Supernatural Season 14 Episode 17 Review: Game Night

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All Dean wanted was to play a game of Mousetrap and eat some popcorn.

Unfortunately, Nick returned on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 17 and turned Dean's game night into a nightmare.

Enjoying Himself - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 17

It was always expected that somehow Lucifer would return, but now that Jack burned Nick to a crisp, that vessel might no longer be viable.

I say "might" because we saw in the previews for Supernatural Season 14 Episode 18 that Nick looks alive and well -- although at this point we don't know if it's still Nick or Lucifer reborn.

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Things were never going to turn out well for Jack. He's been acting strange for a while, and after he killed that snake guy, he's never been the same.

Castiel knew there was a problem but wanted to fix it himself without telling the Winchesters.

What's it like not having a soul? Must be relaxing.


He also didn't want to face the truth of what he long suspected -- that Jack no longer had a soul.

Getting Ready to Play - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 17

It wasn't until Anael said the words that the reality finally sunk in. But it's too late now for Jack, the Winchesters, and apparently for all you #Destial shippers (and even if you're not on that gross -- yeah, I said it -- side of the coin, Dean and Castiel's friendship is over).

Castiel didn't necessarily do anything bad by not telling anyone about his concerns.

Smiling Jack - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 17

He was only trying to be a friend and protector, but after everything they've all been through for the past several episodes, it wasn't a very smart move on his part.

At the very least, he could have confided in Mary. She already knew something was off with Jack -- they all had suspicions. But she'd be able to help Castiel and be a buffer for when Sam and Dean found out -- especially Dean.

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Dean has had his issues with Jack for a long time. He's gone back and forth between trusting and liking him to keeping his distance and not trusting him.

Listen, I need you to know I'm grateful for every day I get to spend with you and Sam.


If Jack killed Mary, even accidentally, it's best Jack go far, far away. Dean will hunt him down, kill him, and no one will be able to stop him, not even Sam.

It also would be a reason Dean would tell Castiel that he's dead to him now like we saw in the previews.

Goodbye Momma - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 17

I hate to say it, but it appears Mary has met her maker -- again.

It's something that crossed my mind when she and Dean were on their way to Donatello's place. 

Dumpster diving. Classy move momma bear.


Her comment about being grateful for every minute she spent with Sam and Dean was indicative that she wasn't going to be around for much longer.

Helping Jack

Characters just don't say those things on TV shows if they're going to be around for a while. There are always little hints thrown out that the end is coming and that was a big one.

What was surprising was that Jack was (maybe) the one who did it. There was a terrifying moment when Jack left to tend to Sam that I thought Lucifer might take over Mary's body.

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Thankfully, that didn't happen.

It's more logical that the setup for the final three episodes of the season would be a confrontation between Dean and Jack -- and, again, it would have to circle back to Mary dying for that to be the case.

Injured Again - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 17

There's also a concern that Sam's head injury is going to jiggle something in his brain that might put him back on the dark side.

C'mon, Sam. Nobody stays dead anymore.


I had a moment of fear (there were several of those this hour) that Lucifer might take advantage of Sam's head injury to make him his vessel once again, but it was unfounded since Lucifer can't enter anyone unless invited.

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Still, Sam isn't completely safe. His head injury was severe and weird things could happen -- especially on this show.

Also, there's the possibility that when Jack "cured" him, it added fuel to whatever terrible thing might still be rumbling around inside Sam's brain.

Pawn - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 17

The idea of EvilSam isn't one I'd like for the show to revisit, but considering there is only one more season left, it's a storyline that could very well get explored again.

Castiel's attempt to reach God might have failed, but I'm going to guess that Chuck is going to return in one form or another. If not this season, definitely next.

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No matter what Anael said about God not caring, He's not going to sit by and watch his world go to hell in a handbasket again. And he most definitely isn't going to let Sam and Dean suffer any more than they have to.

They've done more than their fair share of that over the years.

Mousetrap! - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 17

I've read on various fan boards that some people want Sam and Dean to die at the end of the series. I don't even know why anyone would want that to happen, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Who knows? Everything happening now might be leading to that conclusion. I hope not.

Whatever happens as we head towards the end of the season and the series, it's going to be an intense (and maybe even an unpleasant) ride.

Over to you!

Is Mary dead?

Has Lucifer returned?

Will Sam be okay?

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How do you feel about the series ending?

How do you want it to end?

What characters do you want to see return?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 17 Quotes

Listen, I need you to know I'm grateful for every day I get to spend with you and Sam.


Mary: How about you? Feeling better?
Jack: Everyone keeps asking me that.
Mary: We're family.
Jack: Well, it's annoying.