Hanna Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Road

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Hanna continues to kick ass, and I'm not just talking about the show itself.

Doesn't it seem as if Hanna's skills are improving even without additional training?

On Hanna Season 1 Episode 7, Erik and Hanna have a heartfelt conversation about her past and her future, but Hanna isn't ready to let Erik go just yet.

Goodbye Hanna Season 1 Episode 7

I love Erik and Hanna's relationship so much it hurts.

When they said their goodbyes, it was almost unbearable.

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At that point, we didn't know what was going to happen at the end, but Erik didn't want to leave Hanna, and she didn't want to leave him.

He knew that she wouldn't be able to have a normal life if they stayed together. Sawyer, Marissa, and anyone else associated with Utrex would have hunted them forever.

Forcing Hanna to be with her real father wasn't going to go over well, either.

To the Rescue - Hanna Season 1 Episode 7

She was definitely curious but upon meeting him and his family she wasn't very impressed.

It was strange for all of them, but it was clear the father wasn't prepared to have Hanna become a permanent part of his family.

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Erik thought he could just leave Hanna there and never return. At least he called the father to let him know his plans.

The guy seemed ready to accept that fate, but Hanna wasn't having any of it.

She knew Erik was planning something dangerous, and she wanted to be part of it because she knew Erik wasn't at full capacity and wouldn't be able to do it alone.

On Guard - Hanna Season 1 Episode 7

There's a strong connection between Hanna and Erik, and even though he didn't want Hanna putting herself in danger, he was relieved she showed up when she did.

Erik was mostly honest when answering Hanna's questions about who she was.

Erik: Hanna, you can't do this.
Hanna: I had a good teacher.

It was touching that he took her to the same motel where he took her mother after rescuing Hanna from the facility.

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He didn't seem to be lying when he told Hanna he loved Johanna deeply so there must have been some sort of time for them to have developed a relationship.

Hanna appreciated his honesty. If she would have felt in any way that he was lying to her, she might not have come to his rescue no matter how attached she was to him.

Marissa is nothing but trouble which isn't surprising.

I still don't get how a highly trained CIA officer like herself can't figure out that Sawyer would be watching her every move.

Sawyer and His Plans - Hanna Season 1 Episode 7

She didn't figure it out on Hanna Season 1 Episode 6, and she didn't figure it out this time either.

If Sawyer warned her to stay put, it should have at least crossed her mind that there was a possibility Sawyer had eyes on her.

Then she could have thought of a way to get to Romania without them knowing and not put so many people in harm's way.

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At least she had the wherewithal to grab a knife from Sara's house before Sawyer showed up.

Sawyer is another idiot (and might I add a class A bastard) who should've taken it upon himself to kill Marissa, but he has so much rage inside him he can't see straight.

Hanna: What now?
Erik: I want to give you the life you deserve but it can't be with me. They'll always be after us.

And how stupid were Sawyer's men anyway? Did they really think Marissa would fall for their half-assed story about taking her to an airplane after stopping in the middle of nowhere?

Tracking Erik - Hanna Season 1 Episode 7

I'm half tempted to believe Marissa when she said she wanted to help Erik and Hanna start a new life with new identities, but it was strange that Sawyer showed up at the motel.

The only person who knew he was there was Marissa.

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It could be that Sawyer figured if Marissa was there Hanna and Erik were too, but Marissa is a liar and not to be trusted.

As I predicted, she was angry when she learned that the Utrex project was still going on, and she was angry she wasn't part of it.

Still, it's hard to tell what her true motives are.

I was fully expecting her to shoot Sawyer while he lay stunned (and maybe near death) in the parking lot, but she wants answers, and he's the only one who can give them to her.

Girl 249 - Hanna Season 1 Episode 7

Girl 249 is interesting. She's obviously not like the others.

If she was, she wouldn't have disobeyed orders and looked out the window using her supersonic hearing to find out what the facility was in lockdown.

But that wasn't even the first time she showed curiosity in the outside world. She knows there something more out there, and she wants to explore it for herself.

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The journey is almost over for Hanna and Erik, and I'm almost hesitant to see how it all ends.

All I can hope is that they have a happy ending. If Marissa keeps her word, it's a possibility. We'll see.

Over to you!

Was Marissa telling Erik the truth?

Will she shoot Sawyer or team up with him to find Erik and Hanna?

How do you think Girl 249 will fit into the final installment?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Road Review

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Hanna Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Hanna: He and my mother weren't together?
Erik: No. It was...
Hanna: ...an accident.

Hanna: What now?
Erik: I want to give you the life you deserve but it can't be with me. They'll always be after us.