The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Stroke of Genius

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There are big changes ahead for everyone at Scarlet, some of them better than others.

But it is also the start of something permanent for at least two people involved.

During The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 3, Sutton figures out that she has a design dream again and needs to figure out how to get there. First though she needs to learn about making connections, and burning bridges.

Kat Tries Something New - The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 3

Meanwhile, Kat ends up in politics, first as a consultant and then as a potential candidate. All of this came from Tia, a character worth keeping an eye on because of all of those sparks.

Jane was preparing for her egg surgery, only to get distracted by her sex life with Ryan. And Alex finds himself questioning his past encounters with women, especially once he considers writing about his experience as well.

Through all of this though, the attempt to offer some more screentime to a character that barely saw it possibly fell a little flat in the process. The conversation that it created and the way that the character handled it was important, but is there another layer to consider?

And is this the beginning of more Alex, or just another one off?

The Bold Type: In Defense of Alex Crawford's Underrated Existence


Ask and you shall receive, although not really. 

More screentime for Alex is everything we wanted because the lack of it made him seem underrated. He was there to hold up the storylines for other characters 's, and for someone in the main role it just did more harm than good to have him in that place.

Jacqueline and Alex - The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 3

Now he has his story, and still, it takes a second to handle that this was what came out of it.

The MeToo movement is important beyond belief, and bringing it into this narrative was amazing. But what about the Alex of it all?

Some undertones come with Alex not seeing the light of day and then getting assigned the role of someone involved in a MeToo story.

I think this is a really vital piece of journalism. And I want to know that if you do decide to publish, I will support you no matter what.


That involves guys that are familiar to it and that are the "good guy." so it makes sense that it's hitting close to home for a guy with whom you wouldn't associate.

It isn't just about assault; it is about toxic masculinity and that some behavior seems okay no matter how minor it is. That then becomes something far bigger, a small act suddenly becomes a MeToo account, and that is worth listening to.

Alex was in the wrong, which he knew and from which he learned. But he still first had to work through those reactions first, the ones that told him he wasn't wrong and that every guy had to be bad in this day and age.

Jane: I don't watch porn.
Patrick: Well, someone who uses your computer does.

Having the girls be there for him and talk him through it was also a way to reverse the pattern at Scarlet.

Alex is always there to listen and advise, having Jane and Sutton and Kat offer the same thing with no judgment felt like it came with a lot of weight.

But again, why Alex?

It is his first fully developed story. Alex had to address something about himself, which created a division from those around him. It is hard not to grow uneasy over it.

Every character on the show has to work through their bias or their mistake about something, but they also have room for other stories.

Sutton and Tia - The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 3

Jane working through her white privilege was necessary, and yet there is so much more to her that you don't remember that storyline.

Perhaps the same can't be said about Alex, who doesn't see much of an arc each season, and this introducing him back to us this season felt off.

If this means he's getting more material, then maybe it is worth the wait to see what else he'll be doing. But for now, this is fresh in our minds, and it is almost hard to believe that he will get another arc again.

Maybe it is the timing, or maybe it is the history with this character, but the show needs to be present for him in ways that it hasn't been before.

Especially if he has this story to work through, it should only pick up from here. 

Characters make mistakes, but they also deserve stories outside of that, especially when The Bold Type has its issues with shelving people that offer important representation.

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Speaking of important representation, Kat is about to offer even more of it as an official political candidate. 

It is an unexpected change, especially when the first thought that comes with it is about Scarlet.

Will this interfere with Kat's job? Or will this be an in addition to the type of side career that Kat is about to explore? Because there is no chance that she will lose if she runs, so there has to be some speculation about the future of the character here. 

Kat Volunteers - The Bold Type

It was obvious since she created the queer prom that Kat was itching to create change, which comes in the form of an extended plot.

The Bold Type works with its structure, specifically how there is an issue each week that will be solved in some shape or form.

But there is also something about letting a story last longer, and in Kat's case it comes with her finding herself even if it doesn't take one episode to get to that point.

You know, whatever is on that keyboard has already been in your mouth.


The refreshing part also comes in the way that there might be organic growth for Kat in other directions too, like her love life.

Adena is still a strong presence for fans and Kat, but that was such an obvious set up between Tia and Kat. If they don't get together, there will at least be some flirtation on that line of possibility. 

It is better to prepare for that now, especially if you are still hoping for Adena and Kat to make it work. And honestly they could, she was in the trailer for this season, so she has to come back and there's always hope for more.

No fighting, it isn't good for the eggs.


But for now Kat is moving on, in more ways than one, and she is making a change in the process.

There has to be conflict though, whether it will come from Kat trying to win that spot or balancing her time at Scarlet. Although it seems like she doesn't have to be there as much as one would expect.

Regardless of that, progress gets made in Kat's life. She has an overarching plot that with the right pacing could be intriguing for a few more episodes, if not for the rest of the season. 

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Stray Thoughts 

  • Music, music, music. It never disappoints, and on a show like this, it is not surprising at all. Still, we need to take a moment out each week to compliment the way that it always works so well. 

  • Am I the only one over Ryan? I was over him when he arrived on the show but he is still here, and I am officially over it.

    When we discuss screentime and the way the men on the show get it, there is something off about the way Ryan gets added into the mix. It is lackluster at best, and in comparison to someone like Alex. 

    I understand that as Jane's love interest, for now, Ryan has his place and he can't do anything wrong. It isn't exactly drama though that feels necessary, it is more about the way that he unexpectedly headlines the show sometimes.

    It could just be me though, right?
Jane at Scarlet  - The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 3
  • Patrick continues to be a threat that isn't, and yet there is something there. The way that Alex and other writers get stuck between Patrick and Jacqueline is very clear.

    There is still a boss in the situation, and Patrick is confusing that. It could be for the best, but that scene with Jacqueline and Alex proved that only one of them is thinking about the writers.

    How long could this last?
  • After a lot of Richard and Sutton's drama due to their relationship, the new calm is refreshing. Finally, they are just like any other couple that is giving the other advice and support, nothing major in the best way because it comes off as more honest.
  • Kat and Tia though, obviously that will be a thing. 
  • Who else is loving these cold opens for the show? They keep getting better, and cut together they could act as an individual form of entertainment.

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What did you think of Alex's story? Were you happy with it or was the screentime that he now has a bit off?

Are you excited to see what Sutton does next? Who else loved that dress that she altered?

Will Kat win the race? Is anyone else shipping Kat and Tia already?

Jacqueline and Alex were a great pair up. What other duo would you like to see? Let us know what you think below. 

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Stroke of Genius Review

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The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Jane: I don't watch porn.
Patrick: Well, someone who uses your computer does.

You know, whatever is on that keyboard has already been in your mouth.