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Hanna's journey is over, but it's also just beginning.

On Hanna Season 1 Episode 8, she came full circle in how she viewed Erik as the two of them made their final stand together against Utrex.

Erik Injured - Hanna Season 1 Episode 8

Everything that she learned from the man who raised her and all the other experiences she had along the way when their isolated life was interrupted is the foundation she'll use in her new life with Cara/Girl 249.

The story of Hanna and Erik is one that will stick with me for a long time. It was perhaps the most complex and beautiful father and daughter relationships I've ever witnessed on a television series.

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I knew Erik wasn't long for this world, and I knew that my hopes for a happy ending for the two of them would probably not come to fruition.

His gunshot wound from Sawyer at the airfield in Berlin was the kiss of death.

Hanna Understands Season 1 Episode 8

What I wasn't prepared for was Hanna's full recognition of Erik as her true father.

"Dad, wake up."

She didn't call him Erik. She didn't call him father. She called him dad. (Just thinking about that scene brings on the waterworks.)

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Hanna had gone through the full range of emotions regarding Erik as is typical of many teenagers: annoyance, hate, anger, love.

Careful Watch

But she also experienced through her journey with Sophie and the time she spent with Dieter was that fathers aren't fathers just because they supplied the seed.

She understood that despite their unusual life, Erik loved her as if she was his own.

He was her father from the moment he watched Johanna give birth to her at the facility.

Erik's Last Stand - Hanna Season 1 Episode 8

He did everything in his power to protect her. He made it his life's journey to make sure she was prepared for the people who ultimately pursued the two of them.

He wanted her to have a normal life, and he was willing to do anything to ensure that would happen.

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Erik never stopped even when he was barely able to keep going because that's what parents do. They will fight for their kids until their dying breath.

Hanna also understood that what happened to her and what was being done at the facility was very, very wrong.

Fighting Them Off - Hanna Season 1 Episode 8

She wasn't going to let Erik fight alone. She was going to help liberate the girls at the facility just as her father liberated her.

Erik was hesitant, but he also knew he wasn't going to be able to stop her. He also needed her because without her skills it would mean failure.

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He knew he was dying and knew he wouldn't be able to show her things or tell her things he might have so he crammed everything in including a trip to the cemetery to see Johanna's grave.

It showed Hanna that Erik truly did love her mother and regretted what had happened to her.

Keeping Watch - Hanna Season 1 Episode 8

He changed Johanna's life forever as well as that of Hanna, and he would carry that guilt with him to his grave.

Hanna met her match in Cara/Girl 249. I was unsure if Cara would end up being friend or foe, but she knew she was different from all the rest of the girls at the facility.

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She trusted Hanna and Erik immediately and wanted out of her prison because she knew what was happening to them was wrong.

Even if she didn't fully understand, she felt it in her gut.

Cara - Hanna Season 1 Episode 8

The other girls were just robots programmed to follow orders, and it actually worked out to Hanna, Erik, and Cara's benefit.

Had the group attacked instead of evacuating, the story would have been over.

Hanna Season 1 Episode 1: Forest

Cara was different. She was a girl who somehow learned to trust her instincts otherwise she wouldn't have shown as much trust in Hanna and Erik as she did.

She wanted Girl 242 to come with them, but while the girl was obviously considering it, in the end, she was too afraid to break the rules.

I can't remember if it was her who ratted out Cara, but if there's a Hanna Season 2, I hope Cara rips her throat out.

The Journey Ends - Hanna Season 1 Episode 8

If the rules state you don't talk unless spoken to, why speak out then? Maybe jealousy that she didn't have enough guts to question authority.

Sawyer finally got what he deserved. It was galling that he pleaded with Marissa explaining that he had a wife and kids at home and this was only a job.

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I can't believe he was a good father or a good husband. If you're a heartless bastard on the outside, you're probably one on the inside too.

It's not something you can hide.

Marissa's story isn't over and she did show some sort of remorse for her actions.

Together - Hanna Season 1 Episode 8

I was pleased that she kept her promise to Erik -- at least it appeared that way when she shot Sawyer.

But Marissa is still not to be trusted.

She may have told the Utrex people that Hanna and Erik were dead, but that doesn't mean she's going to stop her individual pursuit of them.

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If she continues on as Utrex's administrator, there's a chance she might decide she needs Hanna back especially knowing that Girl 249 is with her.

Of course, her whole intention might be to bring the entire Utrex project down, but we'll never know that unless there's a second season. 

Traitor - Hanna Season 1 Episode 8

I've never seen the movie so I don't know if this is truly the end of the story or if there's more to come.

It seems like, in the series anyway, that there's more story to be told.

I know I'd like to see what Marissa's plans are and whether or not Hanna and Cara will leave the horrors behind or decide to do something on their own about Utrax and the other girls.

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And what if Girl 242 makes it her own personal mission to seek and destroy Cara?

It would be interesting for sure.

Over to you!

What did you think about "Utrax"?

Were you crushed by Hanna's final words to Erik?

Is Marissa redeemed? 

What kind of life do you hope for Cara and Hanna?

Is the story over? Do you want to see a Hanna Season 2?

How do you rate the series overall?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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