Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 18 Review: The Beast Within

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Fans asked, and the writers delivered.

If you were hoping for a mixture of angst, action, and romance, Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 18 checked each box perfectly.

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Each storyline brought something different to the table, and despite the range of emotions the writers were able to elicit from the audience, not one of them took away from the one before. 

Sisterly Visit  - Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 18

To say that Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 18 was a heartbreaking installment is an understatement. 

Alec may have spent the entire hour contemplating his decision, but when Asmodeus gave Alec an ultimatum, it was apparent what choice he was going to make. 

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Magnus' happiness is more important to Alec than anything, even his own. So it's not surprising that he sacrificed his relationship with Magnus to get him his magic back. 

But for some reason that wasn't even the most agonizing part. 

Despite everything they've been through together, Alec still doesn't understand how important he is to Magnus. He believes that Magnus has fallen in love hundreds of times over the centuries he's lived, and he can easily do so again. 

Because of this, Alec thinks Magnus puts his love of magic over his love of Alec.

That couldn't be more false.

It was Magnus' love for Alec that led him to sacrifice his magic in the first place.

He knew Alec could never recover from losing his Parabatai, so he gave up a huge part of himself for Alec's happiness.

As a viewer, it's hard to witness everything go down, especially because it feels as if the audience knows more than both of them. 

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Magnus may love his magic but not more than Alec. It's for this very reason that Asmodeus wouldn't allow Alec to tell Magnus about their deal in the first place.

Both Asmodeus and Alec knew that Magnus would never agree to it. 

The ironic part is that Magnus and Alec keep sacrificing themselves for each other's happiness, not understanding that the only thing that makes them truly happy is each other. 

The entire scene was a perfectly crafted blend of love and despair.

Magnus and Alec are in such a solid and secure relationship that Magnus didn't even think anything of it when Alec said he needed a break. Instead of a break from them, he figured that Alec meant a vacation. 

Alec: I've been feeling a little bit overwhelmed, and to be honest I need a break.
Magnus: That's a wonderful idea. Well, where do you want to go? Hawaii? Jamaica? I've never been on a plane before but let's avoid coach because-
Alec: Magnus, I need a break from us.

Harry Shum Jr displayed every emotion Magnus was going through flawlessly. He went from confusion to panic, to anguish all within the two-minute spectacle. 

The worst part about it all is that Magnus will go on believing that Alec thinks he just wasn't worth it when it's the complete opposite. 

Magnus isn't even aware that just the night before, Alec was about to get down on one knee and ask Magnus to spend the rest of his life with him. With or without his magic. 

End It - Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 18

Will they find a way back to each other? Of course. Despite their current predicament, we're almost positive that there's a Malec wedding coming before the end of the season, and viewers are beyond ecstatic about it.

But does that make Magnus and Alec's pain any more comfortable to watch? Not in the slightest. 

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While we're on the topic of relationships, Simon and Isabelle's blossoming romance finally took a step in the right direction.

Most of Shadowhunters Season 3 has been focusing on their already established friendship, instead of the love story that viewers know is coming. 

Thankfully, Rebecca Lewis spoke on behalf of the entire Shadowhunters fandom and shook some sense into Simon once and for all. 

Rebecca: Now I get it.
Simon: What?
Rebecca: Why you're better than fine. You're totally into Isabelle.

Friendship is essential, and the best relationships are rooted in it. But when there's only a handful of episodes left in the entire series, there does have to come to the point where a romance starts to build off of that already established trust.

There have been subtle hints of something more between Simon and Isabelle, but that's all it was. Subtle.

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When we're this close to the end, it's time to directly address what's going on between them, even if it still takes them a bit to fully get there. 

Simon and Maia had a great relationship, which is why it was a bit surprising that Simon wasn't too disappointed about their breakup. He was so okay that his sister thought that the two of them were still dating. 

Rebecca pointed out something to Simon that even the audience could have missed.

There is one sole reason why Simon is in such a happy place despite everything, and that reason has a name: Isabelle Lightwood. 

Isabelle has been there for Simon since the very first episode of Shadowhunters. Their friendship feels as if it almost snuck up on them and they've become an irreplaceable person in each other's lives. 

She's been Simon's rock during the hardest time in his life, and in turn, he's been there for her whenever she's needed him. 

But it seems almost as if Simon wouldn't even let his mind consider her as a romantic aspect, because he doesn't think Isabelle would ever see him that way in return. 

Isabelle has a type. Mysterious, hot, bad boys. She's never going to see me that way.


We agree with Rebecca, Simon. Don't be so sure. 

It's impossible to argue that something about Simon makes Isabelle light up in a way viewers don't get to see too often.

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Because of how close they are, she can read Simon like a book, and could quickly tell that something was off with him ever since his conversation with his sister.

Simon's awkwardness around Isabelle once he became aware of his feelings was simultaneously hilarious and adorable.

Simon: Maybe...maybe she was right.
Isabelle: Right about what?

Simon and Isabelle are the perfect pair, and it's almost as if they were made to find each other. 

But every amazing ship is interrupted at one point or another, and it's disappointing, but not surprising that the alarm had to sound right when Isabelle and Simon were leaning in. 

We've got our fingers crossed for next week to deliver the lip lock viewers have been waiting for forever. 

Meanwhile, things are not going well for Clary, but are they ever?

The heavenly fire wasn't strong enough to burn off the twinning rune, but in all fairness, we didn't expect it to be that simple. 

Not all hope is lost, however, and Clary might need to hold out for Isabelle to whip up a stronger, more potent solution. 

Her connection with Jace shines brighter than ever on Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 18, and with Jonathan's influence on her growing by the minute, Jace is the only person who can help her.  

Don't Let Him In - Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 18

Whenever Jace is nearby, he can pull Clary away from the darkness and back to him. 

Unfortunately, Jace can't always stay as close as he'd like, and although they got separated for only a couple minutes, it was enough time for Jonathan to overtake Clary once and for all during a moment of weakness. 

Join me.


It almost seemed as if Clary kissing Jace was going to be a tipoff for something being off with her. After all, that is how Clary realized Jace was Jonathan, and it would've been a nice parallel.

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But Jace was seemingly oblivious to Clary's demonic possession, and he didn't see it coming when Clary knocked him out and went to rescue her brother.

Anchor - Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 18

So where does this leave us?

Clary and Jonathan are evidently on the same team now, and since it's still impossible to kill one without the other, getting Clary back is going to be a difficult task. 

And then there's Asmodeus. Now that's free and searching for his son, is giving Magnus his powers back really the only thing he's interested in doing? It's doubtful.

Restrained - Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 18

Time for your verdict Shadowhunters fans! 

What did you think of Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 18? Drop a comment down below and let us know!

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Shadowhunters airs Mondays at 8/7c on Freeform. 

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Rebecca: Now I get it.
Simon: What?
Rebecca: Why you're better than fine. You're totally into Isabelle.

Alec: I've been feeling a little bit overwhelmed, and to be honest I need a break.
Magnus: That's a wonderful idea. Well, where do you want to go? Hawaii? Jamaica? I've never been on a plane before but let's avoid coach because-
Alec: Magnus, I need a break from us.