Knightfall Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Equal Before God

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Landry is a Templar once again, but on Knightfall Season 2 Episode 4, his success is short-lived.

Landry knew there would come a time when he would have to face-off against Philip, but he didn't think it would come the same day he got his Templar robe and sword back.

Tall Friends - Knightfall Season 2 Episode 4

He didn't exactly face King Philip directly, but when Gawain and his men attacked the Lazarus Temple and found Landry, it might as well have been Philip who was holding the sword.

Now that Gawain knows where Landry is, the Templar's troubles are about to get worse.

There could have been more time to train, to relax, to bask in the glory of redemption, but that moment to take a breath no longer exists.

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Even though the battle at the Lazarus Temple was brutal, at least Landry and Tancrede didn't have to do it alone.

Talus went along with a few other new Templars to escort Gabriel home, and the group were able to fight off Philip's knights when they attacked.

Templar Again - Knightfall Season 2 Episode 4

Had the others not been there, Landry and Tancrede would surely have died in the confrontation.

Tancrede and Landry have a great friendship and Landry is lucky to have a friend like Tancrede by his side.

Tancrede shared a great story with Landry about the woman he loved who became a nun -- the very one who is taking care of Eve -- and how her choice led him to his path with the Templars.

Talus Knows - Knightfall Season 2 Episode 4

It has to be hard to be in love for someone, plan a life together, and then have it turn a completely different way.

But when God calls, God calls and Tancrede willingly accepted his fate.

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Landry did too, but he still misses Joan. She was the great love of his life, and she'll always have a place in his heart.

It was surprising that Talus brought up Eve to Landry.

That old meanie is becoming more and more human by the hour.

Gawain on a Mission - Knightfall Season 2 Episode 4

Talus was right when he said Eve needs his father, but Talus also knows that Landry's ultimate goal is to avenge Joan's death -- even if Landry won't admit it outloud.

Once Landry kills Philip, then he would find his child and perhaps live a different life.

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Even if he chose to stay with the Templars, Talus would work his magic to convince him otherwise.

Of course, we know it's not going to happen. Landry will die, maybe even fighting for Eve's life.

Are They Friends?

However it happens, I hope he at least gets to see her one more time.

I don't know what exactly is happening between Isabella and Margaret. 

Isabella isn't being nice to her sisterin-law because she actually likes her. 

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She doesn't want to go to England. She wants to be Queen of France.

And now that she knows Louis and Margaret's secret, she's going to take full advantage of it somehow.

Lazarus Knights - Knightfall Season 2 Episode 4

Louis is one sick dude. The fact that he was able to actually perform after pouring the blood of that poor woman's child at her feet clearly shows he's more out of balance than we thought.

He's going to see his sick ritual as the only way to get his mojo going and more babies will die as a result. 

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Who knows? Maybe he'll start bathing in babies blood because he'll think it gives him some kind of power.

Eventually, he's going to get caught by Margaret. If she runs and tells Isabella, it'll be one more power move she'll have in her corner.

But then Margaret may turn out to be more devious than we think.

True Love - Knightfall Season 2 Episode 4

It's possible she could use Isabella running off with two guards in the woods to do a little naughty work against her.

At first, I thought Isabella was going to have Margaret killed in that scene, but that didn't happen.

It could just be that Isabella wanted to show Margaret her dark side, but that remains to be seen.

Louis Has a Secret - Knightfall Season 2 Episode 4

Either way, the battle between Isabella and Margaret is just beginning even if Margaret has no clue what's happening just yet.

The battle scene at the Lazarus Temple was great, and I especially enjoyed the slo-mo effects which helped intensify the hatred between Gawain and Landry.

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Speaking of Gawain, did anyone else notice Isabella has eyes for him? If she makes a move on him, it's going to be an interesting turn of events.

Over to you!

What did you think of "Equal Before God"?

Will Margaret figure out what Louis' secret blue pill is?

What's Isabella's angle?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Equal Before God Review

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Knightfall Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Talus; You're a Templar now, and you've earned your right to call me brother.

A fire needs wind to spread.