Good Girls Season 2 Episode 7 Review: The Dubby

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The walls may soon be closing in on Beth.

While she's been able to balance her new career and her family to a point, during Good Girls Season 2 Episode the lines began to blur. And quite frankly, things may be getting a bit out of hand. 

But is Beth too far gone?

A New Assignment - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 7

The ladies have crossed over into full-blown criminal territory overnight, and they've been able to do it relatively seamlessly. But their naivety leaps through during critical moments, like the standoff at the dilapidated house where they dropped the car off. 

The fact that Beth had to bring her children with her should have been enough of a wake-up call to her that things have maybe gone too far.

Riled Up Beth - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 7

It doesn't seem like there have been any issues with the drop-offs to this point, but what they're doing is incredibly dangerous. 

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But Beth has backed herself into a corner, as Rio so eloquently reminded her. 

Beth: My daughter needed something in the car.
Rio: Who cares?
Beth: I do! I'm a mother!
Rio: You're a drug dealer! You move pills and you wash cash, that's what you do. That's who you are. And if you mess up at that, you go to jail or you die. Get your head straight.

Going all in with Rio and the money laundering/pill business means that she has to keep her emotions in check and her head in the game at all times or people get hurt. 

Snack Time - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 7

Returning to the house to look for Jane's dubby was understandable from her perspective as a mother, but it was foolish from every other angle, as there was no telling what was behind those doors. 

And sure enough everything in that house was rotten to the core. The ladies are lucky they got out of there only having to relinquish material items. 

Things were poised to go drastically bad before Beth used her quick-thinking to take command of the room, but what if that hadn't worked? The ladies walked in there thinking someone would care about a blanket. 

Hell, even the lady at the fabric store didn't care about the dubby. 

Annoyed Dean - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 7

Having the ladies escape one nightmare and head directly into another may be the thing they need to understand they are far from invincible. 

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Now granted the men from the house had nothing to do with Jane's disappearance, but it should get everyone thinking about the inherent dangers of this world. 

Beth has had a gun pulled on her how many times now, and she still doesn't seem to grasp the kind of dangers she has placed her family in. 

Jane's decision to run away is rooted in the chaos that is her home life right now. There's a thick smog of tension between her parents that anyone could pick up on, and her only interactions with her mother come by way of post-it notes. 

Family Time - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 7

It has to be difficult for Jane and her siblings to adjust to this new normal. Beth has been making a lot of decisions on behalf of her entire family without giving much thought to how it would affect them. 

When decisions are made under the guise of being for the long term greater good, people forget about the short term ramifications. 

Dean is still on his get rid of Rio kick, and can you blame him? In his mind, the man with the neck tattoos came along, stole his wife, his dealership, and tried to kill him. 

It's natural he would feel rage and a whole other host of emotions, but it doesn't seem like he has a clue what he's up against. 

Looking Out - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 7

And pissing off someone like Rio? That's not a thing anyone should be trying to do. 

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Now we have to talk about Ruby, who is firmly under the thumb of Agent Turner. She seems to be doing her best to keep him off Beth's scent, but she had to know that he was eventually going to stop cutting her some slack. 

A New Assignment - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 7

With Internal Affairs closing in on Stan at work, she was forced to make a drastic move. Stealing Beth's handmade, color-coordinated calendar is the piece of evidence that could bring everything crumbling down. 

So, what will Ruby do? We're left to believe she's calling Turner at episode's end, but I'm more inclined to believe there is a bigger plan. 

Ruby's chat with Jane once again reinforced how much love and respect Ruby has for Beth, and the longevity and durability of that relationship. And Ruby is a smart person, option one for her will always be the option in which they ALL are able to walk away clean. 

Things may be looking bleak right now, but Beth isn't going down like this. I don't believe that Ruby will allow that. 

Doing Some Digging - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 7

Odds and Ends

  • Annie and Sadie are still not getting along, but Annie's approach to the situation has been admirable. She's giving Sadie her space to process and trying not to force things on her.

    Their relationship is too strong to stay broken forever, it's just taking longer to mend than Annie would like.
  • Speaking of Annie, Noah seems right up her alley! He's charming, witty, and has that geeky charm that vibes very well with her personality. After the Gregg fiasco, she deserves to have some fun with a cute guy, even if he is her boss. 
  • Can you imagine Stan and his shaky leg taking a lie detector test? 
  • The way Annie orders a drink is a talent. 
  • Rio went back to that scuzzy house to get Jane's dubby for Beth. I repeat, RIO WENT BACK TO THAT SCUZZY HOUSE TO GET JANE'S DUBBY FOR BETH.

    When he does things like that, you forget about all those times he's pulled a gun on her. Maybe. 

This season continues to impress, and it's still moving at a rapid pace!

I can't wait to hear what you guys thought about this weeks installment? 

Will Beth be forced to choose between the business and her family? 

Who was Ruby calling?

Will Dean succeed with his mission to get rid of Rio? 

Drop a line down below and let me know what you think!

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The Dubby Review

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Ruby: I did every single thing you asked.
Turner: And still, I got nothing.
Ruby: I don't know what you want!
Turner: Pictures, people, names, dates. Something I can use.

Rio: What's 50/50 mean to you?
Beth: If this is about the drop off, I'm doing it in the morning.
Rio: 50/50 means I'm paying you so damn much I don't have to come and track you down anymore. At your recitals and swim and the orthodontist and ----
Beth: Why do I feel like we keep having this conversation?
Rio: You tell me.
Beth: Well then let's stop.