Supernatural: Lauren Cohan Wants to Return for Final Season

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With the news that Supernatural is wrapping up after one final season, fans have started to wonder which former cast members could be staging comebacks for the last hurrah.

One person who is open to the idea of returning is Lauren Cohan, who played Bela Talbot on Supernatural Season 3 between 2007-08.

bela talbot

Bela was a thief who used her brains to steal a variety of items, including the Colt the brothers used to take down demons. 

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The actress has revealed that she would like to return for the final season because of just how her The Walking Dead co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan enjoyed his recent return. 

"I really should call somebody and see if that’s possible. That would be freaking amazing," she said in an interview with Collider.

Lauren Cohan Attends Event

"I was so jealous Jeffery Dean Morgan said he was off doing the 300th episode. I love those guys, and I loved my time on that show.

"That was my first TV experience, and my first job in the United States. It was just so much fun. It was also my first time putting a foot into the immensely strong fan base for Supernatural.

"It was the nicest group to become a part of. It was a first for me, for so many things. So, with absolute gusto, I would love to go back."

bela talbot 3

It's unclear whether the creative forces behind Supernatural will craft a storyline to include Bela Talbot, but it would make for a good callback to one of the show's earlier seasons.

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The CW confirmed earlier this year that Supernatural would wrap with its upcoming 15th season, but it's reported that the decision was a creative one as opposed to a ratings one.

There's only so many demons you can take down, you know?

Frankie Trowbridge - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 1

For now, you can watch Cohan on ABC's Whiskey Cavalier on Wednesday's at 10/9c.

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