Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19 Review: Jack In The Box

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The nightmare is about to begin.

Sam and Dean did what they thought was best for Jack on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19, but their plan backfired in a huge way.

Lucifer wasn't going to let his son get played.

Dean's Plan - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19

Whether it's really Lucifer or not who's in Jack's head isn't important.

The fact is that Lucifer is and always be part of Jack's DNA.

And that was the problem from the very beginning.

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It's understandable that Castiel still foolishly believed that Jack could be saved. 

He knew what Jack did to Mary was wrong, but he made it clear, at least to Duma, why he felt so strongly about saving Jack.

But all of them are fools. 

Biblical Elements - Supernatural

And to be honest, I don't understand what took Castiel so long to get back to the bunker after he killed Duma.

Had he arrived sooner, he would have prevented Sam and Dean from locking Jack in the box.

Dean would have been upset and perhaps even ended his relationship with Castiel, but Castiel would have pleaded Jack's case and explained the dangers.

Jack wasn't completely sure he wanted to get in the box. 

Trickery - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19

Sam and Dean's plans were weird, but Jack trused Sam and Dean and wanted to do right by them.

That's why he was so quick to follow Duma's instructions about turning people into angels and punishing others who didn't believe.

It was obviously a power trip for Duma, and her plan wasn't actually bad. 

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She wanted to restore heaven to its former glory, so why not use Lucifer's son to do it?

Jack was more than happy to oblige because he wanted to kiss and make up with Sam and Dean.

Jac was gullible, but all that is over now.

Grieving - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19

Not only did Duma betray him, but so did Sam and Dean.

Duma manipulating him was one thing, but Sam and Dean? 

He loved them like brothers. He trusted them. He believed they were trying to help him.

Heaven - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19

And he believed that once they did their work, he'd get his soul back and everything would get back to normal.

But that's not what happened because Lucifer showed up and opened Jack's eyes.

There will be no mercy for Sam or Dean or anyone else.

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Not even Castiel is going to be able to solve this problem.

And I'm going to guess that those new angels Jack created won't be working for heaven much longer.

Because of Duma, Jack now knows that he can transform people into angels. 

Not Convinced - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19

It was never written in stone that the angels had to be angels of good. 

If he can create angels, he can create demons, and he's going to be creating an army.

If Sam and Dean thought the apocalypse was bad, they'd better get prepare themselves because this will be far worse than anything they've ever experienced.

Castiel has News - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19

I'm also going to guess that since Lucifer showed him the light that Lucifer is the only one Jack is going to listen to.

Lucifer doesn't need to return because his son's got this.

I absolutely loved how Lucifer egged Jack on when he was trying to destroy the box.

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He not only told Jack the truth about Sam and Dean, but he also showed Jack the true strength of his powers.

I can't even imagine how anyone is going to stop Jack now.

The first thing Sam and Dean need to do is call Bobby and tell him to stay away.

Bobby's Back - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19

If Bobby and the other hunters think they can kill Jack with a simple angel knife, they're dead wrong.

Jack will kill all of them before they get within even an inch of him.

It's scary to think of what Jack will do next, but it's also exciting because might be the last formidable foe the Winchester boys face.

If they die defeating Jack and saving the world next season, I'll be okay with that.

Scared Sam - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19

Bobby made quite the entrance at Mary's memorial, and I'm not sure how I feel about him being back again.

It was nice that there was one final tribute to Sam and Dean's mom, but the most heartbreaking moment was when Dean finally broke down and shed the tears he was keeping inside.

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It would have been nice if he would have showed that emotion with Sam, but it's not Dean's style

Besides, he needed that moment alone to grieve.

If he would have shown that vulnerability to Sam, Dean might not have gotten his way with Sam on what to do about Jack.

Sam would have made some excuse that Dean needs to take a step back before making any decisions about Jack.

Grieving Dean - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19

The only thing Sam wanted to do was find Jack, not box him up or kill him.

Like Castiel, Sam still held out hope for Jack.

All I know is that Dean better not get blamed for this fiasco.

He wanted to end Jack a long time ago. He warned Castiel and Sam that Jack would be dangerous saying over and over again how Jack was Lucifer's son and that was a problem.

And guess what? Dean was right.

Over to you!

How will Sam, Dean, and Castiel defeat Jack?

Will Lucifer return to form or is he just going to stay in Jack's mind?

What will happen with the new angels? Will Jack create demons?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Jack In The Box Review

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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19 Quotes

A hunter's memorial complete with monster. Mary would've appreciated that.


We got to know her not just as mom but someone who was strong, tough, and stubborn as hell.