advantage of a mentally ill man and exploiting him at every turn for her personal gain.

Jack: I've lost track of the number of times I wanted to slap some sense into Hope this week. If she doesn't want Ted in her business, STOP telling him everything!

And Marlena -- your son is a grown man. You understand this when it comes to Will and his brain tumor, now stop getting involved in Eric's love life!

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Soaps4Ever: Lol, great question! Either Sarah or Rex. They annoy me and they are just both kind of immature and can be quite irritating.

Christine: Brady, but Chloe did a great job of that all on her own, so I’ll go with Marlena.

Eric is a grown man who made his own decision but she doesn’t respect that at all, and she doesn’t seem to care that sharing his feelings could wreck his relationship with his brother. I just want to shake Marlena and yell, “Stay out of it!”

(TALL) Role Reversal - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Kpatch: My favorite scene was a small moment between Jennifer and JJ, when he was being caring and supportive, knowing how hard it was for her to see Jack marry another woman. I like her plan to leave Salem for a while rather than subject herself to seeing the newlyweds at every turn.

Jack: I liked JJ and Jennifer's talk after the Jack debacle. It's nice to see JJ supporting his mom after the rocky relationship they had when he was a teenager.

Soaps4Ever: Even though it is sad, Will's brain tumor story had some heartfelt scenes. This story really pulls you in and makes you think about how unpredictable life can be.

Christine: Even after all Chloe had been through that day, she was fantastic when she told off Brady! “Now I remember why I broke up with you the first time and the second time.” and “You’re trying to mark your territory and I’m not yours to mark.”

Chloe's Held at Gunpoint - Days of Our Lives

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