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Did Petra get a straight answer from Petra?

On Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 4, the writer found herself at odds with just about everyone over her fraught relationship with Rafael.

Meanwhile, Petra needed some advice of her own about JR. Who gave her it?

Elsewhere, Xo was determined to be at Mateo's grandparents' day at school but she still had one more round of chemo treatment.

Dance Dance - Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 4

Finally, Alba questioned the state of her relationship with Jorge.

Was it the end of the line for them?

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Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Jane, stop sending me to voicemail. Look, JR wrote me back and she said, "I miss you too, but that doesn't change anything." Call me back to discuss how to respond.


Jane: Michael?
Michael: Hi Jane.
Jane: You remembered?
*Michael nodding*
Jane: Then why were you gunna leave?
Michael: I just, should. I only got off the bus cause I saw you almost get run over, and I decided, I probably shouldn't end things that way.
Jane: I don't understand.
Michael: It's been four years Jane. You have a life.