The Magicians Season 4 Episode 11 Review: The 4-1-1

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Oh, what a tangled web we have on The Magicians Season 4 Episode 11. Aptly titled "The 4-1-1," this episode throws a lot at the audience.

While a lot of it might be important later, it's also the kind of episode where so many storylines happen that it ultimately feels like we've made no progress on any major plot points. 

"The 4-1-1" seems to lay out a lot of exposition trying to set up pillars for what will ultimately tie the season together. By the end of the episode, it succeeds, but at the same time, the pieces feel jumbled beyond any recognition. 

Margo Returns - The Magicians Season 4 Episode 11

But there is an underlying theme to this episode, and that's how to create a god. 

Thinking about it, this episode really focused on The Binder and what was written in his pages. When The Binder is able to tell his story and describes what happened to The Monster and his sister, some things start to make sense. 

Sit back and process The Binder's story for a minute and you realize The Library is a hell of a lot bigger than what you may have originally thought.

From what The Binder says, gods originated from Librarians. If that's true then it means that every god and goddess we've met over the course of the seasons were at one point part of The Order. 

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And, if The Order has been the enemy all season long then the gods are also the enemy. So what does that mean for the team? What does that mean for Julia is she decides to become a goddess again?

Julia Talks to Margo - The Magicians Season 4 Episode 11

When Julia became a god at the end of The Magicians Season 3, it seemed like a rare and precious gift given to her because she was about to grow a seed of magic during a drought.

However, with some of the knowledge that's been presented on this episode, it doesn't seem that way anymore.

Is it hard, yes, but Kady and Zelda's role in this episode shows that it can be done with enough power and influence. 

Kady and Zelda's role on "The 4-1-1" is simple enough, break into The Poison Room and steal Everett's book. Not so simple, the fact that this same action killed Penny.

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It's easy to see Kady's apprehension, this is a dangerous task and they may not come back from it, but when they find Everett's book it reveals that he's hoarding magic to try and become a god.

It's not entirely clear how that's done or the process in which it works, but given what The Binder said, it does feel a bit like The Library's secret history is going to come out by the end of the season. 

Alice Casts a Spell - The Magicians Season 4 Episode 11

Which brings into question how does no one know about this? Is this something that only the highest levels of The Order know? How haven't more magicians tried this in the past? Were they all stopped before they actually succeeded? 

As much as I now have questions about the creation of a god, "The 4-1-1" did set up a couple of plot points that I've been curious about.

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I still can't stop thinking about who Penny-40 might have met at the end of The Magicians Season 4 Episode 6, "The Side Effect," after he got promoted to recording secrets taken to the grave.

He didn't seem shocked or surprised by the person on the other side of the door so I've been wondering who it could be. 

After "The 4-1-1," it looks like it may be Kady who is joining Penny in The Underworld.

Trapped in The Poison Room with Zelda and the bugs (aka protection) wearing off means that Kady is running out of time, and we all saw how the poison ravaged Penny. 

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Kady's role this season has been kind of sporadic. While her newfound skills as a detective work for the story, it also feels like she's put herself in harm's way when she started leading the hedgewitches against The Library.

This new side of Kady has been fun, but it's also clear that she misses her Penny. Getting them back on whatever plane is crucial to their storyline.

Alice in Mayakovsky's Office - The Magicians Season 4 Episode 11

Plus, despite how sad it may be to see Kady separated from the team and in The Underworld, we have to remember that death doesn't seem to be a permanent thing on The Magicians.

At the very end of "The 4-1-1," the Monster also grabs Julia, claiming he needs a more durable body for his sister.

The Binder has told Julia that she has a choice to either be human or pursue her god powers again, but this is the first time we've seen Julia's indestructibility as an asset to someone. 

It's still unclear as to who The Monster and his sister actually are, or what powers they may hold, but if The Monster has decided that he needs indestructible Julia to enact his plan then it cannot be good. 

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On a more character-based note, we have Alice and Quentin who have to take a little trip to Brakebill's South. From a narrative perspective, it makes sense to put these two and all the baggage they've accumulated in a small space and let them have it out.

Alice and Quentin Tie Ropes - The Magicians Season 4 Episode 11

The Time Share spell was an interesting device to remind them of what they had when they were still students, and at the same time so awkward.

I don't think that Alice and Quentin's relationship can be repaired that quickly, but this plot was a way to force them to move forward, see past their differences, and work together. 

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It kind of helped that Mayakovsky returned for this episode and continued to be his typical day-drinking self all the while dispensing relationship advice to Quentin from the future. If nothing else the performance was comical. 

The most confusing aspect of this episode though is what's going on in Fillory.

Taking a note from The Magicians Season 4 Episode 6, "The Side Effect" it's way too early to dismiss these scenes as unimportant, but it also feels a little too disjointed to even begin to make sense of. 

Here's hoping the writers continue to build on the blocks they set up next week. 

Alice Looks Concerned - The Magicians Season 4 Episode 11

What did you think of this episode of The Magicians? Were you surprised by The Binder's story? What are your hopes for Quentin and Alice?

Let us know in the comments below and make sure to watch The Magicians online to see this entire episode again. 

The 4-1-1 Review

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